It’s Worth Repeating (3/15/15)

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Imagine, if you will, a prominent Republican politician, an unannounced, but powerful name mentioned in terms of the next Presidential race. In my hypothetical, the GOP solon served in a high government post, dealing with hugely important and classified information. However, instead of doing official business on official government e-mail equipment, he used his own system, residing at his own home. Then, he got caught, and waited a long time before even commenting on all this, except with a lone, pretty lame-o Twitter tweet. All-in-all, everyone, including other Republicans can’t avoid the fact that at the very best it looks really bad. Like secrecy, like an insecure means to talk about or transmit classified stuff, like dishonesty… like corruption.

The above was, I think, a fair summary of the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal.

Given all that, does anyone honestly think that Hillary Clinton would accept from him, from Republican candidate dude, what she said about it all? Or, do you think that she’d demand in-depth inquiries into the matter? How soon do you think she would demand that the Republican government official turn over all relevant equipment so that it could be scrutinized at the bit and byte level?

If, as Hillary Clinton did, the Republican pol simply deleted the e-mails he thought were just fine to delete, how long do you think it would be before Clinton would demand that criminal charges be lodged against the scoundrel, for that act alone? How quickly do you think that everyone, Republican and Democrat alike, would declare that the pol must disqualify himself from consideration for the presidency?

— xPraetorius


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