When the Right is Wrong

There is a characteristic of the political right-wing in America that could spell the doom of America: we’re simply too nice.

The American left has a very clear vision of what they want for America in the future. It’s very simple: the left will do (1) whatever it takes to obtain power, and (2) whatever’s necessary to retain power. This is their mission statement, and it’s one of the most effective, clearly-stated, potentially destructive mission statements in human history. For clarity, it’s on a par with:

I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to Earth.

If you read it again, you’ll see that the left’s mission statement is also, never forget, a license for malfeasance, dishonesty, chicanery, fraud and eventually … tyranny. All this is right out of the now-infamous “Alinsky playbook.”

When I write of “the Left,” I mean the leadership of the left. The rank and file, the foot soldiers, of the left are simply ill-informed, generally dim-witted followers waiting for their marching orders from the leadership(1). Orders they’ll execute blindly, unquestioningly. Like cattle.

On the right, we recognize the indecency, the corruption, the … stink of the left, and we do all that we can, not to participate in it, not to sink to their level. In a vacuum, that’s a good thing about us. A really good thing about us. It’s also where we’ve gone very, very wrong. Irresponsibly wrong.

We don’t live in a vacuum. We live in the world, and we have to live in the reality of that same world. It’s important to remember that, though we find it massively distasteful today, the Allies — we — did Dresden, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The reason for the massive destruction of those three cities is precisely because we recognized that we faced fanatical, no-holds-barred, dirty, vile régimes willing to trample on entire populations in order to achieve their goals. It’s arguable that the bombings of Dresden and Hiroshima and Nagasaki did the Germans and Japanese respectively, a favor. In the long term.

More to the point, the Allies recognized German and Japanese military goals in World War II as illegitimate. We on the right face that same level of fanaticism from the left in America today. Read this well: today’s American left states their goals in terms of making life better for people. In reality, though, their only goal is to obtain and retain power. Like the Nazis and imperial Japan, the goals of the left are illegitimate. We should have no qualms whatsoever about pointing that out. Constantly.

In the real world, the left views absolutely everything in only one way: How can this be useful in helping us to obtain and retain power?

For example: After 9/11, in the fever swamps of the left, their very first reaction was, “How can we use this to get power?”

You and I both know it.

The proof is simple. It’s in the left’s reaction soon after 9/11’s dust had settled. They and their political wing, the Democrat Party, spent the next 13 years, right up to this very moment, doing absolutely everything in function of how it would improve their electoral chances. They did everything in their power to guarantee absolutely that America would not be able to present a united face against world terrorism. Why? Because such a united face would redound to the credit of then Republican President, George W. Bush. And on and on and on and on. The left never, ever did anything pertaining to 9/11, to Iraq or Afghanistan, in function of its possibility for protecting or enhancing American lives and safety.

Likewise, and as usual, the left saw the Michael Brown and Eric Garner incidents and said, “Here’s something we can use to continue to lock down black people in our camp by fabricating a racial angle.” That’s how they treat everything.

After the dust of the Brown and Garner awfulness had settled, it became clear that there was no racial or racist or racism angle in either incident. Did that deter the left and their political wing, The Democrat Party, from fabricating a racial angle out of thin air? Of course not.

Soon enough, you had loathsome, toad-like creatures like Al Sharpton out inciting riots all across the land. “Hands up, don’t shoot” became a catchy phrase throughout the country, with NFL players entering football stadiums with their hands in the air, “in solidarity,” they said, with Michael Brown and the protesters, and against so-called “racist cops.” Really, though, they were in solidarity with a fabricated, fraudulent movement, supposedly addressing a “problem” that was nothing more than a myth. The American left were, and are, intent on making problems where there are none. So they can propose “solutions” that pit one group of Americans against another.

Why? Because it’s still true: there’s plenty of money, power and prestige to be had in whining about how terrible it is in America. Even wildly wealthy black multi-freakin’-millionaire athletes — whose vast fortunes are solely attributable to an American system that coddled and pampered them from the moment they demonstrated athletic ability — whine about how terribly racist America is. Why don’t these blithering idiots get laughed out of the room? Why don’t we call them on their blatant idiocy? We know the answer: for fear of spittle-flecked accusations of racism, we’re afraid to call black idiots the idiots they are, when they’re idiots.

Screw that.

An idiot is an idiot is an idiot is an idiot — regardless of the color of his skin, or her sex, or his sexual preference(s), or her “identification” … or anything else for that matter. It’s irresponsible not to call an idiot an idiot.

