The Left and Its Constant Dishonesty

If you disagree with the left, it’s always because you’re a jerk … or an idiot.

  • If you oppose high taxes — as some pretty well-respected people have done in the past(1) — then you can’t possibly believe that higher taxes decrease freedom for all Americans … no, somehow you must just hate poor people.
  • If you’re against killing babies, then you can’t possibly be actually against killing babies … no, you must hate women.
  • If you’re against legal racial, sex or sexual preference discrimination in hiring, in college admissions, and elsewhere, then you can’t possibly be actually against such discrimination … no, you must be a racist and you must hate black Americans, women, gays and others.
  • If you’re against “gay marriage,” then you can’t possibly have a principled objection to the idea … no, you must hate gays.
  • If you oppose open immigration then you can’t possibly have rational, reasonable, good faith reservations about changing American demographics that rapidly … no, you must be a racist and hate Mexicans.
  • And on and on and on and on and drearily, gassily, monotonously on…

And, now the latest one.


Look, you and I both believe, I’m sure, that kids ought to be vaccinated. There is strong evidence that the Salk vaccine eradicated a once-devastating disease — polio — from the planet. Nearly completely.

However, there are parents who don’t believe that their kids should be vaccinated. I’ve heard all sorts of objections, from the rational: links to autism, introducing unwelcome chemicals into kids’ bodies, to the irrational and paranoid: it’s poison meant to poison black children by white people.

Well, recently two Republican Senators made statements indicating that they thought that parents ought to be the ones who make the decision whether or not to vaccinate. That implies that some parents would actually choose not to allow their children to be vaccinated.

Now, in that statement, did you see, hear or read the slightest scintilla of a hint of a jot or iota of anything resembling an objection to vaccinations, or even anything about vaccinations themselves?

Nope. Neither did I.

So, of course, how did the left respond to the statement by the Republican Senators? Of course: “Republicans have a problem with vaccinations!” And, “Republicans hate vaccinations!” And, “Republicans want your kids to die!

Obviously, the entire statement said only that parents should be the ones who choose what happens with their kids as regards healthcare, education, spiritual guidance, or anything else involved with their day-to-day lives.

The government — more and more synonymous with the left — thinks that they should be the ones to decide for everyone, not just kids. If you counter with the idea that, actually, parents ought to be the ones to decide how kids are raised, the left point to those odd times when rotten parents make obviously rotten decisions for their kids. “See? See?” they say, “Parents aren’t qualified to be the decision makers for their kids!”

Oh, really? Then, there’re all those touching stories of intelligent, wise, caring, altruistic, kind government workers to whom we should really entrust the raising of our children, right?


Here’s the straight deal: In all cases, parents have a much greater probability of being the right, the most capable, ones to take on the decision-making on behalf of their children. Oh, they’ll get it wrong — even very wrong — but in the vast majority of cases, they’ll do a much better job than any government employee.

This is for a lot of obvious reasons, but not least is that in way more than 99% of all children in the world, their parents are vastly more deeply invested — in every possible way — than anyone else… especially government employees, for whom the care or education of your children is nothing more than a job. 

Teachers are nothing more than government employees.

So, there isit turns out, plenty of logical, reasonable, rational justification for suggesting that parents should have the right to control their kid’s lives. And whether  not they get vaccinations.

That’s why, of course, the left says that the Republican Senators’ statement proved that the Senators are against vaccinations, and, by extension, that “vaccination-denial” is somehow a “Republican problem!”

The left simply can’t help themselves. They lie. How can you tell if a leftist is lying: he’s awake.

If you ask them the time, question the answer.

— xPraetorius


(1) George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, et al


4 thoughts on “The Left and Its Constant Dishonesty

  1. Dear readers: This is doubly embarrassing! I was re-reading this morning, and found numerous typos, punctuation problems, and other awkwardnesses that — had I paid attention … and proofread! — I’d have caught in the very first edit.

    I’ll either leave this one as is — as an object lesson — and write another scolding post to myself — highlighting this post — or I’ll correct it and indicate that I’ve done so.

    In the meantime, this will sit out there, for the world to see, for another 12 or so hours. While I cringe at the thought of it.


    — x

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