Howard Dean Says Scott Walker is Unqualified to be President Due to Lack of College Education


Oh, I dunno. Howard Dean is highly educated. He’s a medical doctor of some kind. Who knows, maybe he’s a good medical doctor, though I assume also that he’s an ex-medical doctor.

However, as a man of politics, as a pundit and commentator, the highly-educated Howard Dean is a blithering idiot.

In my lifetime (some are saying in the past century) by far the greatest President — pretty much everyone admits it, even those who didn’t like him at the time — has been the most humbly educated: Ronald Reagan.

History hails Reagan now for his wisdom and foresight, for his clear-eyed understanding of what was needed, both internationally and domestically, for America to reverse course from the gloom, decay and despair of the Jimmy Carter years. During the Carter years, and the 1980 Presidential campaign, and all through his presidency, Reagan was scornfully, haughtily derided as stupid, under-educated, lazy, detached.

Nowadays, the press stand in awe of whom? Why of the current occupant of the White House — for his intelligence, his wisdom, his preternatural ability to see further, more clearly … better than you and I … for his sheer awesomeness. All while everything Obama touches turns to cow flops.

Frankly, a lack of a college degree likely makes Scott Walker by far the most qualified to be President.

— xPraetorius


7 thoughts on “Howard Dean Says Scott Walker is Unqualified to be President Due to Lack of College Education

  1. LOL! There are so many blithering idiots with college degrees. You can generally tell who they are too, because that is the first thing they whip out as evidence of their vast intellectual superiority. Sometimes I feel bad for them, like uhm, after that completely moronic statement, do you really think it’s wise to tell everyone you went to Yale??

  2. So well said, IB. The most reactionary, backward institutions in the world are the universities.

    We should never forget how deeply invested university faculty and researchers are in what they teach.

    If that is discredited, then there’s nothing for them to do. They have no other useful skills. What would a professor do if what he teaches is proven wrong? Bag groceries? Probably.

    The only thing a college education today shows is: the educated person is trainable. That’s it.


    — x

  3. Amen and amen! I recall how the press tried to prop up the peanut farmer because of his naval career and association with the Navy’s nascent nuclear program! Such a bright guy, they told us, so highly qualified! With all his impressive credentials, he couldn’t even pronounce nuclear correctly! Always said something like “new-cure.” (Yes, I acknowledge GWB tripped on the word as well, saying nu-cu-lar.) Alas, a degree is hardly proof-positive of much, except as you say, trainability. Maybe a trophy for outstanding attendance would be more apt?

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