DrudgeReport Stories Show We’ve Been Right All Along.

Three Drudge Headlines:

Remember this? “If you attack them, that will serve as a recruiting tool for [fill in terrorist baboon group here]!

Yep. It was true. But, you know what? Showing weakness is one whole heckuva lot BETTER recruiting tool than taking the battle fearlessly to the baboons. A hundred… a thousand times better…

American half-witted, dim-bulb, slack-jawed scumbags are streaming to join ISIS. Where do you think these addlepated imbeciles would be if we still had a muscular presence in Iraq?

This is no surprise to us because, needless to say, we said it in these pages first.


More than a year ago.

— xPraetorius


5 thoughts on “DrudgeReport Stories Show We’ve Been Right All Along.

  1. None of this would be occurring at all if Saddaam, Gaddafi, and Assad had just been left alone. The West has made its bed and must now lie down in it.

  2. Very much to your credit, UL, you called it, and it’s really hard to argue against your conclusions. You called the ISIS thing a long time ago, all the way back when the rebellion against Assad was just beginning. Your rough quote: “The opposition to Assad is far worse than Assad, and they are committing horrific atrocities.”

    These atrocities then came into our living rooms in the form of beheadings, crucifixions(!), raping and pillaging to such a point that even Barack Obama couldn’t ignore it.

    I have to admit that I had been calling for the removal of Saddam, Gaddafi and Assad for many years at my various other positions. I can tell you that if I’d known what I know now, I certainly would have changed my position.

    I wonder, really, whether some kind of post-World War II Japan-style occupation might have been the only thing that could have worked. If that was not feasible — is there anyone resembling a Douglas MacArthur anywhere in view? — then the entire effort should not have been undertaken.

    More thoughts later. Including such hypotheticals as: what if we hadn’t gone in to the Middle East? And: it seems a greater than 50-50 chance that Saddam’s hands were on 9/11. Talk about motive and means! He was awash in both! What should we have done about that?

    Again, in light of what we’re observing over there now, I’m not sure I have the answer to that, because I can absolutely tell you that we had no will to implement a post-World War II Japan-style occupation.


    — x

    1. You were asking for their removal because those you trusted to bring you the unvarnished truth were lying to you regularly and happily(possibly wanting you to put your name and reputation behind their machinations). A Japanese occupation would never have worked due to the differences in the Japanese mindset to that of the Middle Eastern. The biggest mistake made in all of this was the removal of Gaddafi (I am making another prediction here) but that will take another 24-36 months to really get started. It won’t be Ebola that kicks Africa into overdrive it will be hunger blamed on global warming but directly attributable to the fall of Libya. AFRICOM will guard certain parts of Libya after the destruction by ‘terrorists’ of The Great Man Made River becuase the great prize then will be the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer (expect other excuses to abound).

  3. You have a couple of points here that are very important. In retrospect I have to admit that there is more truth to your assertion that “I trusted some to bring me unvarnished truth” than I’m comfortable admitting.

    All the time I thought I was one of the great skeptics!

    I was wrong.

    About the Great Man Made River…I think your scenario is entirely possible. Of course, we will be watching this very closely. After all, you are now a guaranteed “reliable source.” 🙂 Many people think that he who controls oil controls great power. But, who controls, or holds ransom, water… what of him?

    Thanks for the link… it’s very instructive. Here’s a key passage, that I think underscores what you said about Gaddafi:

    The project is owned by the Great Man-Made River Project Authority and was funded by the Gaddafi government. The primary contractor for the first phases was Dong Ah Consortium and the present main contractor is Al Nahr Company Ltd. [emphasis added]


    The imported goods were made in Korea and destined to the construction of the GMR arrived by sea via the entry port of Brega (Gulf of Sidra). The rest of goods were made in Libya.

    The total cost of the project is projected at more than US$25 billion. Libya has completed the work to date without the financial support of major countries or loans from world banks. Since 1990 UNESCO has provided training to engineers and technicians involved with the project. [emphasis added]


    — x

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