Obama Sets the Bar Loooooooowwwwww…

After the Obama Administration, the next President ought to be able to do absolutely anything he wishes and get away with it.

If someone in Congress objects, believe me there will be an example in very recent memory where either Obama or someone in his administration did something a lot more egregious and got clean away with it.

Some Observations:

  • A kumquat would have been a better President than Obama. I’m completely serious.
    • Why? Simple: a kumquat would not have made naked power grabs via “Executive Orders;” a kumquat would have had the exact same, to the letter, foreign policy as Obama; President Quat would not have rammed KumquatCare down America’s throat; it would not have worsened fruit-human relations; Mr. Quat wouldn’t have sicced the IRS on political opponents; He would not have done massive spying on the American people. Better yet, if left unrefrigerated, President Quat simply would have dried up and gone away, a lesson in excellent presidenting, and post-presidenting that a goodly number of Presidents should have followed.
  • People tend to measure things on a scale of 0, or 1, to something. Example: On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate Barack Obama as President? This is the wrong scale: the correct scale should be something like -10 to 10, where 0 would represent a neutral assessment.
  • If, on the usual scale, you were to give Obama a zero, that would not preclude a conclusion that he was a lousy President by virtue of, say, doing nothing. If, however, you were to assign a -10 rating, then you’re saying that Obama’s tenure as President was as bad as it could be both by action and inaction.
  • My grade for Obama: -8. It is indisputable that the country is worse off as a result of Obama’s stint as President. How much worse off? Some of the signs — the permanently unemployed, the international situation, race relations, Islam’s expansion in Africa and the Middle East, Russia/Ukraine/Crimea, Syria, and more — are truly dire. Obama’s inaction around the world has always been catastrophic, while his actions, when he has taken them, have also been disasters. Obamacare fundamentally restructured the economy toward greater regulation, while the single greatest need the economy had in 2008 was: less regulation. The first black President spent all his time, through the proxy of his deeply racialist Attorney General, being the first black President; forgetting that the overwhelming majority of his country is still white, and that he needed to be their President too.
  • If you’re a teacher, you’d give Obama an A minus, because he’s a union stooge, a dyed-in-the-wool leftist, and an ignorant doofus, like most teachers. However, his real, his correct grade, would be a minus A minus.
  • Why didn’t he get a -10 from me? Easy: that would indicate that you couldn’t get worse than Obama. Not to worry, the Democrats have even more execrable candidates in their awesome arsenal of asininity. ** cough Bernie Sanders cough ** cough Elizabeth Warren cough ** cough sputter gag Hillary Clinton cough hack choke(1) **

— xPraetorius


(1) Because, despite her fabricated reputation as a centrist, she’s every bit as leftist as Obama, every bit as much an identity politician (She’s all about the “history” of electing a woman President), she’s dumb as a stump and, by definition, one thing worse than Barack Obama after the witless Barack Obama, is: yet another witless Barack Obama.


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