Only Black Conservatives Could Advance Race Relations


It’s simple. We should have known it ever since Barack Obama burst onto the scene, propelled by adoring media slobbering. The almost unstated truth was that nobody would allow Obama to be a serious candidate — you know, one asked serious questions, from serious people, who spent a lot of time posing those questions to Republican candidates.

You and I had to know that exchanges would be things like this:

  • Obama: “I say this, that and the other thing,”
  • Media follow-up question: “But, why this, that and the other thing?”

Almost unstated. Joe Biden said it when he said, “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.” Geraldine Ferraro was exiled to American political Siberia for pointing out the obvious. She said: “If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position. And if he was a woman (of any color) he would not be in this position. He happens to be very lucky to be who he is. And the country is caught up in the concept”

This is always the case. Black leftists and Democrats never face serious challenges to their ideas, assertions, claims, while Republicans are forced to present serious candidates, with serious accomplishments, and serious ideas, about serious issues. They have to. Say what you want about Romney and McCain, they were men of deep substance and awe-inspiring personal accomplishment.

The Democrats put forward a man who thinks there are 57 states and believes that the tides rise and fall on his command, and he’s called “eloquent,” and “the smartest man in the room,” and “the smartest man to run for President,” instead of the shallow, clownish buffoon he actually was … and is. The list of Obama gaffes ignored by the media, is far longer than the list of gaffes obsessed and guffawed over when they were made by Romney, McCain and G.W. Bush — combined.

The press never force the Democrats to put forward a serious candidate for, really, any prominent elective position. What they demand is, as Biden said, someone bright and clean and articulate and, especially, good looking.

Guess what: if you’re on the left and you’re a black man or woman of any prominence, you got there because you banged the drum of black race victimhood … and nothing else. The media demand it of you. When Barack Obama came to prominence he was talking all about race. Or he was talking about being the one we all were waiting for, or how his very presence would roll back the surging tides. He was all race or nothing.

Obama’s past was all about race. The press pressed him about race with softball questions meant to allow him to assert things that would go unchallenged.

Obama surrounded himself with racialists: Jeremiah Wright, Eric Holder, Valerie Jarrett, Van Jones, and a long, long list of others, including one Michelle Obama. When he spoke of other things he simply sounded silly. But the media didn’t report the stifled guffaws, granting him instant credibility on the topic of race — and then on any other topic, no matter how silly he was. Why? Well, for no other reason than that he’s a black man,.

We must never forget that the Democrats are wholly and utterly dependent on the media. A simple and stark truth is: If the media were simply honest … nothing more, there wouldn’t be a credible Democrat candidate for any elective office more prominent than dog catcher in America. So, the Democrats dance to the media’s tune, and  black  Democrats dance the racial jig, because the media demand it, and they will be served. Period.

Just this morning, I was listening, as is my wont in the morning commute, to National Public Radio’s morning “news” program, “Morning Edition.” Their teaser on their “coverage” of Loretta Lynch said, of course, “Loretta Lynch is bidding to become the first African-American woman to become America’s Attorney General.”

Granted NPR is over-the-top obsessed with race, but can’t they ever just let a black person be a person? You know, a real person. A person regardless of his or her skin color.

Simple. Nope.

Black men and women on the left are all about only race. They’ve recognized that flogging the long dead horse of white racial animosity is their only ticket to fame, glory, prominence and power. Why? The media will cover, promote, applaud, fawn over… race. The temptation to grab that instant and automatic easy path to media favor has to be absolutely overwhelming. What black leftist could resist it?

Try to be a prominent woman on the left. Despite the demonstrable fact that American women have it better than just about any other demographic in the world, if you’re an American woman and you want the favor of the dinosaur media, you had better be able to come up with some story about how horribly you’ve been treated; a story about oppression and hostility suffered; about leering, drooling, sneering, condescending men up and down your life and throughout your career.

Or else the media don’t care, and they won’t give you the time of day.

There are primary and secondary determiners of the media’s willingness to grant favorable coverage to a candidate:

First and foremost: leftism. Then race. Then sex. After that: sexual preference. Those are the big four. If you can be leftist, black, a woman, gay, or “transgendered,” or best of all: all five, you have it made.

The secondary characteristics determining media favor for a candidate: leftism, Ivy League education, some obscure story of oppression, a great story of long-time left-wing experience, a childhood spent in poverty. Things like that.

None of this is the case with us Republicans or Conservatives. Any Republicans or Conservatives. Spectacular achievements mean nothing; vast generosity of spirit and/or of wallet means nothing; a towering intellect means nothing. The media will do nothing but pillory you if you are Republican or Conservative.

We know full well that the vast majority of the media harbor nothing but contempt for us, and that a sizable percentage of their ranks openly detest us. We know that we can’t depend on the media for any of the things that the media grant automatically to any leftist candidate willing to toe their line: fawning, gushing, goofy, what-has-enchanted-you-the-most coverage. We’re left only with substance, depth, real research, real science, intelligence, reasoning, real debate, resulting in real policy positions on real issues. Whether or not they’re good policy positions, no one can ever say they’re not sorely tested.

