The Dog Whistles of the Democrat Party | makeaneffort

The Dog Whistles of the Democrat Party | makeaneffort.

Mike reveals the American left for what it is: a bunch of “squeezing, wrenching, grasping, scraping, clutching, covetous old sinners.”(1)

With biting satire that will make every liberal squirm in sweaty discomfort, Mike tells how the left — like cockroaches from a sinking ship — are abandoning the one who brung ’em to the dance.

Barack Obama has always been leftier than leftier than left. Obama’s a dude who made George McGovern look like a “reasonable moderate.”

The left knew that Obama would make a shambles of America. They simply hoped he wouldn’t do it at election time — and that the rest of the world would cooperate.


The problem with the American left? They’re a bunch of blithering, slack-jawed, IQ-deprived, drooling, slope-headed, Neanderthal, reactionary half-wits.

Remember, these are the people who ran sniveling to academia because ditch-digging was too cerebral for them. And too useful.

— xPraetorius


(1) Charles Dickens – A Christmas Carol

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