Paranoid, Lunatic Delusions of the RGI

As you probably know, our small, but increasingly influential think tank conducted a comprehensive study of the Race Grievance Industry. We engaged them on their own turf, in blogs and forums we identified as commanding audiences of a certain size. We looked for “Goldilocks” blogs and forums. These were media outlets that were not too big — therefore subject to external political influence by movers and shakers(1) — and not too small, therefore likely some random crank spouting off. We looked for outlets with some history, and a readership that participates fairly actively.

After that research, we ended up interacting with a certain Abagond, a Jamaican man who writes well, and in an academic style about the passions and vicissitudes of inter-racial life in America.


That’s about as dispassionate as I can get about Abagond. Abagond is also a virulent racist, who is exactly what he claims most adamantly to loathe.

Sometimes Abagond goes well and truly off the deep end, publishing stuff that is hideously ugly, and reeking of paranoia, sickness and horror. Click here for an example.

It’s a reproduction of an essay by a certain Bobby E. Wright, supposedly a psychologist in the Chicago area, but really a deeply disturbed racist, and one of the so-called “intellectuals” the RGI often refers to when they seek “scientific” endorsement of their racism. Incredibly, this is the exact behavior black people used to condemn so vociferously, and properly, when white racist eugenicists of the 1920’s were then publishing so-called scholarly works “proving” the inferiority of black people.

In retrospect, we look at the pseudo-science of that long ago era with embarrassed amusement. Did people really fall for this kind of patently nonsensical twaddle? Yes, many did. Not long afterward, the so-called “scientists” were revealed for what they were: racist frauds and scam artists.

This is today’s Race Grievance Industry: a bunch of racist frauds and scam artists. However, these same racist frauds have large followings even today among a great number of black bloggers and forum participants. Ideas and “thinking” that were once correctly laughed out of the room, reappear in the RGI disguised as deep thinking.

If you Google “Bobby E. Wright” the first page of results is entirely devoted to race hucksters, paranoid rantings, racist flimflammery, all dressed up in scholarly-sounding flapdoodle. Here are a few selected passages from some of the links resulting from that Google search.

Bobby Eugene Wright (March 1, 1934, Alabama – April 6, 1982, Chicago) was an American clinical psychologist, scholar, educator, political activist and humanitarian.

He received his BSc in Education and MSc in Counseling from Chicago State University and his PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Chicago in 1972.[1] At the point of his untimely death he was President-Elect of the Association of Black Psychologists.[2]


I was unable to find out how this supposedly highly influential thinker died.

Then there’s this: 1 – The Man and His Mission – Dr. Bobby E. Wright. Watch at your own peril. This is some seriously retrograde, wacky “thinking.” Quick comment: Why do these people do this kind of hogwash? Simple: there’s still a good living to be made in America by whining about how horrible America is to you. By being a living, breathing contradiction. The radicals of the ’60’s and afterward were never able to resolve this contradiction, and now appear like nothing more than drug-besotted, dim-witted irrelevancies.

Still more from the Google search? Ok (I’ve highlighted the “interesting” parts):

Bobby E. Wright Ph.D.: Revolutionary Thinker, Psychologist and Author

Recognized for his activism, he was a special guest on the Committee of Science and Technology at the Sixth Pan-African Congress held at Tanzania in 1974. As a social scientist, he sought an all-encompassing social theory for Black people and formulated the concept of mentacide. To paraphrase, he defined mentacide as “the planned and systematic destruction of a group’s mentality aimed at the destruction of the group.” Thus, Black folk alienated from their culture and history eventually lose their sense of purpose and direction, the symptoms of mentacide. Well aware of the implications of technical advances such as behavior modification and genetic engineering, he presented science as a tool serving greater ends (such as controlling the outcasts of white society), neither objective nor neutral. Being an uncompromising critic of Western society, he wrote the following on the relation of religion to prejudice from “The Psychopathic Racial Personality” in the Fall 1974 issue of Black Books Bulletin: Because of their lack of ethical or moral development, there is no conflict between the white’s religion and racial oppression. The white race had historically oppressed, exploited, and killed black people, all in the name of their god Jesus Christ and with the sanction of their churches. For example, it is generally overlooked that the Ku Klux Klan is primarily a religious organization. Also, blacks should never forget the Pope [Pius XI] blessing the Italian planes and pilots on their way to bombing Ethiopian men, women, and children who only had spears to defend themselves.

Can you name for me any white people who suggested that black people should be oppressed, exploited and killed because Jesus said they should? No? I can’t either. This kind of paranoia is the stuff of serious insanity.

