NPR Watch (10/14/14)

As usual, I was listening to National Public Radio this morning on the way to work. Yeeesh! These people couldn’t report their way out of a wet paper bag!

The topic this morning, among several, was ‘the plight of women in Egypt.” Needless to say, it’s bad. However, the report gave you nothing of any value whatsoever from which to draw any conclusions as to what to do about it.

They gave a bunch of stastistics: Women earn 14% less than men. Oh? Is that really true? Who knows? Why would I cast doubt on that? Because NPR is still reporting that in the United States women make only 77 cents for every dollar a man makes for the same work. That was debunked long ago and most tellingly by the very feminists who openly continue to use the fraudulent statistic because people still believe it if you use it!

By the way, NPR is still reporting on “Global Warming,” a phenomenon that hasn’t been seen in nearly a generation. NPR is the quintessential network of the flat-earther.

The NPR reporterette, one Leila Fadel, also “reported” that there are men who just sit around and insist that their wives work, while they, the men, stay at home and make all the decisions. This she called “Conservative” values.

Now, yes, I’m a Conservative, and no, that’s never been part of my value system, or that of any other Conservative who ever lived. I understand that Fadel was, in her own ignorant way, suggesting that this was something “Conservative” for Egypt, and not here, but think about it: in what society ever has it been expected of men that they sit around at home while the women went into the workplace and provided for the family?

And how could that even remotely make any sense if women make so much less than men? The left is absolutely chock full of obvious contradictions that effectively torpedo all their arguments.

Yes, there have been matriarchal societies, but those societies always exploited men’s significant size and strength superiority even more than other societies!

Men are the pack mules, the plow horses of society. The suggestion by the ignorant Fadel of the idea that anyone sitting around is somehow a “Conservative” value is not only ridiculous, it’s 180 degrees wrong. Let’s face it: being paid to sit around all day is an American liberal “value.”

There were two other things missing from Fadel’s “report.” The first thing: there was no mention whatsoever of the “I” word: islam. Oops!!! Again, this place where women have it really bad is an Islamic country. Oh, maybe its secular government is not officially Islamic, but the country is.

Fadel found a woman who said that Egypt has a problem with women going into the workplace because, the woman said, “then they’d have to give women rights.”


Are men just overburdened with “rights” in the Egyptian workforce? Again, NPR never gives any context that would allow someone to gain some real understanding of things.

The second thing that NPR failed to do — as they always do in their “women” stories — is to ask the question: “Do men have it worse?” If men do have it worse, then the entire NPR story was perfectly worthless. I’m not proposing an oppression Olympics, as the various whining leftist grievance groups constantly engage in, but someone, somewhere does need to make such comparative assessments. And to do it honestly.

If men have it worse, then NPR should be reporting on what people are doing to make their lot better. That simple question, is the one question that feminism itself, and of course, its critical thinking-deprived puppets — NPR, CBS, NBC, ABC, other broadcast media as well as most of the print media, Hollywood, pop culture and academia — failed to ask. It is, of course, the one question that should have been asked at the very founding of feminism.

This is the conundrum that all movements face. Meaningful context can sometimes make their goals either irrelevant, or simply less important than other, overarching goals.

Insular movements that focus on only one segment of society fail to recognize one single, vital truth: there are no women’s rights, no black, brown or white rights, no gay rights … there are only human rights.

Movements that focus on one group to the exclusion of the “other” group, and then use that “other” group as a propaganda tool to advance their cause, end up quickly becoming frauds.

Feminism today is nothing more than a fraud and a sham. Nothing more than transparent fabrications designed to advance a leftist agenda. The 77 cent myth; the fabrication of widespread campus violence; the lie and slander of one in five men being a “rapist” … all fabrications … all lies; and all the bedrock of contemporary feminism.

Without having addressed that one crucial question above, feminism had no choice but to degenerate into the jackassery we see today.

A quick analogy: Feminism is like morphine given to the patient with the badly broken arm — without splinting and casting the broken bone. When the broken arm (men-women relations in society) inevitably gets worse, the feminist response is: “more morphine” — more feminism. Inevitably the broken arm gets even worse and sets badly, and the problem becomes structural; baked into American society. The feminist response: ever more morphine, ever more feminism.