Now, people — real people, New York City cops — are dead, and it is the left’s fault. People on the right hastened to tell us all to be good. To be nice and polite. Not to “connect the dots,” not to associate leftist calls for violence to actual violence. Not to suggest that there is guilt in the fabrication of racial incidents that don’t exist.

Here’s a definitive explanation as to precisely why there is guilt on the left. The linked essay shows also why the left is so dangerous to all that is good and decent: if it furthers their political goals, the left have no qualms whatsoever about doing what they know results in the deaths of innocent people.

Crowds in New York march and chant, “What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want it? Now!” Then there are two dead cops — killed by a black man who wrote on Facebook, “They got one of ours, I’ll get two of theirs.” This was a direct result of the calls for “dead cops.” Like the idiot psychotic that he was, the murderer didn’t even kill a white cop, instead murdering a Hispanic and an Asian cop.

So, yes, Bill  de Blasio, Eric Holder and Barack Obama share some of the responsibility for the deaths of Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu. They participated in — more to the point, they didn’t immediately denounce — the fabrication of a racial issue that brought about the violence. It’s really nice of us to give the left a pass, but it’s wrong. They were neck deep in fabricating race problems where there were none, fake problems that resulted  in real deaths — and we needed to call them on it. It was irresponsible not to. Bravo to the cops who turn their backs on dirty de Blasio.

Also, if President Obama had any integrity whatsoever, he would have said nothing at all about either the Brown or Garner cases, until there were  findings to review. Even then, it’s questionable that he should say anything at all. If so however, as it turned out, the only responsible thing to be said would have been the truth: there was no “racial incident” to be found in either case. Read this well: That simple assertion of the truth would have prevented the violence completely. Two NYPD cops would be alive today. Oh, Obama would have lost Sharpton, but he would have been able to keep at least that tiny part of his conscience intact.

On the right, we need to face it. The left plays, fights, works, is … dirty. If you’re about to engage in a fistfight, and you know the other guy will cheat — with brass knuckles, or whatever — then if you are not absolutely prepared to counter those brass knuckles, with at least double the response, then you are (1) a better person, and (2) a soon-to-be loser. We’re not playing against Little Orphan Annie here, we’re playing against Caligula, the Marquis de Sade and Machiavelli all rolled into one. Yet, we keep singing, “Tomorrow, tomorrow … I love ya, tomorrow…”

It shouldn’t be all that difficult to counter the cheating and the fraud of the left. They’re really not too bright, because no one ever demands that they produce some evidence somewhere that their policies ever achieve their stated goal, or even a desirable result! No one ever simply challenges their assertions. They say there’s a race angle to the Michael Brown incident? The brain-dead, execrable press say, “Errrrmmm … Okay. We’ll take it from here.”

So the American left just says things. Things that sound pretty. Things that wouldn’t pass the first bit of scrutiny by someone who simply bothered to pose a few simple questions, or make a few elementary observations. You know … what the press is supposed to do?

Those questioning, interrogating people are hardly lacking when it comes to ideas coming from the right. As a result, our ideas and thinking are strong, robust, well-developed and … tested. Our ideas make sense because they have to. We have no choice but to come up with ideas that make sense. Heck, the moronic legacy media try to laugh them out of the room at first glance, anyway! But, robust thinking and the truth have remarkable staying power.

The tough questioners don’t, however, exist — except for a courageous few of us — for the “ideas” of the left.

Because they’re untested, unchallenged, the left’s “ideas” are flabby, flaccid, weak, impotent. Simply because no one laughs them out of the room. And these moronic, transparently stupid ideas win. Because we’re too nice. You know how it goes. When someone says something embarrassingly stupid, you keep silent so as not to embarrass the poor moron. That’s what we on the political right have done for decades. The left says such glaringly stupid things that it’s criminal that we don’t greet these stink bombs with scornful derision. Every time we fail to treat leftist nitwittery with the contempt it deserves, that selfsame nitwittery risks becoming policy … and harming millions.

For many decades, the left has steadily implemented policies that they, and we, all know simply never will achieve their stated intent. We Conservatives and Republicans have always fallen back on the notion that soon enough the American people will see the obvious: what the left implements never does what they say it’ll do(2).

Welfare, for example. Everyone knows that if you pay people to be poor, you’re not helping the poor, you’re simply buying more poverty. If you pay people to abort babies, you’re simply buying more dead babies. Conversely, if you pay people to have babies, you’re buying more babies.

