NPR Watch – 2/16/15 – More Educated Idiots!

There’s probably no greater idiot than the brash one, with all the credentials, who just knows she knows more than you, and isn’t afraid to show it loudly and in front of everyone. You know her. She’s never been wrong. She’s loudly, ostentatiously, confidently brilliant, she just knows what she’s talking about, and you don’t. If you disagree with her, she’ll shout you down, talk over you, sneer at you, deride you and your character, your quality as a human, your motives, education and intelligence, your knowledge and your very worth as a person.

Can you think who this might be? Yes, it’s any leftist, but who really epitomizes this idiot? Yep: the environmentalist.

You see, the science is settled, she’ll tell you. There’s no debate anymore. No one disagrees. We must change our lifestyle drastically … or die!

And … she’s the one who tells you that you just want to help out your rich oil buddies if you point out what is more and more difficult to deny: most of environmentalism, and most of what she believes as holy writ … is nothing but a fraud.

She’s the climate “scientist” — I didn’t catch her name — who was interviewed on National Public Radio this evening, telling us all how, and I quote, “The jury isn’t still out, the science is settled, 97% of all scientists will tell you that the climate is changing and that we’re doing it.” Then she sneered something about how we shouldn’t be allowing those 3% of deniers to stop us from educating children properly, or some such.

This all in response to some people in Wyoming suggesting that the Common Core approach to environmentalism as an issue might be wrong to conclude as fact that climate change must be opposed, must be fought.

Let’s just take a teentsy look, shall we, at what she actually said with her jeering, condescending, pathetic little attempt at a dismissive bon mot.

Thing 1: First of all, the jury’s not out, precisely because there is no such metaphorical jury. No one ever even impaneled one on the topic of climate change. The climate does nothing but change. It’s done nothing but change since the very first day there was something that could be called a “climate.” No one disputes that; no one ever said the climate doesn’t change, wasn’t changing, isn’t changing, or any other such tommyrot. The climate is changing. That’s what it does. It’s a bit like saying the earth is turning. That’s all it does. And the climate does, always did, has always done, always will do … nothing but change. If humans were to wink out of existence at this very moment, the climate, like the times, would continue on a-changin’ — just as it’s always done. (<– or did I mention that already)

Thing 2: If, indeed, three percent of all scientists truly don’t believe what every third grader knows: that the climate does nothing but change, then it seems evident that three percent of all scientists are all blithering idiots! Or, more likely, the moron NPR spokesdweeb was too stupid to understand what the three percent are trying to tell her: that, Hello! the extent to which humans change the climate is unknown, and, more to the point, perfectly unknowable at this point.

Thing 3: Therefore, ipso facto, no gettin’ around it or away from it: at its very best, all of environmentalism is nothing more than a big wild guess. What’s worse is that it’s been found many times that feeding this wild stab in the dark have been a vast array of faked measurements, fraudulent methods, wide conspiracies to suppress data that don’t support the story, and other chicanery. So, not only is environmentalism just one big guess, it’s a really bad guess — based on lies, scams and flimflammery … so it’s most likely a wrong guess. Even worse: it’s a guess whose supporters have decided to do everything possible unscientific to eliminate anything that would run counter to the loopy guess’s conclusions.

Thing 4: The three percent of scientists who have recognized that environmentalism is just a massive con, have been trying to talk actual science — you know, honest inquiry, dueling hypotheses, challenging counterpoints, gathering real evidence, entertaining different points of view — to her, and she’s just too dumb-as-a-stump to understand what they’re saying.

The transparent numbskullery the NPR flunky was spouting ain’t science. It’s a bunch of hogwash, and only a true idiot, ie an NPR spokesgeek, could flog, with that perfect confidence of the truly dense, such a steaming pile of humbuggery seriously in public.

There truly is no idiot like an NPR idiot.

— xPraetorius


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