We have to be well-rounded; we can’t focus solely on one topic and expect that anyone will take us seriously. Black intellectuals on the right prove this. The great economist Thomas Sowell is one of the finest writers in America on a wide array of topics. His essays on baseball are better than those of just about any sports reporter, and his essays on a wide array of topics, including economics, are always great reads.

Professor Sowell regularly writes a column he calls “Random Thoughts on the Passing Scene.” Each “random” thought covers any of a great number of topics, from the tiniest and least consequential, to the important and immediately, nationally urgent. Each “random” thought is a neatly distilled, densely packed, perfectly expressed summary of a situation, issue, annoyance, or delight. Each is memorable. Here’s an example:

“The problem isn’t that Johnny can’t read. The problem isn’t even that Johnny can’t think. The problem is that Johnny doesn’t know what thinking is; he confuses it with feeling.”

Here’s another:

“There are few modest talents so richly rewarded — especially in politics and the media — as the ability to portray parasites as victims, and portray demands for preferential treatment as struggles for equal rights.”

More Sowell? Okay:

“When Professor Jonathan Gruber of M.I.T. boasted of fooling the “stupid” American public, that was not just a personal quirk of his. It epitomized a smug and arrogant attitude that is widespread among academics at elite institutions. There should be an annual “Jonathan Gruber award” for the most smug and arrogant statement by an academic. There would be thousands eligible every year.”

Thomas Sowell is a great writer and thinker on a whole bunch of subjects. Here are some more of Sowell’s “Random Thoughts.” They’re delightful.

Oh, and he’s a great thinker and writer about race relations as well. His vast versatility gives him real credibility. Why? Because it’s inescapable, in reading Sowell, that he seeks out many, many different perspectives in order to try to get the best possible handle on a subject. That’s what we on the right have to do. So we do it almost reflexively.

As great as Thomas Sowell is, he’s only one of many who are deep, insightful thinkers and writers, again on a vast array of topics. There’re also: Charles Payne, Jason Riley, Walter Williams, Larry Elder, Ben Carson, Allen West, Tim Scott, Angela McGlowan, Star Parker, J.C. Watts, Shelby SteeleKen Blackwellthe great AlfonZo RachelClarence ThomasKira Davis… and many, many more.

This is precisely why it will require black Conservatives to put an end finally to the racial tension in America. Because black Conservatives are realthree-dimensional people. Not cardboard cutouts of people, like the black left.

Now, as many of you know, I’ve written about the racism of the left, and the fact that the left’s inability to view black people as people in full is a form of insidious racism that belongs wholly to Democrats and others of the left. I’m talking in this post, however, about the racism of those who simply dislike others for the mere reason of the color of their skin.

First, let’s admit it. There are white racists out there. Morons who dislike, distrust, hate, disrespect, whatever other people because of the mere color of their skin. They’re out there. But the white ones are only on the periphery, and they know it. The most important thing: they’re not a factor of any importance in American life. They scuttle, like cockroaches, away from the light.

However, there are other racists — people who hate white people for the mere color of their skin — who, currently, occupy positions of great power in America.

One of these is the current Attorney General of the United States. Another of these is the current President of the United States. Simple: if you’re a black person in the United States, and you have come to prominence, then you were able to do that only by buying into the racist narrative to which the media demand that you pay tribute.

No black Conservative or Republican is forced to do that. Why? Because they have nothing to gain in so doing, and everything to lose. If you’re a black man, and you have an (R) next to your name, there is simply no circumstance in which the media will support you against a Democrat candidate. Period. You are, ironically, actually liberated from having to pay obeisance to today’s Big Lie.

David Duke could re-join the Democrat Party, where he belonged when he was in the KKK, and run against a black Conservative, and the media would find a way to back Duke. Simple as that.

In this way, the black Conservatives and black Republicans are liberated to be real people; people in full. They can study, talk about, write about, explore anything they want. So they do.

When a black Conservative becomes President, he or she will prove that blacks can be real people in full, not just a black person. It’s impossible to overstate the mischief that the media do in not allowing blacks to be real people. But, in so doing they liberate black Conservatives. Other black Conservatives have proven what I’ve said. I’m thinking especially of people like Condoleezza Rice

Black thinkers like Thomas Sowell are some of the finest thinkers in America today. It’s difficult to think of anything of substance that a black leftist has done or said in the past 40 years. In vain will you point to the Obama Presidency. The entire sad chapter has been completely symbolic. Certainly nothing good has come of it.

About a year and a half ago, I introduced to a crowd of commenters at Abagond’s blog a simple little thought exercise (here). I said:

If a black person (1) gets an education, (2) speaks well, (3) works hard, (4) gets along well with others, and (5) presents him or herself more or less normally, he or she can succeed in America today.