The American people are not stupid, as Jonathan Gruber sincerely believes, but the issues are complicated and the majority of the people don’t have the time to study them all and survive day-to-day in Obama’s America.

Furthermore, the American people have not yet understood that the left side in any political debate is overrun with well-practiced, pathological liars.

The American people really want to believe that both sides are people of good will; that when the debaters say they want to help they’re telling the truth. That the left simply are not is a jarring, dismaying reality.  Still furthermore, not everyone has the inclination to study all these things in-depth to be able to come to these realizations. Even more furthermore, many people who are studying these things are simply not looking for such obvious corruption and evil on the part of a supposedly great political party.

In other words, while all Americans should have an in-depth understanding of civics at the local, state and national level —  an understanding that overnight would eliminate the Democrat Party from electoral viability — they just don’t. That’s another reality we have to deal with as we consider what our legacy to our children and grandchildren will be.

The legacy of leftist policies in America is already a grim one. Poverty, early death, rampant abortion, destroyed families, pain, misery, violence, sickness and despair throughout America’s once-great cities. These are all the result of Democrat Party policies that have dominated much of America, and all of America’s cities … for decades.

Stated more simply: the trajectory of the country has been relentlessly leftward. And the American condition has been steadily deteriorating since that started.

Yet, still we on the right take the high road. Unrelentingly and ceaselessly. We refuse to get down in the gutter with the Democrats and duke it out there, where they live. As a result, we lose. Election, after election, after election, after election.

We won the last one, only because it was patently obvious that the Democrats owned the current wretched condition of the country and the economy.

In the last election, the Democrats were victims of their own ill-gotten success in the previous two Presidential elections. There simply was no way to tie the malaise, anxiety, growing despair of the American condition to the Republican Party; not that the Dems didn’t try. In the 2014 election cycle the Democrats were as dirty as they always are, but even their massive corruption, as well as the typical journalistic malfeasance of the media, couldn’t overcome the obvious reality: the country was feeling wretched, and the Democrats had brought it about.

They failed in the 2014 election, but still they had already succeeded in nationalizing more than one-sixth of the American economy under Obama. That, for them, is a gigantic success, and a massive blow to all that is good and decent in America.

Still we on the right continued to be the nice guys. Some of us tried to expose the fraud and the scams of the Democrats, but couldn’t be heard over the Obama Amen Chorus in the old media. Why didn’t we call that what it was: journalistic malfeasance, fraud, dishonesty, lies … cover-up? We simply did the media’s job for them. But our job was also to call the media on their corruption. Loud, clear and all the time.

As a result of that media malfeasance, the left took complete power from  2009 until 2011.

So, what can we do now?

Simple: Say it.

  • The left’s various hooks are all lies.
  • “Seventy-seven cents on a dollar,” is a lie.
  • “One women in five will be a rape victim in college,” is a lie.
  • “Welfare helps poor people,” is a lie.

Call these things what they are: lies. Say that someone is lying when he or she repeats the lies. Wonder aloud: about what else is that person lying when she repeats those lies?

