If You Wanted to Destroy America…

— From the Archives, but still important today — 

You probably couldn’t do better than the Democrat Party.

Here are some of the “accomplishments” of America’s dominant political party:

  • In the early 20th Century, important Democrats, including President Woodrow Wilson expressed the desire to destroy the black race. Now, with the near total annihilation of the black family unit, they are well along in that goal.
  • America was coming out of the economic downturn of 2007-2008, by virtue of natural business fluctuations. New President Barack Obama stopped that recovery in its tracks and has been garroting it for five years.
  • Obama’s policies have added millions of welfare users, of food stamps users. He has increased the sense of dependency among the poor.
  • The Democrats have destroyed once great cities: Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago. Look at the poor sections of all the large American cities. These are cities that the Democrats have owned for many decades.
  • Supporting nihilistic, moronic, senseless movements like pro-abortion, gay marriage, gun control, the Democrats have attacked all the basic foundations of American greatness. Those foundations have eroded seriously.
  • The obscene, byzantine tax code squashes innovation, initiative and economic mobility. It’s a mostly Democrat monstrosity. Sadly, though, the Republicans, who ought to know better have contributed to this vile thing.
  • The pitting of race against race, or class against class of sex against sex — all for the purpose of dividing the electorate in enough slices so as to be able to cobble together 51% of the vote in elections — has been the Democrat Party methodology for decades. It’s working.
  • Democrats invented “acceptable” race discrimination, called it “Affimative Action” and put it into law, guaranteeing that the “beneficiaries” would always be suspect in the eyes of potential educators and employers. And ensuring that there would always be some level of bitterness between races.
  • Democrats embraced the family- (therefore: civilization) destroying doctrine that is feminism, on the highly dubious pretext that women had things worse than men.
  • Democrats established weasel-speak, deception, the profusion of euphemism, and flat-out lying — aided by a compliant media cohort — as the language of political discourse. They cloaked in pleasant sounding terms — “Affirmative Action,” “choice,” “Welfare,” “Free healthcare,” “A hand up, not a handout,” “investment,” “lead from behind,” “Great Society,” “New Deal,” and a million more — actions and policies they purport to loath and condemn.
  • Democrats raised to a high art the savage personal attack as opening political salvo, putting their opponents on the defensive before campaigns or debates even began. In this way, a sex-obsessed Democrat President (Clinton) survived actual predatory sexual behavior, while a Republican Congressman (Mark Foley) was drummed out of office for some suggestive e-mails.
  • Somehow, the Democrats turned a once vigorous media class into a sycophantic advocacy group. The “Fourth Estate” became a “Fifth Column” in willingly repeating substanceless nonsense, pure drivel, obvious opinion and out-and-out lies as “news,” or as “fact.”

— xPraetorius


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