Here Come the Dirty Tricks (Part VI)

The ultimate Democrat Party dirty trick. They do it nationwide.

It’s a simple tactic: Do whatever it takes to win, and the media will cover for you.

Voter fraud.

It’s rampant across the land, and it all favors the Democrats. Because the criminal class is not overrun with members of Republican core constituencies.

Here are a few links.

Here’s what they do. They do the crime — the stuffed ballot boxes, the “ballot harvesting” fraud, rooting around in dumpsters for discarded ballots and sending them in… then they get caught, red-handed, on film, on cell phones, in the numbers(1) because they do it by the the tens of thousands… Then they deny it. Caught red-handed, they simply deny it. Then the media crank up the fog machine:

Media Dude: Mr. Democrat candidate, we have a film here that shows Democrat operatives stuffing ballot boxes, can you really continue to say that there’s no voter fraud?
Democrat Candidate: Look Mr. Media Dude, we don’t, and my party doesn’t, indulge in these kinds of anti-democratic tactics. We don’t believe in them. If you look at that video, you’ll find I’m sure that there are things behind it that explain what you’re seeing. It’s not my campaign or the Party engaging in voter fraud. It’s really — I guarantee it — some kind of video editing, where they take something out of context and invent (does air quotes) “voter fraud.” Remember, there’s never been a proven incident of voter fraud [very grave, concerned expression] in. the. history. of. the. United. States.

In his next broadcast, Media Dude presents this exchange like this:

“Republican candidate for Senate,  Rep Dude says that he has seen the video purporting to show Democrat voter fraud on behalf of his opponent, but Democrat Candidate says it’s just more evidence of Republican dirty tricks, taking things out of context that could be interpreted many different ways. Dem Candidate pointed out that there have never been any proven incidents of voter fraud.”

It’s a simple truth. If the election is close, and it’s important, and the Democrat wins, you can bet your life savings that the Democrat stole the election. It’s a 100% certainty.

— xPraetorius


(1) We all remember the stories of “more votes than registered voters,” etc. Oddly enough that happens only in heavily Democrat precincts. Hmmmm…


6 thoughts on “Here Come the Dirty Tricks (Part VI)

  1. Don’t forget Benevolent Victor Syndrome. When the Republican wins they never follow up the voter fraud used in the attempt to defeat them.

    1. Absolutely true, Mike. I suspect you and I have a similar state-of-mind about the Republicans. They never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity(1). When they win, they should pursue and expose the corruption from the other side relentlessly.

      If the Democrats were somehow denied access to the just half of the levers of corruption they pull every election with impunity, they’d lose ever close election they ever participate in. If they were denied only lies and slander, they’d be out as a competitive electoral force in until they could come up with actual ideas that counter the fundamental, if ill-pursued, Republican/Conservative position in favor of reducing the size, scope and reach of government.

      Needless to say, it is the press who allow them all this vast array of corruption.


      — x
      (1) Abba Eben

  2. “Voter fraud. It’s rampant across the land, and it all favors the Democrats. Because the criminal class is not overrun with members of Republican core constituencies.”

    This is great, x. I laughed out louid at it!

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