Understanding Hillary’s E-Mails – They’re Easy to Find

Hillary Clinton, in what was either a breathtakingly stoooopid, or a jaw-droppingly arrogant move (don’t rule out that it could have been both), did all her official business with a personal e-mail account when she was the Secretary of State.

One quick observation: The media commenting on this need to consult with more computer experts. I happen to be a computer expert. Among other things.

Here’s why the media need to consult a computer expert from time-to-time: I’m hearing a lot of flat-out wrong things about the ability of Hillary Clinton to control these e-mails that live on her server at her Chappaqua home. The media are bemoaning the “fact” that Hillary can simply delete those e-mails from the server that lived at the Clinton’s Chappaqua mansion. Wrong! Or, more to the point: yes, she can delete the e-mails from her Chappaqua mansion’s server, but those e-mails reside in a whole lot of other places as well. Places where the long arm of even Hillary can’t reach them. And certainly not without breaking the law.

Look: she’s cornered now. Those e-mails are obtainable. Fairly easily. If she starts a wholesale deletion of incriminating e-mails, that’s easy to discover. If she tries to delete just a couple of e-mails, that’s easy to discover. The path that any e-mail took is easy to discover, and it’s easy also to obtain that e-mail on any of the many hops it has to traverse from her keyboard to the recipient’s inbox. It’s pretty simple: if there is an e-mail on any one of those hops, and not one on Hillary’s server, then she has broken the law.

The point: She can not completely control those e-mails. Has everyone already forgotten the NSA thing, where everyone was in a lather because you can never completely get rid of your e-mails? Here’s why Hillary can’t just get rid of the e-mails associated with “Clintonemail.com”

  • First and foremost the NSA has them! Remember when we learned just a few short months ago that they get all our e-mails? So, go get ’em from the NSA! And that’s not all.
  • Here’s a quick, very basic, lesson in how e-mail works:


  • The e-mail now lives in at least five locations: (1) in the sender’s “Sent Items” folder, (2) on the Sender’s Mail Server, (3) on the Recipient’s Mail Server(s), (4) in the Recipient’s e-mail inbox, and (5) at the NSA. It also lives in the inboxes and mail server(s) of all cc’ed and bcc’ed recipients!  (h/t: Kavi Mailing List Manager Help – Chapter 7. How Email Really Works – Part I. Concepts for that nice picture.)
  • The sender, Hillary, directly controls only her mail client. Even there, if she doesn’t delete it permanently — and, remember, Hillary’s dumb as a stump — it still can live in her “Deleted Items” folder. She can exercise some control over the “Sender’s Mail Server,” but that’s only if her e-mail account was set up correctly.
  • After she sends it, Hillary’s e-mail still lives in a bunch of different places. As well as at the NSA!
  • Any other e-mails and e-mailers who might want to conceal their official communications coming to your mind? Why, sure! Lois Lerner’s! We said way back here, and herethat her e-mails weren’t gone, weren’t lost. Surprise, surprise! They found ’em… and yet another surprise! After enough time had passed that the patsy press can all snivel, “Oh, that old thing? That’s old news! Why can’t you just let that drop?!?” Never forget: Richard Nixon was on the verge of being impeached for merely mentioning what Obama’s and Lois Lerner’s IRS actually did, and is still doing.
  • Back to the above graphic. The media think that the top portion of the graphic accurately describes the e-mail process. However, it is really the bottom half that describes it — and all the various resting places of Hillary’s e-mails once she sent them on their merry way. News Flash: those e-mails don’t leave those places unless and until someone or some program orders them deleted. Of course, such deletion would be against the law, so surely Hillary would never do such a thing.

Hillary’s e-mails, despite her obvious attempts to conceal them, are easily obtainable. And, if not(1) — here is where the legality issue comes in — she broke the law.

— xPraetorius


(1) – If you conceal or destroy official government communications, you have broken the law. Since all Hillary’s official e-mails went out from the clintonemail.com domain, she must turn them — all of them — over to the government, or she’s in violation of the law. If she deleted even one of them, she’s in violation of the law.


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