I Was Remiss…

first found George Will’s chilling exposé of Democrat electoral corruption in Wisconsin here. He found it here. And this last guy, the Pundit From Another Planet appears to be the first in our chain of re-blogging.

However, I was sure to find Will’s essay, because both the PFAP and Mike at makeaneffort are keen observers of the world around them, and I learn a lot from their generally excellent contributions to the punditocracy.

My post (here), on the other hand, made it seem as though I found Will’s piece, read it, and from that concluded that Powerful, Influential People Read This Blog.

They do, but Mike and PFAP located Will’s piece first.

Credit where credit is due is important, after all! 🙂

— xPraetorius


4 thoughts on “I Was Remiss…

  1. I must remind X that when he start’s a post with ‘Powerful People Read this Blog’ it appears to me to be a requirement couched in an order. First… I do not qualify. Second… I’ve never been good at taking orders, but since I do not qualify I know it is not meant for me. So I never read those posts.
    Now that I know I might qualify, after I’m finished blushing at the idea of being powerful and subduing my strange and sudden desire to take over tthe world, I will revisit the brilliance I previously thought I was excluded from… at my leasure… may be. probably. When I’m D*mn good and ready. probably sooner,,, but it will be MY choice…

    1. Ummm… wouldn’t the command be something like: “Powerful Influential People: Read This Blog!”? Or the like?

      I do consider you powerfully influential, so I was just thinking that you might, when you’re durned good and ready of course, and only when you’re durned good and ready, and if according to your calculations, and not those of anyone else, especially me, you think the time is right and you feel so inclined, and you have the time, when you feel so inclined, you might, just might (See? Not even a hint of a command, or even of a suggestion for that matter) want to check them out.

      Your choice, of course.


      — x

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