1. The Republicans will not re-take the Senate. I hope I’m wrong, though I rarely am.
  2. There will be a terrorist attack on American soil of major consequence within six months. I hope I’m wrong.
  3. There will be an October surprise. It will target one or more Republicans.
  4. The Republican Tom Foley will lose to the Democrat Dan Malloy in Connecticut’s gubernatorial race.


  1. The Democrats have refined election corruption to such a degree that even if the legacy media were inclined to expose it — they’re not — they wouldn’t be able to find it. We covered it in these pages here. Furthermore, the media realize that if they were to expose all Democrat corruption out there, they’d ruin the Democrat Party as a participant in the two-party system permanently. Seriously. Read this well: If the media were to expose all Democrat corruption, as they do for (yes: for) Republicans, the Democrat Party would have to close its doors, and the Republicans would have a monopoly on power at all levels for the foreseeable future.
  2. I was thinking that it would be within three months, but today’s news changed that. Look, it’s easier to get into the country than it’s ever been, and there’s no one trying to keep “brown” people out. Now, there’s nothing wrong with brown people, but there is quite a lot wrong with brown terrorists. Or white ones or black ones … or green, orange or mauve ones for that matter. However, the biggest problem, right here and now, are brown — Arab or Persian — ones, and they’re coming in from the South, blending in with the other brown ones. News report this morning: Iraq has uncovered a plot to do a major terrorist bombing in the subways of New York and Paris. They stressed that they have uncovered it, but have not thwarted it.
  3. Related to #1, above. The Democrats love the following sequence: (1) Some Republicans says something vaguely dumb, or boorish, or uncompassionate, (2) the local media pounce on it, and shout, “Ah hah!!!” (3) The national Democrat organization shake their heads sadly and say this one dude or dudette proves that all Republicans are so-and-so and such-and-such. (4) The media, tsk-tsk’ing and sorrowful, report that it sure looks as though all Republicans are so-and-so and such-and-such. Democrats love that scenario so much that they can produce them at will. Here’s how: Local Republican candidate, hoping for media exposure, agrees to an interview at local radio station. Local media interviewer throws simple “gotcha” question to local candidate. When the local Republican candidate gives some artless reply — Todd Akin-style — the local media dude pounces, and launches the above sequence.
  4. This is Connecticut: Land of Steady (Bad) Habits.

We’ll have more as we arrive at conclusions.

— xPraetorius

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