The Drudge Sampler (Edition III – 9/28/14)

Drudge Headline(s): 

Quick Reaction: AAAAAARRRRRGGGHHHHHHhhhh… Can’t we ever be rid of these horrific political hacks?!? Did Napolitano do a good job, at Homeland Security, of keeping things like, say, beheadings away from our shores?

I have a theory as to why these people never just go away. I think that deep-down they realize they’ve mucked things up so terrifically that they believe they need to spend the rest of their lives atoning. Sadly, in their box of tools for atoning, they have only the same old tricks that mucked everything up in the first place! That’s why a massive, earth-shattering failure like Jimmy Carter is running around cozying up to known terrorists and calling them friends, and pretending that he’s “working for peace.”

Drudge Headline(s): 

Quick Reaction: Ummmm… see in-line notes, above.

Drudge Headline(s): 

Quick Reaction: No matter the back story, there is only sadness in this story.

Drudge Headline(s): 

Quick Reaction:

  • Concerning Bullet #1: Ummm… Duh! Why? Because we told the babbling baboons of ISIS what we were going to do!
  • Concerning Bullet #2: No. We don’t know what we’re doing, because we have an idiot sitting in the chair normally reserved for a real Commander-in-Chief.
  • Concerning Bullet #3: Uhhhh… Whuh? Weren’t these the goons threatening to bomb subways in New York and Paris in the next few days? The source for this rather unsettling story is the indispensable and hyper-reliable Andy McCarthy of National Review Online. He makes the case that there is no “Khorasan;” that the Obama Administration needed something to prove that it had no choice but to respond militarily to militant Islam. So it invented “Khorasan,” which is nothing more than the Al Qaeda offshoot in the region called “Khorasan.” Hence, both “Khorasan” and an imminent threat to the subway systems in New York And  Paris. Isn’t this really the Obama Administration playing with American lives? Not that I’m at all surprised.
  • Concerning Bullet #4: Duh! What a surprise! This is the least communicative Administration in anyone’s memory. Obama and his Kiddie Korps of anti-Keystone Kops don’t communicate with anyone, much less allies.
  • Concerning Bullet #5: Would you be willing to work with this administration on anything?!? If so, I have a bridge in Brooklyn that, I think, represents a great investment opportunity for you.

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Quick Reaction: This is much more important than the mere technical aspects of the headline. On many different levels.

Drudge Headline(s): 

Quick Reaction: I doubt it. This is the rare Drudge space-filler.

Drudge Headline(s): 

Quick Reaction: Ok, ok, ok… we know! “Global Warming” was disproved long ago. Can we please, please, please, get around to educating the world on the fact that the climate does nothing but change? That if you’re protesting against “Climate Change,” then you’re really protesting against “climate?” You should really tell everyone what you intend to replace climate with.


Look at it this way: If you’re able to enlighten the world to this fact, that most third-graders already know, then you’ll be able to keep millions of dollars out of the hands of the climate change parasites, and those millions of dollars might go to, say, cancer research or something worthwhile.

Drudge Headline(s): 

Quick Reaction: Whuh? after torturing and tormenting and abusing its citizens for more than 60 freakin’ years, Cuba will start doing normal, intelligent things with its economy?!?! Say it ain’t so!

Cuba is living, gasping, rheumy, tubercular, phlegm-rattling proof that the biggest obstacle to human happiness — bar none — is big government.

Really, it’s atheism, but atheism is a necessary component to Socialism, so I stayed a level above the root cause. Get rid of atheism, you get rid of socialism, and of big government — the other way we humans attempt to replace God — and you foster human happiness. Btw, you can’t use the government to get rid of atheism. That would be using a corrupt tool to try to achieve a noble end. It’s impossible. The ends are the children of the means.

Here’s the dilemma with the above. If you do the absolutely commonsensical thing and abolish big government, thereby allowing for maximal social and financial mobility in society, but you then don’t culturally get rid of atheism, you’ll be back in the soup again before you know it. I expect my good confrère Mike to disagree with me, but that’s ok. He’s a brilliant analyst, and like me, not perfect. If we both were perfect, we’d be Jesus Christ, and only Jesus Christ is Jesus Christ. How’s that for taking things to the very deepest root causes?!?

Never let it be said, that we are a shallow blog!

Drudge Headline(s): 

Quick Reaction: Gee. Who said this before?!? Long before. [Editor’s Note: It’s a long read, but if you’re serious about solving America’s problems, you’ll read it through. “Ladytaylor’s” story is truly important.]

Drudge Headline(s): 

Quick Reaction: Like several posts above, this is much more important than the mere technical aspects of the headline. On many different levels.

Drudge Headline(s): 

Quick Reaction: Watch out for this one! A despotic Russian leader needs an excuse for a flaccid economy. Finds oil in international waters close to Russia. (1) Accuses USA of whatever — the particulars are unimportant — in this “bossing the world around…” Oooooohhhh…  (2) figures that this ought to be Russia’s oil. Why? Because (3) he needs an excuse for current Russian misery, and (4) he figures he has a doofus in the White House that he can roll. Does anyone doubt #4? World War IV (World War III is the War on Terror, and it’s happening now) could be on the horizon. Good job managing that relationship, President Obama, you moron(1).

— xPraetorius


(1) I’m a firm believer in name-calling in this instance. If you take power into your hands, you should not expect that we will coddle you. Your responsibilities are immense, and if we figure that you are failing in those responsibilities, as Obama is, then you should expect vituperation.  Obama long ago exposed himself as a doofus, a tunnel-vision, ideologically-blinkered, IQ-deprived nitwit and a numbskull. The stakes are too high to dissimulate or conceal the truth of that. We’re not playing with the standings in a baseball league here, we’re talking about the fate of the civilized world, and what it will take to (1) allow its survival, and (2) move it forward.

— xPraetorius

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