Hang Gruber’s Words on the Left at Every Chance

In this post here, I made the case that we on the right should hang Detroit around the necks of every Democrat candidate for elective office in the country. We should say simply: “Based on this (Detroit), there is no possible philosophical, intellectual or moral justification on earth for being a Democrat, for voting for a Democrat, or for running as a Democrat for elective office. All Democrats should look at Detroit and be deeply ashamed.

I was right to suggest that, and it continues to be something that we should do. If Detroit gets rescued by Michigan’s (Republican) governor Rick Snyder, that changes nothing. In being “rescued,” Detroit will have to stiff creditors out of billions and billions of dollars and that’s just plain theft. Of course, theft is the the Democrat Party’s principal modus operandi anyway.

Now, I’m also recommending that we hang Jonathan Gruber’s words around the Democrats’ necks as well. Six times Gruber said that the American voters are too stupid for those really smart lefty Democrats to be honest with them. We should say things like:

“The Democrats think you’re too stupid for them. If you weren’t so stupid, you see, they’d be honest with you. However — as they’ve said quite publicly — they lie to you because of your stupidity.

Are you stupid? Well, if you vote for Democrats, you’re voting for people who have admitted publicly that they think you’re stupid, and that they lie to you because you’re so stupid.

Seriously, if you’re not stupid, why would you vote for someone who thinks and openly says to your face that you are?”

We Conservatives should say that over and over and over and over again without cease.


— xPraetorius



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