The Vaunted Democrat Party “Ground Game”

In other words: Dirty tricks. Walking around money, union intimidation, secret, unreported donations of time and money, ballot box stuffing, getting out the dead vote, voting early and often, other voter fraud…

I was reading an article at the gist of which is that the Republican Joni Ernst has pulled ahead of Democrat Bruce Braley to replace the execrable Tom Harkin who’s retiring from the U.S. Senate. There was a particular snippet that was very interesting. It said:

She [Braley’s campaign manager] touted the Democratic field operation as superior, and noted “as long as Democratic spending in Iowa matches the firepower that the other side is contributing to the air war, the Democratic ground game will help to ensure that Iowans turnout to elect Bruce Braley.”

“Field operation,” “ground game” … these are the terms we normally understand to be “corruption.” If Republicans were to do them, then everyone would understand them to mean “corruption.” The media would be all over that like Bill Clinton on White House interns.

This is the legendary “ground game” that so awed the media in the last Presidential election. But it was really all the above-mentioned criminal activity, that was rampant in all the so-called “swing states,” that all strangely “swung” handily for Obama in 2012. It all added together to make a convincing case that Obama, while not actually having stolen the election — he already had it won — engaged in so much corruption that it would have resulted long ago in the impeachment and removal from office of any Republican President.

When you hear about the great Democrat “ground game,” recognize that it’s all part of a vast corrupt machine, that every election cycle includes tens of millions of unreported dollars from unions, with tens of millions of hours of coerced union “volunteering.” And more.

— xPraetorius


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