More Obama Nitwittery

Normally, I’d say that Obama might have had a teeny, tiny point about the use of “religion” to excuse acts of violence or of cruelty.(1) However, there was so much wrong with his, really pathetic, attempt to equate Islam and Christianity, that you have to wonder what’s really going on behind the scenes.

How wacked-out, off-the-wall, out-in-left-field, not-even-close, around-the-bend wrong was he? Let me count the ways:

  1. The Crusades were a defensive war. An effort to keep expansionist Islam, oddly enough, from taking over Europe. See here for the rest of the story.
  2. The Inquisition was, as the same post linked above tells, an attempt to prevent people from being the victims of injustices then common across Europe, in which opportunists did falsely use Christianity as an excuse to abuse others.
  3. Neither the Inquisition, nor the Crusades did any of the following:
    • Burn children alive
    • Bury children alive
    • Crucify anyone
    • Kill children in any way
  4. What was it that finally stopped the abuses that Obama mentioned (Slavery, Jim Crow)? Christianity. More particularly: Christians … in the name of Christianity. Name for me, if you would please, the last humane thing done in the name of Islam. Name for me also, please, the last bad thing that was abolished in the name of Islam. Just one. As a small hint, human sex trafficking and slavery  are still commonplace in the muslim world. Google, if you wish, “dhimmi.”
  5. Another point: when people speak or write of any kind of abuse, for which the perpetrators use Christianity as justifications, no one — nobody, not anybody, anywhere — shies away from condemning the perpetrator and the phony justification. More to the point: the very first people to condemn both the act and the phony justification are … Christians.
  6. When, people calling themselves muslims commit unspeakable atrocities against innocents, the last people to condemn the act and the justification are … you guessed it: muslims. Rather, there is a vast silence from that mysterious bunch of soft-spoken people: the “moderate muslims” everyone speaks so highly of. The clear-eyed observer is forced to wonder whether there even is such a thing as a “moderate muslim.”
  7. In fact, the very first thing that muslims actually do — when there is yet another islamist atrocity — is rush out to the press to demand that they be protected against backlash. Then, of course, they invoke the Crusades by way of indirect justification for the initial atrocity.
  8. Let’s restate point #5: Any time anyone commits some despicable act, and invokes Christianity, the haters of Christianity leap all over it, as proof — incontrovertible proof, they say — of the horrors of Christianity.(1)
  9. Next-to-lastly: No one on Earth is better than Christians at being clear-eyed in facing their own faults, sins and abuses head on, and in apologizing and vowing to be and do better. Contrition for where we have done wrong is a big part of the Christian doctrine.
  10. Lastly: When was the last time you heard a muslim express contrition for anything?

— xPraetorius


(1) After all, there are frauds who call themselves “Christians” and abuse the language, the doctrine and the very idea of Christianity. That doctrine can be summarized as: (1) accepting Jesus Christ as your savior to have eternal life in Heaven, and (2) loving everyone on Earth unconditionally.

(2) Yep. There’s just nothing scarier than having to face down those believers in loving everyone on Earth unconditionally; loving our neighbor as ourselves and loving our enemies! We surely need to be terrified of those Baptists, and Congregationalists, and Catholics, and Episcopalians, Methodists and Lutherans! We already covered that in these pages, remarking that there is literally (in the real sense of the word, not the Joe Biden sense) no one in the world who fears anyone calling himself a Christian of any denomination whatsoever anywhere.



4 thoughts on “More Obama Nitwittery

  1. Oh, amen to this post. Those were appalling words from our leadership, inaccurate, ignorant, and also irrelevant. We face an enemy, a threat, that needs to be dealt with. It is completely irrelevant that there may be peaceful Muslims in the world or that a handful of Christians may have done bad things at some point in history.

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