Tommy Emmanuel, Doyle Dykes – Avalon – YouTube

Tommy Emmanuel, Doyle Dykes – Avalon – YouTube.

Works out that we have as much fun as they do. This is command of an instrument!

The production values aren’t very good, but you can’t miss the quality of the playing, and you can’t miss the fun.

It strikes me that I haven’t yet featured guitarist Doyle Dykes in these pages yet. That is an omission whose correction is long overdue.

Doyle Dykes is an outstanding guitarist — one of the best ever … on a par with Tommy Emmanuel(1) — and a fine human being as well. A humble man with a world of talent, he’s just delightful to watch and listen to. When he performs, like Tommy, he brings you into the performance, and you laugh and marvel at his talent, good nature, the fun of the performance, and the constant beauty of the music.

— xPraetorius


(1) I don’t say that lightly. Nor does anyone in the world. To be compared favorably with Tommy Emmanuel is to be admitted to the very tip top of the guitar-playing world.



3 thoughts on “Tommy Emmanuel, Doyle Dykes – Avalon – YouTube

  1. Hey, x! I like these little musical interludes. They’re nice distractions. But where is the political commentary??? There IS a lot going on after all!


  2. Thanks for your comment, viewer! After the elections of November, our little group became a good deal busier in pursuits other than writing. It’s not that we’ve lost enthusiasm for this little blog, but we have been assisting in matters elsewhere that pertain to the new configuration of Congress.

    I can’t provide any more detail than that, for reasons that I think I’ve made pretty clear in other posts, but suffice it to say, the Conservative viewpoints you have read in these pages now have significantly greater representation in Washington, DC, and we’re helping to make that happen.

    As for the musical interludes, you know I’m a guitarist and that I love to find great guitar playing by other great guitarists, and then point the artists out to you. WordPress has two things that make that really easy to do: (1) the ability to “Press This,” which is kind of a Quick Post from, and link to, any web page I find. And (2) the ability to schedule posts in advance. Most weekends, I take some time to find great pages on topics other than geopolitics, and I “Press” them, add a bit of commentary, and schedule them in the future.

    In that way, I can go several days without actually posting a column and still maintain a steady flow of columns. Since, I’m only one of a stable of seven writers, I can do the same with columns from my writers that I edit, and keep the content here moving forward … even when some of my authors are busy working in Washington.

    Hence, in the middle of things like the unfolding horror from France, you might find small oases of beauty and inspiration in these pages.


    — x

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