Hillary Clinton’s E-Mails

This says it all (over at the National Journal):

Transparency isn’t the only issue. Clinton exposed confidential and potentially dangerous information to a nonsecure, commercial email system. She gave Chinese spies a better shot at reading her emails than U.S. taxpayers. [Editor’s Note: emphasis added]

Uhhhhh… whuh?!?!? Let’s read that back: As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton gave Chinese spies a better shot at reading her emails than U.S. taxpayers.

Look, let’s be serious here. Some of us have known here for years that Hillary is an empty pantsuit. She apparently used this private e-mail system throughout her time as American Secretary of State. Why would she do that? Sounds pretty darned stupid, huh? Well, there are potentially thousands of answers, none of them good ones.

However, one thing is absolutely undeniable: She was certain she wouldn’t be caught. 

This twit is a woman:

  • who made a one hundred thousand dollars dollars from a thousand dollars — because someone did it for her.
  • who came to prominence only on her husband’s coattails.
  • who accomplished nothing of note in her time as First Lady.
  • who ran for Senator in New York, where they’d elect a fungus if it had a (D) next to its name on the ballot. (and they often do)
  • who accomplished nothing of note as a Senator.
  • who ran against the emptiest of suits in the 2008 Presidential primaries for her party’s nomination for the Presidency … and lost. Decisively.
  • who was appointed Secretary of State under the aforementioned emptiest of suits, and … accomplished nothing.
  • whose only saving grace is that an even emptier suit became Secretary of State after her. Her successor is an airhead of such staggering numbskullery, such howling vacuum-headedness, that Joe Biden looks positively not too dull by comparison.
  • who hasn’t accomplished a single, solitary thing of note that wasn’t handed to her, or done for her, by a man.
  • who wants to be known as Madame President.

Another thing that some of us have known about Hillary Clinton for years? She’s not too bright.

— xPraetorius


3 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton’s E-Mails

  1. x, small quibble … if you’re referring to the commodities deal, it was $1,000 to make $100,000 (not a million). Also, when it comes to the Clintons (whom we in AR have dealt with since the early 80s), I must be more cynical than you. HRC wasn’t just convinced “she wouldn’t be caught.” Past experience assured her if she was caught, the story would likely die after a week of handwringing. No story here, move along now.

    And with Colin Powell’s admission of doing the same with his email, she has sufficient cover again.

  2. Thanks for the correction, Wise! You are exactly right!

    I’m truly sorry that you are even more cynical than I, because that means you’re really cynical. You’re much too good a writer to be that cynical!

    You are, however, exactly right on the nose, Clinton, et al are convinced that as soon as the next scandal comes along she will be forgotten. So sad.

    This has been Obama’s strategy as well: wait it out until either it blows over, or some other outrageous behavior replaces it.

    That the IRS scandal, for example, was all but gone (except for the recent discovery of Lois Lerner’s long lost e-mails) is a sign of the corruption of the media.

    If it had been a Republican Administration using the IRS to stifle left-wing political activity, there would have been impeachment talk long, long before this.


    — x

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