The same thing happened to the Civil Rights movement, when it stopped focusing on gaining basic rights for blacks — because it had won — and, in order to justify its continued existence, turned into a whiny grievance group demanding both revenge for long ago sins, and free stuff.

The Gay movement was never anything but a whiny grievance group demanding free stuff.

NPR is the willing mouthpiece for all these crapulent, parasitical grievance groups, who demand “reporting” that tells nothing of importance, gives no meaningful information, never provides necessary context, asks unimportant, meaningless questions, and leaves the listener less informed than before the feature. In other words: A perfectly typical American left-wing “news” organization! NPR is the MSNBC of the radio waves.

— xPraetorius


7 thoughts on “NPR Watch (10/14/14)

  1. Good one. Egypt wasn’t such a bad place not too long ago. In fact, it was a real tourist attraction. They had a dictator but he also had a wife who was quite the humanitarian and rather invested in the betterment of women. She established several programs for women, healthcare, education, childcare. For some reason the liberal/fems decided we needed to liberate Egyptian women from these horrors. I really have no idea what the plan was or what they thought they’d replace it with or how our foreign policy played into it all, but apparently Egypt is now “progressing” quite nicely, a bit like the US economy. Of course, people are somewhat afraid to go there anymore, but what the heck do we know.

    1. So true, IB! You are referring, I gather, to Jihan Sadat who was good for women, and Egypt… as was her husband. Needless to say, therefore, the Muslim Brotherhood had to assassinate him.

      I was in Paris at the time. His death resulted in the arrival of Mubarak to the top of Egypt. He wasn’t all that great, but certainly better than the Muslim Brotherhood!

      Interesting anecdote: at that time — 1980-’81 — I had a Jewish professor of Russian who used to travel to Egypt all the time… absolutely fearlessly. He loved his annual trips! He’s still living and says that he wouldn’t even think of going anywhere near the place now.


      — x

  2. “A quick analogy: Feminism is like morphine given to the patient with the badly broken arm — without splinting and casting the broken bone. When the broken arm (men-women relations in society) inevitably gets worse, the feminist response is: “more morphine” — more feminism. Inevitably the broken arm gets even worse and sets badly, and the problem becomes structural; baked into American society. The feminist response: ever more morphine, ever more feminism.”

    So true… of Progressive Liberalism all around.
    I’ve often used a similar analogy with Arsenic. You go to the (It used to be ‘your doctor’ but now I have to use a Nurse Practitioner.) Doctor with severe Headaches. He prescribes a Teaspoon of Arsenic every morning and come back in a week. You feel like you have an answer and do what you’re told. You develop severe Stomach pain but the Headaches becomes secondary. A week passes and you go back to the doctor. You explain what’s going on and he says “Good! It looks like we’re solving your problem. About the ‘side effects’ we just need to up the dose and give it more time. Make it a Tablespoon a Day and Come back next year.”
    Such is Liberalism. It never works out right and the only answer the Left proposes is more of it.

    1. Well said! Thanks for the kind words… and I wish I’d thought of the arsenic analogy first! Why? ‘Cause it’s better than mine.

      Yours shows what the left always does: adds pain elsewhere, so that you are less concerned about the original pain. In mine, the pain goes away temporarily, so yours is more accurate (darn you).


      — x

  3. Reblogged this on makeaneffort and commented:
    Well written thoughts on the obvious contradictions we all struggle to make sense of everyday. So much so we don’t give them conscious thought anymore… they just rattle around in the back of minds leaving that funny feeling like someone’s Dog is crapping in our yard but we just can’t prove it.

    1. Thanks for the kind words. So true about not giving glaring contradictions any conscious thought anymore! There is a lot good, but a lot really bad, about “received wisdom.” Sometimes it’s not only not wise, but rather downright dim-bulb stoooooopid.

      Feminism, environmentalism, etc., are all becoming “received wisdom,” just as “the earth is flat” was so many years ago.

      Glad I was able to bring the image of a dog crapping in your yard to mind! 🙂


      — x

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