Media Leftism DOES Move the Country to the Left

Look, it’s inescapable. The mere fact that the overwhelming majority of the reactionary, dinosaur media are strong Obama-supporters — therefore the label “hard leftist” or “extreme leftist” is not hyperbole — exerts a strong leftward push on America’s polity. It’s because of the pressure they exert on all American politicians.

You may think this would be obvious, but it’s not necessarily. Despite the understanding that most people have of the hard-left bias in the media, the majority of Americans continue to believe that there is a pendulum swing effect that keeps American politics oscillating roughly around the political center line.


The so-called “center line” is really a line that starts in the center — way back in 1776 — but then tilts leftward. American politics oscillates around that leftward-tilted line.

The answer to the question: “Why are the media so dishonest?” is two-fold: (1) because they can be — they are not going to police themselves and call themselves on their own dishonesty, and (2) it works.

There’s no question that the most courageous, ethical, honest politician, or public intellectual, is the Conservative. He has to be; everything he says is subject to the most intense scrutiny. Either from the you’re-wrong-solely-because-you’re-Conservative, perfectly irrational commentary, to the earnest, but brain-dead scolds of National Public Radio, to the automatic scolding of Hollywood, academia and the prominent reactionary media. Every Conservative knows that his reasoning has to be as bullet-proof as possible, because the bullets will come no matter what he says.

Every liberal knows he has a wide-open, free path to public approval, filled with applause, gushing talk-show hosts on heavily scripted and controlled appearances, pats on the back, and adoring, obsequious, what-has-enchanted-you-the-most-type questions, even when he trots out the most putrescent, ludicrous, whack-a-doodle, left-wing codswallop and calls it a policy proposal.

Here’s the effect it has: Even solid Conservative thinkers, unless they’re absolutely rock-solid, are tempted to try to make the media herds like them. Everyone likes to be liked. Who wouldn’t wilt, at least a little, in front of the withering barrage directed at them from the baying loonies who drive how mom and pop America think of politics? And so, wilt they do, occasionally.

Hence, people who know better — both Presidents Bush, Ronald Reagan and many others, do what they can to accommodate the ones proposing that they do things they know will harm America, but that sound good on the surface.

In other words: left-wing things. Things that, like barnacles on an increasingly beleaguered schooner, cause the country to go just a bit slower, to sink just a bit deeper into the abyss, to decay just a bit faster, to degenerate just a bit more quickly toward the despair and desolation of socialism.

There is no such rightward pressure on the leftists in positions of prominence or power in America today.

To understand this better, some pictures might be helpful.

First, here’s how we’re accustomed to thinking of the trajectory of American Politics:

xPraetorius Curve 1
xPraetorius Curve 1

The above graphic depicts the famous “Pendulum Swing” that we all learned about in High School and college.

However, that image is incorrect. The next two images depict the real trajectory of American politics since 1776. First, what a pure reading of that trajectory would indicate. This next graphic shows the direction that American politics has taken, given a constant understanding of what precisely Left, Center and Right mean:

xPraetorius Curve 2
xPraetorius Curve 2

This graphic, while much more accurate than the previous, still doesn’t tell the whole story. A note about this graphic. It shows how each time American politics swings leftward, when the inevitable “correction” comes about, the swing to the right doesn’t return the country to it’s previous state — before the larboard lurch.

Using variables to describe this: every time the country lurches backward to the left by X, the subsequent correction returns the country rightward by X-Y, where ‘Y’ is some non-zero positive number.

Or, using real numbers to describe this effect: Every time the country slogs backward to the left by 10, it then returns rightward by 8. In this way, as the above shows, the net result is that the country is always headed leftward.

Needless to say, if that continues, the inevitable result is a hard-leftist tyranny such as has already been experienced by many other unfortunate countries in the last century, and which caused the violent or excruciatingly slow, torturous deaths of some 120 million people in just the last 100 years.

However, as I mentioned a few paragraphs back, even the above graphic isn’t complete. The next graphic shows why:

xPraetorius Curve 3
xPraetorius Curve 3

The above graphic more accurately depicts American politics because it shows how the very perception of what “Center” means has shifted to the left(1). In other words, there is no longer a “constant understanding” of what “Center” means.

It used to be that the idea of “Social Security,” of “Medicare and Medicaid,” “The Department of Education,” the reforms of FDR, “The Great Society,” and, of course, Obamacare, were all considered to be hard, hard-leftist ideas at the time of their promulgation.

Now, however, whenever anyone so much as suggests even a slight change to these massive, poorly managed, and ultimately doomed boondoggles, he’s branded as a hard right-winger! Look what happened to George W. Bush when he merely suggested that we might think of making a tiny portion of Social Security voluntary, so people could choose for themselves how to invest that money.

Bush received the full, unfiltered wrath of the media and the usual suspects on the left. He was an extreme right-wing, heartless, cruel fascist, they said, merely for suggesting the thought. And the idea died before it was even presented as possible legislation.

From where, do you think, did all that mindless condemnation first emanate? Yep. You guessed it. The media. Then, sheeplike, the rest of the bleating leftist herd jumped in: Academia, Hollywood, pop culture, the whole gamut of professional whiners and sniveling wretches on the left. And, of course, the Race Grievance Industry.

A Conservative idea — one that suggests a roll back of the size, scope and reach of the leviathan government — can never, ever, not ever, attain prominence without first being accused of being racist.

Now, here are two assertions that distill all the problems of America today into two comprehensible statements of reality:

1.  All of America’s problems today — poverty, economic malaise, hunger, race relations, whining grievance groups, snarling, surly political discourse — arise from this steady, relentless leftward drift of the American political landscape.

2. The American media are responsible for the leftward lean of the “Center” line in American politics.

It’s simple: Fix the media — fix America.

But, if we don’t fix the media, America is doomed.

Simple as that.

Later, we’ll tell how to “fix” the media — without running afoul of the First Amendment to the Constitution in the slightest. In fact, we’ll propose to liberate the media, whose most powerful players are now, themselves, along with their confrères in academia and Hollywood, the principal violators of sacred First Amendment rights to free speech and a free press.

— xPraetorius


(1)  The graphs are the now famous “xPraetorius Curve,” taught in many colleges today, though under a different name so that we can maintain our anonymity on this blog.



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