Here’s just a bit more from the Google search. The following is supposed to pass for “deep thought.” It’s difficult to read, because, as learned as the writer considers himself to be, he’s barely literate:

It all goes back to culture. Not race, not class but culture. And for Afrikans a very important biochemical (neuro-psychological) mediator of our cultural expression is Melanin.
All people have cultural ways and that culture dictates their conceptual framework, worldview, definitional systems and view of the world. When we reflect on the psychocultural and educational foundation of Western society, we appreciate that it is targeted at the development and maintenance of the left hemisphere of the brain (the intellectual, logical, articulate, concrete brain). This is the brain that differentiates between things, separating wholes into parts, analyzing and enabling us to deal only with sequential phenomena such as mathematics and logic. The left brain (the primary and predominate brain used by the European group as per their conceptual framework/the way they think and develop thought) is segmented, serial, linear, deductive, segregative and material /tangible grounded. If they can’t count it, it don’t exist. That is why they generally teach using subject based and linear methods.This is not to say subject based is bad , but integrated works to. White people practice something called solipism, from solo, That the 75 kg white middle class male is the sole yeardstick to measure normal against.ITS EUROCENTRICITY BEING IMPOSED ON EVERYONE ELSE.

There you go. Certainly incoherent, but what little one can make of it is only a steaming pile of whack-a-doodle pseudo-science, that’s meant to sound learned, but really just sounds stupid.

Now, back to the top. From Abagond’s piece — a reprinting of some of the aforementioned Bobby Wright stuff. I’ve added my own annotations in red. Here goes:

A timely repost – food for thought at the end of 2014:

The following is based on “The Psychopathic Racial Personality and Other Essays” (1984)  by the late Dr Bobby E. Wright, an American clinical psychiatrist who was based in Chicago:

The psychopathic racial personality is a psychological disorder common to most white people. Not just White Americans but Europeans and Arabs too. We can tell becausethey act in a psychopathic way towards blacks:

  • self-centered [I guess the transfer of trillions of dollars disproportionately to black Americans is “self-centered.”]
  • disregard for the rights of others [Ending slavery, righting the wrongs of segregation, Jim Crow, etc. Looks as though whites have done practically nothing but obsess on the rights of others. It’s kind of been a major focus of all public policy for more than a century in America.]
  • violent [Ummmm… probably no comment needed here. However, the violence in America is not happening so much where white people are clustered.]
  • unfeeling [How would anyone know this. No one can tell you or anyone else what you are feeling … or not.]
  • almost complete absence of ethical and moral development [Oh? Again, the history of white interaction with black people for more than the last century and a half has consisted nearly exclusively of white people’s intense introspection concerning the ethics and morals of white actions.]
  • make commitments they do not intend to keep [If one is going to include this item, one needs to name at least one… at least in the footnotes. Or somewhere. Are black people not voting? Are they not availing themselves of government services? Remember: these services are voluntary. If black people don’t want them, they are perfectly free to turn them down. What commitments did white people make to blacks that they didn’t then honor?]
  • get angry when their integrity is called into question [Certainly black people would never become irritable if their integrity is called into question. 🙂 ]
  • unable to accept blame or learn from experience [This is kind of rich coming from someone who blames white people for any bad actions of black people.]
  • lack of discipline or respect for authority [Ok. Then, how was it that we managed to keep it together to oppress black people so thoroughly? Remember: This guy is accusing all white people of all these things. On the one hand, he accuses us all of being lock-step, 100%, never-deviating, never-changing, never-disobeying these imaginary dictates to oppress black people; on the other hand we “lack discipline or respect for authority.” Do these people even read what they write?!?]
  • take advantage of blacks without any guilt, anxiety or threat to their self-esteem [See the previous note that begins “Oh? Again, the history of white interaction with black people for more than the last century and a half…”]
  • unable to love deeply leading to sexual inadequacy – leading to rape, castration and hypersexualization of blacks. [Yep. We remember all those stories of white guys raping, castrating and hypersexualizing black people. What? You don’t? Well, me either. Just out of curiosity, how did this doofus know just how deeply white people love? How does anyone know just how deeply anyone loves? Oh, that’s right. They don’t know.]

White behaviour towards blacks goes far beyond anything that can be accounted for in any other way. [Boy! If this is what transferring trillions of dollars to blacl Americans, and millions of hours of self-flagellation and gnashing of teeth regarding our interactions with black people leads to, what was the point of it all? Serious question.]


The sustained sexual atrocities committed against the Black race by the White race has no parallel in history and there is no scientific explanation except under the rubric of psychopathology. [Seriously? Methinks this guy is nothing more than a loony, racist nutjob, whose main talent is fabricating overheated rhetoric, and inventing victimhood. Wait ’til you see what this whackjob prescribes to fix all this!]

The trouble with psychopaths is that most of them seem like nice people, at least at first. Unlike psychotics and neurotics, most can function in society, therefore few get sent to prisons or mental hospitals. And yet because they lack much of a conscience, they are capable of great evil and violence. [Ah! They’re psychopaths, but they just never do anything crazy. But, you see, they’re still psychopaths! Because they’re white. Seriously. If this guy weren’t serious, this would be the stuff of SNL-style comedy.]

