Say The Most Gawrshawful, STUPIDEST Things. (Part III)

As a kind of follow-up to this essay here. Don’t rule out the possibility that Obama simply doesn’t want to do it anymore.

He rode into the White House on a wave of adulation and protection from the American press. The press shielded Obama from every possible sling and arrow, from even the tiniest hint of outrageous fortune. When Obama suggested that the tides would start to recede because he was about to become President, no one — especially in the press — laughed that embarrassing nitwittery out of the room.

Then Obama became President and everything he touched — without exception — turned to steaming, smelly, runny, snorg.

The media, though, continued their slobbering love affair with him. Most of the media. There were some who began to recognize that things were not as they seemed, and had the temerity to point it out.

However, as time went on, as the economy did nothing better than sputter, as ISIS took more and more land and began very publicly burning people, burying children alive, and sawing women’s and children’s heads off, as Russia became more belligerent and more expansionist, as everything in the world just got worse and worse, it became impossible to continue to pretend that Obama was the genius everyone pretended he was.

More to the point, it became clear that Obama had not the slightest clue what he was doing. It became clear that his state of mind was: “I’m so brilliant (just ask anyone) that I can just handle things as they arise. If things are becoming worse, it can’t be my fault!”

So, lots and lots of people began to tell it like it is, and — I’m suspecting more and more — Obama didn’t like that one bit. His petulance and temper are legendary. He’s legendarily thin-skinned and you and I both know that the criticisms — to the extent that he’s aware of them — hurt.

Lastly: remember when you and I were very young and someone said something that hurt our feelings? Remember the temptation to withdraw, to go away and, “that’ll show ’em!” We got over that in our teens, but it was there when we were just kids.

Democrats and leftists tend not to get over it. They tend not to grow up. That’s why they become Democrats. The first, most prominent characteristic of an American leftist is: immaturity. Obama is an American leftist.

So, don’t rule out the possibility that Obama thinks he’s just too good for us, and that he just doesn’t want to do it anymore if we’re not going to adore him unconditionally no matter the results of his policies.

— xPraetorius



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