Brian Williams Lied. Surprised? (Part II)

I suppose I should follow up my original post (here) with the other ancillary, but important, story lines about the various “the media lie” angles I raised in the column.

Here they are:

About environmentalism:


Note that quote by the meteorologist: “In the business world, people go to jail for such manipulations of data.”

Several quick things about all that. This shows the danger in which we can find ourselves when we grant to scientists a pure, almost deity-like status that they truly do no merit.

They’re people just like you and me. Prey to all the very same temptations that bedevil us. Even more so, because (1) they realize that probably a lot of people have no idea what they’re saying when they talk about their thing, and (2) they’re so often fully dependent for their livelihoods on their ability to “persuade” you and me to part with our ducats to finance their urgently important research.

Here’s kind of a scary one about the misleading unemployment statistic:

Well, okay. I guess someone has as jaundiced a view about the thoroughly corrupt Obama Administration as we do.

The Gallup CEO is the guy who (here) said that the unemployment number being used by the Obama Administration — and, of course, parroted by the American media — to pretend that the American economy is just humming along marvelously … is a scam.


— xPraetorius




4 thoughts on “Brian Williams Lied. Surprised? (Part II)

  1. Diagnose: pathological veritophobia.
    Therapy: High dose of veritas, best administered in a shocking manner for maximum effect.
    Known side effects: Persons susceptible to the therapy often show violent symptoms of deliberalism accompanied with intolerance for collectivitis and leftosis..

  2. Love the creativity, Ar! “Veritophobia” — Love it! Veritophobia is so good I had to google it. As a result, I found another great blog — great minds thinking alike. The blog is here. She’s really good.

    So are you, ar!

    Equally good from you are: “deliberalism,” “collectivitis” and “leftosis.”

    You’re on a great roll there! Please keep it coming!


    — x

    1. Wow, she’s really great.
      Look at this quote from her blog:

      ” Random Kosher Restaurant With Random Jews in It Attacked in London “Deli”
      It’s Randomsemitism! ”


      Thanks for your encouragement. Feel free to use my creations.

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