They are beyond the help of religion and science, which they just twist or overlook. [Wow! This guy can read the minds of all white people! I wonder what he’d say if I started to tell him what black people are thinking, feeling, believe, what they’re like. Do you think he’d say that what I’m saying is true, just because I say so? I kind of doubt it. What if I were to go out and find a bunch of sources? They’re out there, you know. You can find them in the 1920’s, saying all the very same things about black people that this guy is saying about white people. And we still laugh that pseudo-scientific hooey out of the room if they try to say it today. There are, however, a lot of black people who believe the very same brainless gibberish… but of white people.]

This disorder is what drives racism: “the oppression and exploitation of people because of their race.” [This is not the definition of racism. It could be actions and behaviors that result from racism, but it is not racism itself, which is: “a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race” This is exactly what today’s black racists believe. Their writings all say little more than that white people are all the same, all deficient, all sick, or psychopathic, or racist. Can you imagine a white dude generalizing on all black people? I wonder what kind of reception that would receive in America. I don’t really wonder. It’d get laughed out of the room.]

It even leads to black-on-black violence: [As mentioned above, here’s where this doofus tells us that whites are responsible for black actions. Which is it, Bobby E. Wright? Are black Americans the descendants of strong, noble, great peoples, way too smart for their white oppressors? Or are blacks simply little lost sheep, just waiting for white people to order them to go out and do mayhem against their fellow black people? Sheesh! I grew out of blaming other people for what I did when I was about six years old!]

Historically, the European system has encouraged the killing of Blacks. [Can you name any white person you’ve ever encountered who ever thought that it would be a good idea to run around killing black people? One? Just one. Anyone? Me either. For some vast conspiracy, we sure are doing it pretty poorly! We seem to be unable to communicate it to any other white people!] Because Blacks have been led to believe that they are part of the psychopath’s system, they simply follow the practice. [Quick note: You can not “lead someone to believe” something. We all choose what to believe. I understand that there is such a thing as indoctrination, but that happens in all civilizations — white, black, green whatever. There is a dominant cultural narrative that runs through all people’s education. We all choose the extent to which we believe that narrative. In a country like America you can’t be forced to do anything — believe me. Look at the people receiving free money, housing, food, etc. The country isn’t forcing them to work for that stuff.]

Psychiatrists, both black and white, are taught to apply the medical model to their black patients. As Dr Samuel Cartwright did when he said runaway slaves suffered from a disease called drapetomania. He was not some nut – he was one of America’s leading experts on black disease in the 1800s. But because he assumed white society was healthy he saw blacks as screwed up.

What this means:

  1. Whites have no moral feelings that you can appeal to. They know the difference between right and wrong but just do not care. [More silly — and, of course, impossible — mind-reading. How would this guy know what white people are thinking, or what is their capacity for “moral feelings?” What if I, a white guy, were to try to tell him that blacks have no moral feelings that you can appeal to? Is this guy really trying to tell me that black Americans don’t avail themselves of the court systems? Did the Civil Rights movement not happen?]
  2. There is no known cure for psychopaths. The only successful treatments are imprisonment, radical psycho-surgery or death. [There you go! The only prescription possible for white people? Imprisonment, psycho-surgery (whatever that means!) or, of course … Death. If you think this is an aberration, you would be wrong. I hear and read of black people all the time fantasizing about the death of white people. I carried on a lengthy debate with several black people (here) on whether or not they wished all white people dead. Even after a bunch of back and forths, I never got one of my black interlocutors to say that he or she did not wish all white people were dead.]

Therefore the only thing that will work for blacks is violence and revolution. [Hmmm…What a surprise that this whack-a-doodle nutjob would arrive at this conclusion! ]


… Chaka in the 1700s, Dessalines in the 1800s, Martin R. Delany in 1852, Henry Turner in 1880, Marcus Garvey in the 1920s, Malcolm X and H. Rap Brown in the 1960s, and Chancellor Williams in the 1970s. The answer to Blacks’ problems can be found in the works and lives of these Black heroes.


The late, thoroughly demented racist Bobby E. Wright understood that his endorsement of mass murder and genocide instantly delegitimized his murderous fantasies. Unless, that is, he could completely dehumanize all white people, turning them into the bloodthirsty, racist, violent, maniacs that he describes. Without that, he would have been forced to admit his own moral decrepitude. And his own racism. And he probably would have lost his livelihood.

Remember, snake-oil salesmen have been making a handsome living from whining about how bad it is here in America for a very long time.

Without that belief in the absolute inhumanity of white people, there was simply no way for Wright to justify his overwhelming hatred for white people. Remember, this is exactly the same thinking and rationales of the eugenicists of the 1920’s and ’30’s. Remember who their most famous admirer was? Yep. Me too. Adolf Hitler.

— xPraetorius


(1) We did a separate study of the leadership of the RGI. This part of the study concerned the pawns of the RGI. We referred to them as the “foot soldiers” of the RGI. These are the little people, like Abagond and Brotha Wolf who truly do wait for incidents from which they can fabricate grievances that they believe they can ascribe to the entire population of white people.


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