Abagond’s followers, to a man or woman, jumped all over me accusing me of all the worst things they could possibly think of: bad motives, no education, no experience, of course: racism, lying… you name it. Not one commenter actually addressed the possibility that what I said just might be correct. Their “logic” consisted of the above-mentioned accusations, as well as a vast array of evasions. Things like:

  • Personal anecdotes, irrelevant to the larger picture
  • Stories and allegations of long past injustices — again irrelevant to today.
  • Blatant inaccuracies and easily verifiable falsehoods. Ex.: Abagond told of a racist book that, he said, sold “millions of copies” in the early 2oth Century, when 30 seconds of research would have shown that it sold barely 17,000, and was widely considered to have been written by a crank. They suggested that more people died during the infamous “Middle Passage” than there were people in the then United States.  While, the Middle Passage was a horrific crime against humanity, their number was off by a factor of hundreds.
  • They engaged in perfectly unknowable mind-reading. To tell someone what he is thinking, knows, feels, wants, etc., is perfectly impossible.
  • When caught in either a blatant contradiction or a falsehood, they simply ignored it and were never man enough to admit the flaw in their reasoning.
  • And on, and on, and on, and on…

Not one of them even once actually tried to tackle the thought exercise that was the premise of the entire exchange. And the whole thread encompassed nearly 1,000 posts! It was a successor post to another that encompassed more than 300 posts. So in more than 1,300 posts, my interlocutors were unable, or unwilling, to mount one substantive argument against my five points.

I note, here, that I’m not the only one to have said this. Here’s a quote from the great black economist, Walter Williams:

Here’s Williams’ roadmap out of poverty: Complete high school; get a job, any kind of a job; get married before having children; and be a law-abiding citizen. Among both black and white Americans so described, the poverty rate is in the single digits. — Walter Williams

Gee, that sounds vaguely familiar!

This is why it will require black Conservatives to resolve race relations. Black Conservatives are not emotionally, or personally, or, probably the most important — financially invested in the long obsolete idea of white racism as a major problem in America.

If a black Democrat were, for example, to be elected President of the United States, he couldn’t look at that simple event — his own election — and draw from it the only possible conclusion: white racism is no longer a major problem in America. Heck — look at the now ludicrous feminist movement, as well as the increasingly surreal gay and gender confusion glorification movement. There’s no white prejudice of any kind that represents a factor in any way in America today.

And why couldn’t the newly-elected black Democrat President draw the obvious conclusion? Simple: race hostility and grievance brung him to the big dance. If he were to show the slightest hint that he understood the contradiction between his position as the most powerful man in the world, and his tut-tutting about white racism, the press would turn into a snarling pack of wolves, and he’d be done for.

Imagine, now, if a black Conservative were to be elected President. First of all, it’s a rock-solid sure thing that he would owe nothing whatsoever to the press for his electoral success. To the contrary. Second, it’s another rock-solid sure thing that he would not get to the highest office in the land by having parroted the prevalent “white-racism-is-everywhere narrative so dear to the media.

To be a black leftist in America, complaining about white racism, is to have an instant amen chorus cheering you on and patting you on the back, and telling you how intelligent and wise you are. On the other hand, to be a black Conservative in America today is to be truly courageous. You have to be ready to take the most rugged of cheap shot insults and vituperation from the hyper-defensive black left and the press.

Conservatives in America today are the most courageous commentators, pundits and analysts in the country, and black Conservatives are the most courageous among them.

It’s simple: it will require black Conservatives to cure race relations in America today. Black leftists will do everything in their power, backed by the reactionary media, to keep the fires of racial animosity burning.

— xPraetorius


3 thoughts on “Only Black Conservatives Could Advance Race Relations

  1. “It’s simple: it will require black Conservatives to cure race relations in America today. Black leftists will do everything in their power, backed by the reactionary media, to keep the fires of racial animosity burning.”

    Yep, that is and will always be the modus operandi of the Left.
    The black leftist is first and foremost a leftist.
    Since the days of Marx the pattern is always the same.

    1. Identify a group with real grievances and problems (workers blacks, gays, women, ….).
    2. If there are no real grievances and problems convince them that there really are such. (That’s called “raising awareness” of ones class/group).
    3. Identify an enemy group (Capitalists, whites, men, Christians etc.(guilty or not doesn’t matter)) responsible for the misery.
    4. Fire up your “client group” against the enemy.
    5. Most important. Convince your group that they need you to help them and to bring you to power.
    6. When in power punish the enemies (doesn’t matter if that won’t help your group one bit).
    7. If for whatever reason your group’s situation has improved much or the problem doesn’t exists, go back to #2. If situation is unchanged go to #4.

    Once in power the leftist doesn’t want to lose his ‘client group’ or his enemies.
    That’s why he has to repeat the steps #2 to #7 no matter what the reality is.
    The leftist has no interest to improve the situation of his clients.
    That’s why the situation of his client group is always improved by others (or by the group itself).
    At best the Left can produce non-solution solutions by creating and keeping finacially dependent classes by taxing the enemy groups or raising the debt.

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