There’s Just Something About Socialism, Islam, Democrats…

… things we all know.

You don’t have to be particularly educated to know these things. Everyone knows them. In fact, you could make the case that American higher education gets in the way of knowing things, because it teaches counter to what we all actually already know.

For example: certain things indict themselves. Socialism (Communism and Fascism — pretty much the same things), Islam, American leftism.

How’s that you say? How can the simple, generally low-information voter understand that these things are bad? Well, by simply looking at, and doing some basic contemplation on, the things he does know. They’re out there, these things.

For example, what does absolutely everyone know about Socialism?

Well, there’s just something in Socialism, in the belief system itself, that allows those who adhere to it to kill indiscriminately when they seize power. Everyone knows about the tens of millions murdered around the world as a direct result of world socialism.

People may not know the exact reason for the wholesale slaughter, but they know:

Basic Truth #1: If you live in a country controlled by those who call themselves “socialists” you run a reasonable chance of being murdered if you show the slightest inclination that you might cause trouble of any kind for the government.

People know also some things about Islam. They know, for example, that women walk around in oppressive heat clad head-to-toe in black gowns that allow only their eyes to show. People can put two-and-two together, and surmise that this kind of apparel is probably not voluntary, that it’s likely forced upon them. People know also that there’s just something about Islam. They know:

Basic Truth #2: There’s something in Islam that tens of thousands have interpreted to justify killing or oppressing millions in their own country, and innocents in other countries.

Again, they might not know what exactly allows for this interpretation, but that people are interpreting Islam’s teachings that way is well known, and there is no dispute about it.

How about closer to home? Well, we have two political parties in America. It’s not hard to tell that the Democrat Party — the one that favors greater government involvement in all our lives — has been the dominant political party for quite some time. There’s just a kind of a Democrat/liberal/leftish kind of state-of-mind in America today that has been there for about six decades. Yet, despite this long-term leftist trajectory, and the ever-increasing power of the left, none — literally not a single one — of all the problems for which the American left supposedly has the answers, has improved. Not one. Poverty, drug use, race relations, the economy, foreign affairs. More to the point, all these things are worse now.

• Feminism has made women fear, mistrust, and sometimes hate men. • Environmentalist rhetoric has turned us all into planet murderers. • Race relations are worse than they’ve ever been, despite having been owned lock, stock and barrel by the left for more than sixty years. • The drug cartels in South America and Mexico are stronger than ever, and it’s due to American consumption of their odious product. • The economy seems more hopeless every day, and economists speak of cataclysmic levels of unfunded debt — one hundred trillion dollars! — the default on which would turn the USA into a Third World wasteland in our children’s lifetimes. • Immigrants pour across the border, and take jobs, and push down average wages for all Americans. • Raving lunatic islamists come in with these teeming waves of immigrants. • Cities long owned entirely by the Democrat Party are bombed-out wastelands. People understand that there are square miles in these cities where it is just as dangerous to walk as if you were in a nuclear meltdown area.

People know:

Basic Truth #3: The Democrat Party has largely controlled America for a long time and not one important problem has gotten better. Most of these problems have gotten worse.

And, people know:

Basic Truth #4: For the most part people are working harder and harder and harder and the future is looking less and less hopeful.

Finally, people know that all these things — Islam, Socialism, and American leftism — look a lot alike. Oh, I know, I know. Islam is a religion! Socialism is resolutely, even militantly, atheistic. And, surely you can’t equate the Democrat Party with jihadi baboons in the Arab world!

Well … yes. When you’re killed, no matter the means, you’re just as dead. Whether it’s by a jihadi thug or a kindly looking woman on the Independent Payment Advisory Board (the IPAB), you’re just as dead.

The only question is why? The answer to that is simple: When the kindly-seeming woman on the IPAB and the gibbering baboon in the Iraqi desert both look upon your life as under their control and not yours, then there is no substantive difference between them.

For the American left — and its political wing the Democrat Party — as far as the leadership is concerned, you are of value to them only as long as you are useful to them. This is the same for Socialists as well as the goons of Islam. Whether you’re crucified, beheaded or left to die by a Healthcare Death Panel, the end result is the same. So, the last thing that Americans know is:

Basic Truth #5: Any belief system that in any way allows its adherents to kill you only because of a disagreement, or because you’re somehow inconvenient, is an evil belief system.

These basic truths indict socialism, Islam and American leftism, including the Democrat Party.

— xPraetorius


5 thoughts on “There’s Just Something About Socialism, Islam, Democrats…

  1. Great way of putting it, “there’s just something about it” that’s all wrong. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but you just instinctually know something is wrong here.

    “Any belief system that in any way allows its adherents to kill you only because of a disagreement, or because you’re somehow inconvenient, is an evil belief system.”

    I laughed at this, because some of us can be quite stubborn about surrendering to the truth. It took quite a few people repeatedly telling me that I was dangerous, that my mere existence was oppressive, and that in a perfect world I would cease to exist, before I finally caught on. I laugh because after half a dozens times of being threatened with future annihilation, even if just in the realm of somebody’s imagination, it occurred to me that some of these ideologies of peace seem to have a rather unpleasant and totalitarian edge to them. Needless to say, I’m rather reluctant to support any ideology that requires my demise to validate itself 😉

    1. Well said, IB! Remember when the Soviet Union, the most expansionist empire in the world, was always putting together People’s Peace Commissions and World Peace Organizations and the like? It was transparent deflection from the fact that they were as expansionist as they were, but our American left lapped it up as a thirsty dog drinks water.

      It occurs to me that in my studies I came across a reference to the Nazi régime having flooded the Western world with Peace Groups of some kind or another too. They all do it. “Look,” they say, “can’t you just see how peaceful we are?!? Ignore those reports from your spies of all those tanks and stuff. Who ya gonna believe anyway, our ‘Peace Delegates,’ or your lyin’ spies?” (heh heh)

      Your last line is perfect: if you have to kill those who disagree with you to prevail, then you’ve admitted that your ideas can’t carry the day on their own strength. Furthermore, there’s an iron-clad rule: a great idea or thought works on all levels: The spiritual, the emotional, the intellectual, the simplistic and the deep and convoluted. If you can’t make your idea comprehensible to everyone, then you might want to re-check the validity of your idea.


      — x

  2. ‘Well, there’s just something in Socialism, in the belief system itself, that allows those who adhere to it to kill indiscriminately when they seize power. Everyone knows about the tens of millions murdered around the world as a direct result of world socialism.’

    That ‘something’ in their belief system is ‘Superiority’.

    And once Socialists/Fascists/Progressives gain the ability to Force without repercussion they Accelerate the implementation of their ideas, which they ‘know’ to be the right ones, for Your own Good.

    Then Leftists become offended when you are not Thankful, which they believe illustrates your ignorance.

    In the End…

    Statism is Acceleration and Force employed by those who view themselves as Superior.

    If you don’t consider yourself Superior, They would say you’re right.

    1. Yep. Not much to add here. Thanks for the comment, and the kind words, and the re-blog, and the Christmas presents and the generous check.

      Those were from you, right? 🙂


      — x (Pat)

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