NPR Watch – More Jaw-Droppers (1/19/15 — Part II)

Again, listening to National Public Radio on the way home.

Tamara KeithTamara Keith, NPR’s White House correspondent did a jaw-dropping teaser for the network’s coverage of tomorrow’s State of the Union stem-winder-to-be from President Obama.

In that teaser they did the usual bragging about their “in-depth” coverage, and their “behind the scenes” insights and the rest, but that wasn’t what dropped my jaw.

During the commercial, NPR had a little music track. The teaser was about 30 seconds long and the track was, I kid you not, heraldic-sounding trumpets such as those one would hear announcing the arrival of the king.

You have the image in your head already. Fancily garbed heralds stand in lines facing each other, holding long, trumpet-like horns, festooned with skinny banners, forming an arch, as their stirring, pure, brassy notes announce the long-awaited moment: the appearance of the magnificently dressed king, in his luxurious, ermine-lined robes, under his fabulous crown, trailing his spectacular cape, held by fawning attendants.

That was the backing track for the teaser announcing the State of the Union address by the President of the United States.

As if to underscore what was delicious irony, after Keith had finished her teaser, the trumpets did a final, emphatic, regal flourish.

Who would ever have thought there could be such a thing in the United States?!? A hard left-wing network hearalding the arrival of a President, as if of a king.

— xPraetorius

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