Full Circle

In proving , once and for all, that socialism is the reactionary movement that I’ve been saying it is, we’ve all heard the “newsies” say that Vladimir Putin is trying to bring us all back to the bad old days of the Soviet Union.

Yep. You heard it right. The “bad old” days. But, but, but… wasn’t the Soviet Union the very pinnacle of all that was fresh, and progressive, and forward-thinking, and new, and shiny, and futuristic? Of course it was!

Wasn’t it?

Well, that was what the left said it was. For freakin’ decades they said it. From the 19-tens to the 1990’s!

Forget the tens of millions murdered to get to where the Soviet Union was, when it … just sort of folded, or collapsed(1). That was back when our media and academia and Hollywood were all worshiping at the altar of the sheer greatness of all leftist/Soviet things. Now, they still do it, but they’ve long since jettisoned the old Soviet Union as uncomfortable baggage whose sullied reputation stands in the way of further leftist and socialist “progress.” Never mind that the Soviet Union — for seventy-five years — was world socialism.

How interesting now to see the comparisons of Putin — the man trying to bring back the “glories” of socialism to Russia — with Hitler.

When the inevitable conflict with Putin — or his hand-picked successor — comes around, watch how quickly Putin, the one hungering for a communist revival becomes re-defined as a “right-winger.”(2) Now that Putin’s acting increasingly like a leftist — consolidating central power, expanding state power, repressing any dissent, controlling the press — look for him to be labelled a right-winger by all leftists.

The big, fat, stupid, brain-dead, leftist idea has long since toppled due to the weight of its own internal contradictions on every possible issue. Only the American media, Hollywood and the most reactionary group of all — American academia — keep the old corpse on life support.

— xPraetorius


(1) Has anyone stopped to ponder publicly on that colossal tragedy? Seventy-five years of blood, death, mayhem, disruption, torture… for what? Oops? Just a big oops? That’s the left for you. Stalin said: “The death of one man is a tragedy, the death of millions is a statistic.” He meant it.

(2) I can even tell you the “forensic evidence” the “historians” will use: “George W. Bush said he could ‘see the man’s soul,'” in indicating that he liked Putin, after meeting with him. Never mind that Bush subsequently denounced Putin. Leftist “historians” are nothing if not selective in their views.


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