If It Weren’t So Pathetic…

…it’d be kind of funny. It’s not. Funny, that is.

Every time scum-sucking, dirtball, slack-jawed, drooling terrorists kill civilians in some hellhole in the Middle East, our moronic administration comes out with some stern statement about how the attack “doesn’t comport with Islam’s high ideals.”

The statement is meant to show the muslim world (1) just how much we really love and respect Islam here in the enlightened, but essentially atheist, Obama Administration, and (2) how expert and knowledgeable we are in everything Islamic.

Because, you see, if we’re telling the world that a terrorist attack isn’t consistent with “the high ideals of Islam,” then we’re saying that, ipso facto, we know — and can speak intelligently — about what specifically are the “high ideals of Islam.”

Look, this administration does know about the transformation of American society around the ideals of the community organizer. Their mode is that of the common scold. They’re busy re-shaping America around the “ideals” of the whining, self-obsessed likes of Lena Dunham, Sandra Fluke, “Julia” and “Pyjama Boy.”

But, this administration does not know from faith.

With the recent announcement that the Obama Administration is going to try to manage American society all the way down to the neighborhood level, they’re saying, that they will “help” us all to be the Americans that Obama thinks we ought to be. As opposed to the Americans we think we ought to be.

In our wonderful, “progressive” Obama Administration, no one gives a teeny, tiny hoot that America was founded on the fundamental premise that we all ought to be free to determine what kind of Americans we think we ought to be. It’s hard to overstate just how revolutionary that premise actually is. Apparently, though,  it’s way too advanced a concept for our Obama Administration to be able to understand. Obama views himself as transformative, as revolutionary…but, he’s nothing more nor less than the most regressive possible of reactionary throwbacks.

Is there anything less progressive, less revolutionary, than a hugely powerful, central élite cadré that considers itself smarter than you or I, as it acts, “in our best interests,” to model society in its own vision? The answer is, of course: no. That kind of government has been in place since the beginning of time.

Furthermore, our Obama Administration overlords do not know from faith. This is the ultimate secular administration. Their hostility to the incredible selfless decency that is Christianity is astonishing. Christians, using Christianity as their sole “weapon,” have helped more people out of poverty, despair, helplessness and hopelessness than any government in the history of the world. But, Obama and his henchmen have done their level best to impede, harass, block and oppress Christian organizations and individual Christians.

Even worse, Obama and his gang of “community organizers,” don’t know from Islam.

In the perception of this administration — which honestly would prefer never to have to deal with all these ridiculous, religious rubes in the first place, but Islam is just so darned jam-packed with ’em that we have to take these superstitious idiots seriously — Islam is good because it it implacably opposed to Christianity. Hence, Islam simply must have “high ideals” that would preclude, of course, things like terrorist attacks against civilians. Needless to say, this “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” viewpoint is moronic and naive.

The Obama Administration is about to make the same really stupid mistake for which they so loudly jeered the Reagan and Bush (41) administrations: If we subtly or overtly take militant islamists’ side against enemies like Israel, American Conservatives, or anyone else, then the islamists will love us. But it was the Carter, Clinton and Obama Administrations that took the appeasement to the ridiculous heights where it is now. Remember: It was Carter who threw the shah under the bus, in favor of Ayatolloh Ruhollah Khomeini. We continue to pay for that idiocy in spades today.

What our Democrat “leaders” don’t know is that while most “rank and file” muslims are slack-jawed, drooling idiots, their leadership — their puppet masters, or their “shepherds” 🙂 if you will — is clever and crafty. They know that Obama and his administration are largely atheists. Muslims hate atheists more than anything else. However, the islamists are dangling the “we just might be your friends” carrot in front of the hopelessly out-of-its-league Obama Administration, because (1) it serves their purposes perfectly, and (2) it works. Can you say: “Nuclear Iran?” Oh, and how’s that rollback of “ISIL” going?

If Obama holds off on attacking the islamist dirtbags, then most of the “battlefield” — be it real or in the media — is wide open for them. Of course, Obama and and his slack-jawed, drooling, Democrat morons are stepping enthusiastically into the trap.

For these brain-dead nitwits — the ones ruling the United States of America — there is no more dangerous or evil enemy than Conservative or Christian Americans. Our “leaders” are perfectly willing to sacrifice the security of the United States of America — the greatest, most decent, most “progressive” country, in any way you could possibly define it, in history  — to try to defeat these vicious Conservative and Christian enemies.

Elections do have consequences. Democracy can produce scumbags, morons, idiots, sleazeballs and doofuses like those who dominate the Obama Administration today.

Can you tell I was bit torqued off here?

—  xPraetorius

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