More About Our Race Relations Project

As you know, past posts of ours have focused on race relations, with a heavy emphasis on discussion of the Zimmerman-Martin case, and the not guilty verdict for George Zimmerman, ;and of Ferguson and Michael Brown, and Staten Island and Eric Garner.

There’s a method to this approach. Here at the Praetorian Writers’ Group, we’ve launched a small effort to do something that we believe has never been done, at least in recent history. We have endeavored to “change the tone” — for real, and not just by being our usual polite, refined selves. We have endeavored to take on various leftists and to call them on their abusive language and accusations by confronting them with the obvious. We’ve never seen this done — on a concerted basis — before.

For example, during our project, we confronted a certain “Brotha Wolf,” and “Abagond.”

These two bloggers constantly play fast and loose with wild, incendiary accusations, and our approach to counter them was to copy their blog posts, and meticulously take them apart in our own blog.

Each time they made a baseless, or unknowable accusation, we called them on it, often illustrating with counter examples how they couldn’t possibly know what they were alleging, and that if what they were saying was not true, as was likely, then the entire premise of their blog post fell apart.

We have been embarked on this effort for some time now, going all the way back to this post in January of ’12. Then, in March of 2013 we had this exchange.

In every last interaction, the lefty on the other end either:

  • called me a racist,
  • or called me stupid,
  • or called me a liar,
  • or told me how intelligent I am, or am not,
  • or told me how honest I am, or am not,
  • or told me how sane I am, or am not,
  • or told me my origins,
  • or told me the color of my skin,
  • or told me how wealthy I was, and whether or not I was working,
  • or told me my sources,
  • or some combination of the above.
  • They always told me what I was thinking, or what I wanted or felt or knew or needed.

Now, you’ll note that in any online exchange, precisely none of that is even remotely knowable by anyone on Earth but me. In each case, I tried mightily to tell my interlocutor this, figuring that the obviousness of it shouldn’t need to be mentioned.

In each case, my interlocutor — man or woman —  was unable to refrain from using the perfectly unknowable as the very basis for their criticisms of my writing. I called them on their use of the unknowable over and over and over and over again. Why? Because they used it over and over and over and over again.

I truly believed — and that belief has been fortified by these exchanges — that without such resort to these accusations, leftists would have nothing to write. Why? Because — and read it well — without the ability to accuse Conservatives of horrible states of mind, all that remains to the left are disagreements on the issues. They always lose in those circumstances, because of the silliness or absurdity of their thinking.

“We disagree!” is hardly a rallying cry to get, for example, black people pouring into the streets for a fabricated racial issue as in the Zimmerman-Martin and Ferguson cases. No, for that you need blood-curdling cries of “Racism! Racism! Racism!” to fill the air and the airwaves…and the streets.

“You’re wrong and we’re right!” is hardly a clarion call to action. No, something like, “They’re killing our babies!” is what’s needed to fill the streets, so that’s what they say.

Nowadays a Conservative can say, “We need to slow the rate of growth of the Federal budget,” and the automatic response from the left is something like, “They’re killing our babies!”

Why? Because it has worked in the past.

How to respond to such absurdity? Well, we think our way might have some merit. Our strategy goes like this:

  1. Engage the leftist’s ideas.
  2. Very soon after this, the leftist will call you names, or the like.
  3. Warn the leftist not to do that, and let him know that he can’t possibly know whether or not you are what he has called you. Feel free to use a withering tone. His accusation won’t be worded particularly nicely.
  4. Warn him, also, that if he does not refrain from the name-calling then you feel you have the right to reply in kind.
  5. Give him a chance or two more in your exchange. But it’s crucial that you warn him each time he does it.
  6. If he refrains and sticks to the issues from there on in, then congratulate him on his more mature interaction and carry on with your debate. At that point, though, you’ve already won it. The point, however, is not to win the debate — Conservative ideas will always trounce leftist ideas — the point is to educate the liberal in the proper way to engage in debate.
  7. If he doesn’t refrain from the name-calling, and telling you all about what you think, want, wish, feel, hope for and need, then reply right back in kind. Someone called me a racist in an online exchange, and I warned her several times to cut it out. When she persisted, I called her a child molester, and she fell right into the trap. She did the whole “I am not a child molester! How dare you…!?!” thing, at which point I simply reminded her, “You called me a racist without any basis for it, so I called you a child molester with just as much basis. You opened that door. Don’t get all self-righteous when I walked through it.”

She bowed out after that, but I had made my point with the other commenters in the exchange —  that I was not going to take any of that garbage — and they stopped the name-calling after that. I truly think they were absolutely floored that someone called them on their ridiculous behavior.

The point: Never, ever, ever allow anyone on the left to accuse you of being a racist or a whatever, without (1) either calling him on it immediately, or (2) calling him something worse. A real-life example: Ann Coulter was debating with a black guy on a television show. The debate got a tad heated, and the black dude said, “You’re a racist.” Without skipping a beat, Coulter fired right back, “And you’re a moron.” Nicely done! Could have been a more forceful response from Coulter, but at least she did not let the baseless accusation go unanswered.

If we all were to stop allowing the baseless accusations to go unchallenged, (1) the lefties would never know what hit them, and (2)  they’d be forced to debate the actual issues, a debate in which they would be at a severe disadvantage.

Oh, yes…they could simply leave the debate, but it wouldn’t require too many such departures before someone would tell them they couldn’t leave the floor open to Conservatives anymore. Also, if they were to do that, our response should be something like, “Well, we finally got him to stop the baseless name-calling so that we could debate the issues, and he ran away. I guess he’s not all that sure of the strength of his argument. I wouldn’t be either if I were he.”

The left is constantly, relentlessly snarky…we can out-snark them easily. First, we’re smarter and better-educated. Then: they leave the door wide, wide open with their relentless, substanceless nitwittery.

— xPraetorius

3 thoughts on “More About Our Race Relations Project

  1. Yes, yes, yes! Wasn’t there a time when school-children were taught the essential methods of debate? Name-calling meant you’d already lost the argument … but lefties must have been taking a snow day. Keep up the good work! Bravo!

  2. Thanks again, Wise! It’s funny… I’ve tried to make that very point — about the name-calling meaning that the name-caller is out of gas — but it falls on deaf ears, and the left still pulls out all the same silly, irrelevant tricks. Then they leave in a huff if you keep your cool. I love, love, love calling them on it though.

    You can hear their jaw drop when you retort to a name with something like, “Name-calling and personal attacks are two of the primary signs of insecurity in one’s viewpoint. Why would you give in to my points so easily? Did you perhaps not do well in school?”



    — x

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