Didja Ever Notice…(*)

…how the American left, and its dear leader, Barack Obama, goes straight from we’re-as-dumb-as-stumps stupid thing directly to we’re-dumber-than-boxes-of-rocks moronic thing right to we’re-so-stupid-you-can’t-possibly-believe-it idiotic thing immediately to we-just-set-yet-another-record-for-plain-ol’-nitwittery dumb thing right to how-low-can-we-go-just-watch-us brain-dead thing?

It’s truly mind-boggling. You’d think that Obama would do something right at least once

If only by accident.


You and I both know the old “even a blind pig roots the occasional truffle” joke. Somehow our blind pig has never located that bashful truffle.

You’d think that just by blind luck something, somewhere, somewhen, somehow would have turned out right, or even improved just a little, during the Obama tenure. ** cough Iraq cough ** Yet throughout the world, everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. Everything that could get better has gotten worse. ** cough Ukraine  cough ** More to the point: Anything that Obama has touted as a success has immediately turned to Chris Ofili art material. ** cough Yemen cough **

It’s as if Murphy saved up absolutely everything in his formidable arsenal for our dear Barack Obama.

You have to work hard to be that wrong that often and to keep the streak going for that long a time. Obama’s been stinkingly, smellily, odoriferously, unceasingly, relentlessly, unremittingly bad for the entire time he’s been in office. That has to be impossible, and might be a sign of the end of times.

No one — except possibly the Chicago Cubs, or the Washington Generals, or Charlie Brown trying to kick a field goal — can point to that kind of abject, constant, Oh-For-Everything… failure. One is forced to speculate that, just possibly, the failure is intentional, and therefore … success!

Obama’s been more devastating to New Orleans than Hurricane Katrina, to New York than SuperStorm Sandy, to Los Angeles than the 1994 earthquake, to Siberia than the meteor of Tunguska, to Detroit than the Democrats, to music than Justin Bieber, to Europe than the bubonic plague, to the American people than depression, migraines, the flu and disco … combined.

It seems as if you you can’t possibly be that bad, that constantly and that relentlessly, without actually trying to. As I mentioned in the above-linked post, Obama doesn’t love America. Rudy Giuliani was right on the nose, and we should be ready to defend him from the inevitable accusations of racism.

Okay, not more devastating to music than Justin Bieber.

— xPraetorius


(*) – I started this post before writing this post here. In that post, the indispensable Artaxes added a comment that said much of what I’ve said in the above post. I was tempted, therefore, not to post this one. However, there is one item, that I’ve not addressed significantly, that is a significant development: Yemen. The loss of that country to Iranian-sponsored jihadists represents a (yet another) devastating defeat for the Obama Administration (if, that is, you continue to believe that Obama somehow opposes islamic terrorism — something that’s just not at all clear.(1)).

(1) – Don’t believe it? Do a little thought exercise with me: Imagine if some violent, militant group overtly calling itself “Christian” were to appear, and start shooting, crucifying, burning or burying people alive. Or, a hypothetical such group loudly calling itself “Jewish.” Does anyone think that the Obama Administration would have the slightest qualm about decrying “Christian extremism?” or “Radical Christianity?” Do you think that anyone in the Obama Administration would do all the linguistic gyrations and acrobatics to protect the good name of either Christianity or Judaism? Can you imagine anyone in the Obama Administration saying, “These aren’t Christians. These are people who have twisted and perverted a great religion!”? Even though it would be obviously true? Of course not.

Taking this one step further: the very first people to condemn such people would be … Christians or Jews. Long before even the Christian-averse and the Judaism-averse Obama Administration. Christians and Jews would be, also, by far the most vociferous in their condemnation of such a hypothetical group. By far the fastest to expel them from the ranks of actual Christianity or Judiasm (Hint, hint, all you “moderate muslims” … You’re freakin’ late!)


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