Reaction to the Racist Chant by Frat Boys – Some Very Frank Talk

Yep. Reprehensible. What does it show?

Nothing. Or nothing really important.

In fact, those ten seconds don’t even show you anything meaningful about the kids doing the stupid chanting.

It shows you some general things that everyone already knows, but beyond that… nothing. Here are some of those general things:

  • Frat boys can act really stupidly. Duh.
  • Many frat boys have very high intelligence, but they practically never demonstrate it in a fraternity setting.
  • Many frat boys have much lower intelligence, and a fraternity setting brings that out.
  • If you expect depth, intelligence, maturity, or dignity from frat boys, then maybe you should question your intelligence.
  • There is never any single segment of ten seconds that can tell anyone anything of any importance, meaning or depth about anyone.
  • We live in a gotcha culture that’s only going to dampen free speech, as people realize there’s a good chance their every waking moment is being recorded somewhere or by someone.
  • Frat boys can act really stupidly.

If you, yourself, were to have to defend 10 of the most moronic seconds of your life (in the category of race), how would you do? Are you the really disgusting, abominably bad person those ten seconds would seem to show you to be? Probably not.

I wouldn’t do very well if people were to see my worst ten seconds, and there isn’t a racist bone in my body. Guess what, you wouldn’t do very well either. Aren’t you glad there weren’t any surreptitious cell phone cameras around when you were doing your moronic ten seconds?

The reaction that the Urban League honcho had was vastly worse, and more racist than the frat boys’ stupid chant. The Urban League muckety-muck, in reaction to the shooting of the two Ferguson, MO cops, and after doing the obligatory and insincere-sounding tut-tutting, said, “Still, this shows that there needs to be change in Ferguson. Blan blah blah blah…”

No, it shows that there are real, harmful, sometimes fatal, consequences to racialist lies. And it shows that there are near-psychotic scumbags who await only these racialist lies to do the evil in their deranged pea brains. The entire “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” thing was built from a fraud. Now people are being shot because of it. The responsibility, the entire responsibility, is all on the shooter’s shoulders… but the Race Grievance Industry (the RGI) set the stage for it. And now they’re defending it.

The real lesson of the shooting of the Ferguson cops: (1) someone needs to be arrested and prosecuted for attempted murder, and (2) the RGI doesn’t care who is hurt for the lies that support their cause, and (3) unless someone calls them on it, ever more people will be hurt or killed by the perpetuation of their fraud.

So, why is the racism of the RGI worse than that of the SAE frat boys? Easy: there will be no negative consequences to anyone because of the frat boys’ nitwittery… except, that is, those negative consequences that are descending as we speak, like a wrecking ball, on the boys’ own careless noggins.

If they had any idea under the sun, that there was a camera rolling when they were doing their jackassery, they never, ever, not ever, not in a million years, would have done it. Nor would they ever have acted on their racist feelings, if they even had racist feelings. It’s vastly more likely that the frat boys were just doing what they thought was daring and transgressive and risky. Yep. it was all that, for sure. And more.

In today’s climate out there, you can’t be more transgressive than to taunt the Grievance Industry, and if you’re caught, you can expect your life to be ruined. A quick observation: the more ferocious the response to this kind of frat boy imbecility, the less secure are those who respond, in their beliefs.

The racism of the Race Grievance Industry is like a comfortable sweater for them. They’re vastly more comfortable with it, than they are without it. It injures, maims and kills people, but they love it. In fact they’re addicted to it, because it’s what they’ve worn all their lives. But they know it’s wrong. The problem is that there’s just too much power, influence, validation, applause and … money in their easy, breezy, comfy sweater racism.

Make no mistake, what the frat boys did was wrong, and stupid, but ten seconds of stupidity is hardly reason to ruin their lives. I hear a heckuva lot worse on the race-centered blogs I follow. Including here, where you will find someone actually fantasizing about a “solar assassination” of all white people on the planet.

Would I want those people’s lives ruined for their unsubtle and, frankly, genocidally racist fantasies? Even as they fantasize about my violent death, and the violent deaths of billions who look like me? Of course not. And these are people who do, say and write for public display(!) the same thing as the frat boys — all the time. 

If the whole SAE thing had been reversed, and black kids had been seen chanting racist things, I’d stand up for the black kids’ free speech rights too. But I don’t have to. Did you ever hear of something called “rap?” How about “hip hop?” If you’re looking for vile, disgusting, loathsome, idiotic, pathetic, and deeply racist speech, you need go no further than your local record/CD/MP3 store, or… YouTube.

Want some racist hate speech? Here’s some. There’s a bunch more on that same YouTube page. Are these people’s lives ruined after they release patently moronic, patently racist flapdoodle for all the world to see? Nope. In fact they’re celebrated! Many people follow and admire these brainless ignoramuses, whose every day is filled with talk, actions and recordings of exactly the same nature as the dumb frat boys’.

One last observation: by way of comparison, if the dumb frat boys had been apprehended, having held up a liquor store, and mugged the owner, their lives would be significantly less ruined, than after having done the stupid, but legal, thing that they did.

— xPraetorius

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