Hillary Clinton’s E-mails (Part V)

Megyn Kelly (rough quote): “Doesn’t it stink to high heaven that she did all this State Department business on her home computer, using her personal e-mail account?”


Brit Hume (rough quote): “This is what the Clintons do. They say and do things that fly in the face of what any sensible person would understand.”


They’re still saying it in the media: “There’s no way to prove it! Once she’s deleted ’em, it’s gone!” These are the Democrats thinking she got away with it (and secretly high-fiving each other) by deleting all the incriminating e-mails. Typically Republicans and Conservatives nod their heads sagely and sadly in response.

They’re Democrats, so they’re wrong. Those pesky e-mails live in about a dozen different places, not counting the recipient’s inbox. They can keep cropping up decades after she thinks she’s deleted them.

It struck me that a whole lot of Hillary’s case against going to jail for destruction of government property is : “Trust me. I deleted only personal e-mails.”


Simple response: Prove it. That’s all. It’s easy to prove it or to disprove it, by simply allowing real computer experts to examine your server. In private, of course.

Do you, Hillary Clinton, think that you would accept that as a response from a Republican rival or critic? How quickly would you, HIllary Clinton, laugh that twaddle out of the room?

— xPraetorius


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