Have You Noticed?

In America today, who’s the bad guy? You know, the one all the cool people love to hate? It’s not a trick question. It’s the white, heterosexual man. You know him, right? He’s the Neanderthal who does what he can to oppress anyone not like him? And, why? Actually, no one ever seems to answer why we’d want to waste our time doing all that silliness, but it’s implied that we straight, white dudes just don’t like anyone who’s not like us.


Between you’n me, it’s just projection, but that’s for another day. Here’s what else I’ve noticed in America.

  • Blacks defend and stand up for blacks — loudly and proudly.
  • Gays defend and stand up for gays — loudly and proudly.
  • Women defend and stand up for women — loudly and proudly.
  • Hispanics defend and stand up for Hispanics — loudly and proudly.

All this seems perfectly normal. One would think that any group that could identify common characteristics — such that it could identify itself as a group — would stick up for itself collectively.

However …

What do white, heterosexual men do? Even white, straight Conservative men?

They — we — defend blacks, Hispanics, gays and women. And anyone else who can constitute a group and make a bunch of complaints.

We do, most decidedly, not defend white, heterosexual men.

In fact, we tend to run rapidly away from that self-defense in order to avoid the dreaded accusations of racism, sexism or homophobia. In further fact, white, straight dudes have been ceding power in America for the past 200 years.

As the various divisions of the vast Grievance Industry are fond of pointing out, we white, straight chaps have been powerful in America. I should say “had” been powerful … for a very long time. However, if you’ve been paying attention at all lately, you can’t help but notice that white, straight guys have also been surrendering that power by truckloads — at least in a political sense — to the above-mentioned groups.

More to the point, and it’s a point we’ve made several times here and in other blogs: We white, straight fellas — here and around the world — have been distancing ourselves for the past 50 years from any prejudice whatsoever. This is inescapable. Find, I dare you, an example where that’s not true. The inescapable conclusion is that we white, straight blokes have become the least prejudiced group, in any way, in the world today.

If you’re  wondering precisely why the country is deteriorating as rapidly as it has been for the past 50 years or so, it’s that very refusal, by the white, heterosexual group — to assert itself and its value in the public sphere in recent years.

There are some things — destructive and self-destructive behaviors for example — that we all should be prejudiced against. When, the vast majority of the country abdicates its responsibility to be for good things and against bad things, the country will end up ceding its very nature to the fringe groups.


  • The national “conversation” about race relations has been controlled by the most racist group in the country: the Race Grievance Industry, the RGI.
  • The national “conversation” about men-women relations has been wholly controlled by the most sexist group in America: Feminists.
  • The national “conversation” about what constitutes normal sexual relations, and a normal family, has been wholly controlled by those who want to normalize the weird, the abnormal, the perverted and the flat-out, whacked-out nutty: the Gay Grievance Industry.(1)

These “conversations” have been conversations in name only. Each above-mentioned exchange has typically been just a rising chorus of sniveling, whining and caterwauling by whatever group is involved, to which we white, straight chaps have responded, “Uhhhh … Okay. Whatever.”

Then, after the grievance groups have gotten their way, after mountains and mountains of pro-gay, pro-feminist, pro-black legislation, after trillions of dollars in what can only be called “reparations” to all these groups, what form does the “conversation” take? Well, you see, here’re all these other things that you’d never have thought of. Off-the-wall, obscure, really-out-there, strange, whack-a-doodle things, that no one’s ever even thought of, that the grievance groups needed to “discover” in order to “prove” that … yes, you guessed it … things are every bit as bad as ever. Worse, in fact.

The point is: we white, straight chaps are fond of blaming the wacky, fringe grievance groups for all that is wrong in America today, when at least half the responsibility for the wackiness is ours. Nine out of ten ideas emanating from the Grievance Groups should have been laughed out of the room immediately. The tenth idea, however, likely has a bunch of hooey in it — but also a grain of truth, and contains something to be addressed and fixed.

Civil Rights, for example. To our credit, we white, straight men did say, “Okay” to the demands of the Civil Rights movement. Without a shot fired. To our subsequent great discredit, we then accepted all the substanceless puffery from the Race Grievance Industry that constituted itself after the triumph of the ’60’s.

