SOTU — Are We Dumber Than a Third-Grader? (Part V)

Did anyone notice?

In the SOTU — the State of the Union Address — Obama suggested that we could all agree that all women should have insurance. First of all, that was just a typical Obama strawman. No one ever suggested that anyone ought to be without insurance of any kind.

However, the Republicans and Conservatives have had it right all along, where Obama and his acolytes got it all wrong.

The focus of the Obamacare gang was always on the idea of getting more people access to health insurance. Republicans, properly, focused on people’s access to actual healthcare. The only thing that ever actually counted in the first place.

Insurance is a perfectly useless product if it’s never used. Ironically, the less we use insurance, the better we feel about it. At least that’s how it’s supposed to work. Trust Barack Obama to muck up even that basic truth.

We said it in an earlier post: If you’re making something like $30,000 annually, and you have some kind of Obamacare policy, and as is likely (like me) you have a ridiculously high deductible, then you sure enough have insurance… but you can’t get actual healthcare. The only thing that ever actually counted in the first place. You can’t actually use your insurance to obtain healthcare.

Obama is on the way to accomplishing — by hook, crook, fraud, lies (cf: Gruber, Jonathan) and corruption — what he set out to do: get people insurance. In so doing, he will deny actual healthcare to tens of millions of actual people.

To paraphrase a bit: healthcare denied is health denied. Obamacare will kill people. Insurance is perfectly useless if it prevents its owner from obtaining healthcare. That’s the way to sum up Obamacare: Insurance that prevents people from obtaining healthcare.

There’s something called “The IPAB” (Independent Payment Advisory Board), an organization whose task it is to decide what medical procedures and medicines ought to cost and who should get them. That can be summed up in one word: rationing. It means that the IPAB is a genuine, authentic, no-foolin’ Death Panel.

Gee, do you think that Obama and others will apologize to Sarah Palin? Don’t hold your breath.

Just like everything and everywhere else, anything Obama touches turns to a steaming pile of armadillo poo. People get hurt, more people than ever are impoverished, and in this case, people will have insurance, and they will die having been denied healthcare.

— xPraetorius

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