Obama Indicts Himself

When he says things like — “that [fill in evil thing here] doesn’t belong in the 21st Century” — he calls himself an idiot.

What belongs in the 21st Century — by definition — is what is in the 21st Century. How it got there is perfectly irrelevant. That it is there is all-important. What really belongs in the 21st Century is a sober, intelligent assessment of what’s in the 21st Century. And an idea of how to deal with it.

We know — Duh!!! — what we’d like to “get rid of from the 21st Century.” But wishful thinking will not help in the slightest in actually getting rid of it. Nor will pretending that it’s gone because we think it should be gone.

Oh, we got rid of lots of things that “didn’t belong in the 21st century” (or the 20th, when we got rid of ’em): things like polio, tuberculosis, slavery, smallpox, tyranny, religious persecution. All gone in America. But not even remotely gone elsewhere in the world.

In the 21st Century, we have an expansionist Putin in charge of Russia, we have a bloodthirsty bunch of baboons called “ISIS” in charge of much of Iraq, we have death and more death in charge in Africa, scum in charge of the dominant economy of Asia (Red China). We all agree: none of these things, or people, or baboons ought to be in charge, much less even in existence,  anywhere in the 21st Century. 

But they are.

We don’t elect Presidents to deal with what ought to be, but with what is. Barack Obama didn’t arrive in Washington with a mandate to deal with what we hoped would be in charge, and in place, around the world, but with what was and is in place around the world.

He failed.


— xPraetorius


2 thoughts on “Obama Indicts Himself

  1. It’s worth remembering that Obama, Clinton and McCain all received “unprecedented” security briefings prior to, and during, the election process. Ignorance of what was in store for any one of the three to be elected President was not going to be allowed as an excuse… and should not be allowed as an excuse.

    Obama continued to run on ‘pull them out’.

    He knew what would happen and he did it anyway.

    It happened… and we’re back.

    1. Yep.

      I operate on the assumption that all these people have at least the same opportunity as you and I — presumably a great deal more — to know and understand these things.

      If I had a pretty good idea about this stuff, then they had the opportunity to learn it… if, that is, they’d wanted to.

      As presidential hopefuls with a non-zero chance of becoming the President, they all had a moral obligation to inform themselves of these things. It’s not, after all, as though scumbags like Al Qaeda had not made their intentions known…

      Then Obama actually became President making of his particular failure a particularly grave moral lapse, deserving of history’s condemnation.


      — x

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