Our agreement that, yes, Civil Rights did need to be addressed and fixed was prima facie proof, compelling, irrefutable evidence, that white people were at that moment busy shucking off old habits of racism or apathy.

It bears repeating: Whites didn’t have to give in to the demands of the Civil Rights Movement — or the feminists’ or gays’ demands. Yet, in retrospect, does anyone really, seriously believe that there was any chance they wouldn’t?

After all, whites had been doing that very same thing — shucking off prejudices of all kinds — for a very long time.

Consequently, we should have laughed out of the room the RGI’s ludicrous idea that whites were as racist as ever, or worse. We didn’t, and a lot of time, money and effort have been wasted in designing and developing monetary and legislative solutions to incorrect premises based on ridiculous assumptions using nonsensical “logic.” In other words: non-problems.

You heard it here first: worse even than a bad solution to a problem, is an attempt to fix something that’s not a problem.

It is true that we white, straight men have set up the greatest, most humane, the least prejudiced, or bigoted, or hostile, or negative, or cruel, or oppressive, or heavy-handed country in the history of the world. That’s worth defending and praising.

The country’s not perfect, though, and in ceding the terrain of how to change, adjust and fix this great country entirely to the grievance groups, we — we white, straight dudes, that is — have also almost sacrificed the very awesomeness that we set up, and that has made America the people magnet it has long been.

Can we get it back? I don’t know. It’s a lead-pipe cinch, however, that we white straight men — especially we Conservative white men — need to stop abdicating our responsibility to stand up for what we are, who we are, what we believe in, what we’ve done, what we’ve contributed and what we’ve established here in America.

One more, very important thing: we white, straight men did all that with the invaluable assistance of white, straight women, without whom it would have been impossible.

I originally left women out of this column, because one of the most pernicious, harmful movements of the past 50 years has been feminism. Feminism was originally comprised of white, frequently heterosexual, women. As a result of feminism’s vast power, though, women were not part of the answer to my thesis question: “In America today, who’s the bad guy?”(2)

With that said, increasingly, Conservative women have publicly distanced themselves from feminism, exposing it for the leftist front movement that it is. Subsequently, these Conservative women have come under vicious attack from the feminist fringe who dominate the “conversation” about relations between the sexes. See, eg: Palin, Sarah. So, it should really be stated: we men set up the greatest, etc. country on earth with the indispensable help of Conservative women.

And the last very important thing: Why did we do all this? What’s the point? Why not set up some tyranny, grab all the power to ourselves, keep the power, get ours and keep it? We sure could have. We were by far the dominant group on the continent, and we had the firepower and the wherewithal to drive from sea to shining sea. Why did we set up a country that is absolutely unprecedented in the history of the world in its sheer humaneness?

A one-word answer: Christianity.

The doctrine that preaches unconditional love for all humans would not remotely allow the construction of a society like any other previously established in history. Would require, in fact, the establishment of the greatest country ever founded, as it did.

— xPraetorius


(1) How nutty? They’re not just “gay” anymore. They’re: LGBTQQIAAP, or LGBTQQIAAP2S, or LGBTTIQQ2SA, or someone proposed the shorter LGBTAVOP, or LGBTQQIAAP2SA. Sheesh! In the nomenclature of the current groups, they’re all really just “normality-deniers.”

(2) Yes, “guy” can be used generically to refer to both sexes, when used, eg. in the phrase “bad guy,” or “good guy,” or just “guys.” As in, “Hey, guys!” which could hail a group of just men, just women or mixed men and women.

2 thoughts on “Have You Noticed?

  1. Awesome! So often forgotten is what white, heterosexual men have actually done for the country, heck even making a positive impact on the world at large. Western civilization has given women more rights than any other time in history. White, heterosexual men have created more economic security, freedom, and opportunity than ever before. We live in a part of the world were there is more ethnic diversity and upward mobility that any other place on Earth. People are willing to risk their lives just to try and sneak into this country and avail themselves of what we offer.

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