Okay, What Now?

After the islamist atrocities in Paris, France of a couple of weeks ago, some thoughts.

Well, the “No go zones” have to go. But how to do that? Let’s see…

Just a first hack at it. Happy to have some input.

First a given. As the French Prime Minister — Manuel Valls — said, the muslims are at war with France.

  • The so-called “No go zones”  have to go.
  • The French need to raze them to the ground and rebuild that area.
  • It has to be a military operation. Overwhelming force for each one. Needs to be quick.
  • Send the military in to drop leaflets. “You have two weeks to prepare your things.”
  • The entrances and exits would be controlled and the people searched prior to ingress or egress. Any weapons found to be confiscated.
  • Make tent cities in a more temperate area of France. Surround them with barbed-wire, in order both to keep people in and to keep others out.
  • These will be the new residences of the inhabitants of the soon-to-be defunct “No go zones” in preparation for possible deportation.
  • During the two weeks, allow the “No go zone” inhabitants people to avail themselves of public services to bring their possessions — as much as can be carried in, say, a small U-Haul — to the new tent cities.
  • After two weeks, go in and level the no-go zone, being sure that you’re protected from possible booby traps.
  • Divide the area into quarter-hectare plots, and auction them off to the public.
  • Now, to the people in the tent cities. If they are men, they must show proof of a history of useful employment in a non-muslim-focused occupation. Otherwise: deportation. Keep them in the tent city as long as it takes to find a host country. But, they cannot leave the tent city.
  • If a woman, she has the option to stay with a man being deported, or of staying. Women are abused in islam. You have to allow them a choice to stay.
  • New law: There can be never be such a thing as a “No go zone.”
  • New law: Sharia law is forbidden in the entire territory of France. It seems odd to me that there’d need to be a law for that, but the French have worked themselves into such a corner.
  • New law: We will limit the percentage of muslims in any given area to X percent. Make it small. There’s no reason to allow them to congregate. I’m aware that we may want to reverse this, since if they are concentrated, then you know where most of them are. Not sure how I come down on this one.
  • New law: Muslims are at best guest workers, who must check in with the authorities once every three months, and they must show proof of employment, else face deportation.

I’m open to criticism/better ideas. These would not be permanent measures, but written to last, say, ten years, at which time they can be renewed or abandoned. But, these are desperate times and call for some desperate measures.

The French are in some serious trouble. Decades of socialism have left the country an economic basket case, barely able — if they’re able — to face this new, vigorous, young, energetic threat from roving herds of rabid, psychotic muslims.

But, the French have to try. Their country’s existence is at stake.

— xPraetorius


3 thoughts on “Okay, What Now?

  1. In the spirit of the French version of Free Speech, why not just outlaw the words “No Go Zone”.
    It would be similar to our policy of not arresting Illegal Aliens and then touting the decrease in Illegal Alien arrests.
    Problem solved.
    Anyway… to your larger point. I would not suggest the French give up their Customs and Traditions for these people. The French have a long, proud, history of surrendering.
    It seems to me they preserving their National Identity.

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