Hillary Clinton’s E-mails (Part II)

Does anyone really believe her when she says she “deleted only personal e-mails?” Two simple words in reaction: Prove it. Let a computer expert examine the servers, ’cause you know what? You can delete them all you want, but they’re still out there. And, because they’re from a personal e-mail account, they’re all at the NSA!

‘Course, does anyone really believe her whenever she opens her mouth? She could be at the North Pole, and say, “It’s snowing,” and I’d look out the igloo window.

Some quick observations:

  • Any Republican hopeful for President would have been knocked clean out of the race by this — in the first two days.
  • This stinks of:
    • hyper-arrogance
    • hyper-élitism
    • hyper leftist-privilege. (Going through her mind as she arranged the “homebrewed” e-mail system: “I do these seemingly irrational, preposterous, brainless, dippy, loony, dim-witted, dopey surreally block-headed things because I’m sure I can get away with them. I always have! Heck most of the words out of my mouth are irrational, preposterous, brainless, dippy… okay, okay… you get the point.”)
    • hyper-stupidity
    • typical leftism
    • hyper-aristocrat wannabe-ism
    • Fill in any of a number of other nouns and adjectives that mean close to (but not exactly the same as) the above. For example:
      • imperious, vain, hubristic, insolent, proud, pompous, scornful, derisive, dictatorial, scummy, brazen, disrespectful, condescending, toweringly egotistical, cocksure, fatheaded, half-witted, lard-brained, sneering disdain for all Americans. Surprised? Not me.
  • Hillary’s entire career has consisted of getting away with things. The only thing she ever accomplished is being the dirtiest, sleaziest, creepiest, slimiest politician never to spend a day in jail. Actually, for all the filth and gunk in which she’s enmired herself for the past 30 years, that’s not really half bad.
  • Can’t we ever be rid of these two? They’re like herpes, for cryin’ out loud.
    • Dr. (gravely): I’m sorry, Mrs. Jones, you’ll have to live either with Hillary Clinton always somewhere being her usual twit self, or herpes … for the rest of your life. You must choose.
    • Mrs. Jones (sobbing): Give me the herpes! Give me the herpes! For the love of all that is good and decent, give me the herpes!
    • Dr.: Ok, but you’ll still have to deal with the Clinton thing too. No one’s ever figured out how to get rid of them.
    • Mrs. Jones: Noooooooo…!!!

— xPraetorius


3 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton’s E-mails (Part II)

  1. Well said.

    Something people may not know, but when you are a nobody, like a volunteer for a non profit that receives government funds, you have to be trained and informed that in the event of an audit, the government owns all your personal devices. People have to sign papers stating that they understand this, that they have no rights to privacy and that all communication personal or otherwise can and will be seized.

    1. Wow! I had no idea! In light of that, I’d say that means that the server belongs to the government. I mean those are just volunteers! We were paying good money for Hillary to traipse all over the world mucking things up.

      Wait! Wait! On second thought: don’t turn the server over to the government … you’ll never see it again!


      — x

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