  • “Michael Brown’s and Eric Garner’s deaths were the result of racist cops,” is a lie. Call it a lie.
  • “Racist cops,” is a lie. Say it. I know, I know, I know — there are racist cops, but not many, and they are deathly afraid to show that aspect of themselves for fear of being found out. That’s an okay thing.
  • “The country is recovering,” is a lie. Call the word “recovery” a lie. Show it. Prove it. It’s easy.
  • “The rich don’t pay their fair share,” is a lie. Call it a lie.
  • Wonder incessantly: “What else are they lying about? Hmmmm…?” Make it a mantra. “What else are the Democrats lying about? What else are the Democrats lying about? What else are the Democrats lying about? What else are the Democrats lying about? What else are the Democrats lying about?” Make that more ubiquitous than “77 cents on a dollar.” Make songs about it.
  • Say it: “Gruber lied; people die.” They are dying, and they’ll continue to die, due to denial of care. Death panels are here; the IPAB(3) decides how much money to allocate to various treatments, thereby deciding who will get care and who won’t. Here are some Drudgereport headlines from 12/28/14:
  • All three headlines can be summed up in one word: rationing — both here and in the UK, where they’ve had nationalized healthcare for a long time. It’s been killing people in Great Britain for a long time.
  • Here’s a truth: “The Government can help,” is a lie. So say it. The government can’t help. It’s meant to hinder — to get in the way, to regulate, limit, place barriers and obstacles in front of the people. It’s the government, not the  helperment. It’s because of that very reason that it must be limited — at all cost. That government governs best which meddles, hinders, pesters, rules, pursues, regulates, bosses, dictates, controls, oversees … governs least. The wisdom of that little bromide should have been screamingly, in-your-face, up-one-side-and-down-the-other obvious many decades ago. So say that. No need to launch into a great, lengthy explanation. Say simply: “The government has done nothing but grow … sucking ever more power and money into itself since the country was born. By all measures, this country is less free, less strong, less united, less … American than at any time in the past.” Say that a lot. It’s true. Don’t be afraid of the truth.
  • Another truth: the American (and world) left are nothing more than unreconstructed monarchists and totalitarians. These are the Hitlers and Stalins of the future. I defy you to find a real, substantive difference between the reign of, say Ivan the Terrible(4), and Josef Stalin. No one predicted that a Stalin would come out of the 1917 “Bolshevik Revolution”(5) in Russia. He was too quiet, too mediocre, too … nothing. Yet, in retrospect, there it is: a clear, sharply-drawn, straight line from Marx-to-Lenin-to-Stalin-to more than 60 million starved, bludgeoned, shot, or worked to death over 75 years of Hell. No one predicted it. If we’re not careful, we’ll wake up wondering what in the hell happened?  This was, after all, America.

Here’s the bottom line: We can’t save this country if we allow the other side, the side trying to bring it down, 20 free points before every game even begins. Worse, and read this well: it is absolutely irresponsible not to counter the left’s fraud and corruption, with the scorn, derision, contempt, mockery, ridicule and disdain they so richly deserve. We need to say that the “ideas” of the left wouldn’t withstand the scrutiny of a third-grade civics class. We need to be able to pose the question: Is Hillary Clinton just stupid? Is Barack Obama just stupid? Did the left have any compunctions at all about questioning the intelligence, honesty, integrity or character of anyone on the right? No.

Look, we’re on the side of the angels here. “Is Hillary Clinton just plain stupid?” is a perfectly legitimate question. She’s accomplished nothing that didn’t come from riding her husband’s coattails. Her tenure in any of the jobs she has ever held has been marked by mediocrity, and a lack of any substantive accomplishment. When entrusted with real power, as the Secretary of State of the United States of America, she accomplished … nothing. And she had Benghazi. And Syria. And nuclear Iran. And nuclear North Korea. And Putin in Russia. What did she make better during her time at State? Name one thing.

Ask the question: “Is Hillary Clinton just plain stupid?” It’s fair to ask it of any of the top leftists in America. Pelosi? Reid? Obama? Gruber? Kerry? Seriously, have you heard anything substantively intelligent ever coming from any of these people? 

Me either.

Say it.

— xPraetorius


(1) Study after study after study shows that the Democrat-voting public is either horrifically ill-informed, or misinformed. Study after study after study demonstrates convincingly that Conservatives and Republican voters are better-informed, better-read, pay greater attention to current events and are simply higher achievers. So, of course, the media spend all their time questioning the intelligence of … Conservatives.

(2) Left-wing policies do, however, work. The policies of the left are not designed to “work” as they’re advertised; they’re designed to “work” as the left intends them to work: to make or maintain dependent groups who become guaranteed votes for the Democrat Party.

(3) The falsely-named Independent Payment Advisory Board. Key phrase: “With regard to IPAB’s recommendations, the law says ‘The proposal shall not include any recommendation to ration health care, raise revenues or Medicare beneficiary premiums under section 1818, 1818A, or 1839, increase Medicare beneficiary cost sharing (including deductibles, coinsurance, and co-payments), or otherwise restrict benefits or modify eligibility criteria.'”

But the IPAB is charged with ensuring that healthcare costs retreat back to 2009 levels. There is simply no way to do that in the context of Obamacare without rationing health care. Without denying healthcare to sick people. Without deciding who will die and who will receive treatment. Bluntly: without killing people. IPAB is a Death Panel.

(4) Ivan the Terrible — paranoid, deeply mentally deranged, psychotic, bloodthirsty, murderous Russian tsar … whom Stalin venerated.

(5) Everyone calls it the “Bolshevik Revolution,” but it was really little more than a cheap coup d’état. A simple power grab.

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