New Feature: The Drudge Sampler (Edition I – 9/20/14)

In which we visit the finest news aggregator there’s ever been: the DrudgeReport, and pick out some headlines, and give some perspectives.

What’s the reason for this? Simple: No one, but no one, summarizes the day’s news like Matt Drudge. He’s been the world champion of news scoopers and inside story unveilers for more than 20 years. If you read the Drudge headlines, you will know at least what the American media consider important that day.

So, here’s the first one. The inaugural Drudge Sampler.

Drudge Sampler – 9/20/14

Drudge Headline(s): 

Quick Reaction: The lone super-power, now called a “hyper-power” flees a single, unarmed crank who scales a fence. Whuuuuhhh…? You’re kidding, right?

Drudge Headline(s): 

Quick Reaction: Nice job, Obama!  Love how the “reset” is working. Why on earth are you still paying off Putin for saving your bacon in Syria years ago? That was the worst, stupidest thing you’ve done since you uttered the words: “…red line.”

Or since you uttered the words, “What’s for dinner, Mom?” after your third grade Social Studies class.

Drudge Headline(s): 

Quick Reaction: Is anyone ever going to bring this poor, benighted continent out of the 17th Century and into modernity. It’ll require some sober consideration — like ceasing to pretend that people like Robert Mugabe are heroes, and if we can only wait until they die…

Face it. Scum like Mugabe will never all die… Africa just just keeps making more of ’em.

All we have to do is believe in — truly believe in — and support … then make — constitutions that foster real, actual good things. Maybe we should impose the American Constitution on the entire horrific continent.

Concerning people like Mugabe — who once might have been on the side of what is good and right, but are now nothing more than worthless scum — here is a truth: Past greatness or nobility is no excuse for current scumminess.

Drudge Headline(s): 

Quick Reaction: You do know the only image that makes any sense here, right? Yep. Rats jumping off the sinking ship. The rats are Democrats, and the sinking ship is America. Let’s hope that Americans know better than to elect a President because of the color of his skin — or his or her sex– again.

To repeat — yet again — an oft-repeated Praetorian mantra: it’s vastly more important — and more difficult, requiring some effort — to elect a good or great President, than it is to elect a black or woman or gay or Hispanic or [fill in officially approved grievance group here] President.

Drudge Headline(s): 

Quick Reaction: Who cares? Seriously. Concerned about pictures of your nekkid self making it onto the internet? It’s so freakin’ easy to prevent pictures of your nekkid self from making their way onto the internet. Ready? Don’t take pictures of your nekkid self. If you’re a celebrity, and pictures of your nekkid self make their way onto the internet, the only conclusion possible is that you are open to the possibility of pictures of your nekkid self making their way onto the internet.

Okay? Okay.

Drudge Headline(s): 

Quick Reaction: The above from Rand Paul. The only response possible: Yep.

Drudge Headline(s): 

Quick Reaction: Ya freakin’ think?!? ‘Bout frea-kin’ time someone said it!

Drudge Headline(s): 

Quick Reaction: That is, some Democrat Party slander, lie, calumny, libel, rumor, fabrication or misrepresentation that the media will dutifully “report” as “fact,” and save the Senate from the forces of good once again. We did, after all, warn about this. In quite an exhaustive series. Here. The series was all about Democrat Party Dirty Tricks. There were five parts. I suspect that this election will give us plenty of material for Part VI.

Drudge Headline(s): 

Quick Reaction: Nice job, Democrats and American leftists. This is the America you have made. High school students raping other high school students, and taking pictures of it. The really sad thing? American leftists are perfectly okay with this. Remember, in the new America, where everyone is “equal,” there is no objective reason not  to commit rape, murder, theft, pillaging… Why? Simple: Women? Men? Children? Dogs? Salamanders? All equal. No one is more important than anyone else. Most importantly, your importance — the aforementioned salamander’s importance — is measured only by the extent to which you’re useful to the leftist state. If for whatever reason, the salamander is deemed  more important, then enjoy your execution. The leftist’s moral code subordinates everything and everyone to the greater goal of obtaining and maintaining power. Remember, we’ve seen this before in the Soviet Union, and in Red China, and in North Korea, and in Vietnam, and in Cuba, and in Albania, and, and, and, and…

Drudge Headline(s): 

Quick Reaction: The old, decrepit, sclerotic, legacy media continue to circle the drain. They’ll go down it sooner than most expect.

Drudge Headline(s): 

Quick Reaction: Not a shock at all, after all the coverage of the Scottish referendum. What’s a bit surprising is the approximately 25% number. With all the country’s problems, if you had posed this same question in 2009, before January 20, the number would have been less than 10%. I say that with no evidence, but with great confidence.

Good job, Obama. Moron.

Drudge Headline(s): 

Quick Reaction: What a surprise! Especially after the goons of “ISIS” freakin’ promised to cross the Mexico-US border to  attack random Americans. What did we not we learn from “Mein Kampf,” in which Hitler promised to do all that he subsequently did in World War II? These freakin’ scum always tell you what they are going to do… then they try to do it.


Yet another great job, Obama. Moron.

Drudge Headline(s): 

Quick Reaction: Remember what was the impetus behind the Scottish “independence” referendum? The Scots wanted more welfare. Scotland the Brave no more.

I haven’t studied the Catalan independence movement in depth, but it seems to me that we should at least have the honesty to call the Scottish movement what it really was: the Scottish Dependence Movement. If the media are telling us that the two movements — the Catalan and the Scottish — have at least roughly the same raison-d’être, then we can at least call the Catalan movement its proper name: the Catalan Lazy Shiftless Apathetic Lethargic Yawning Dull Lackadaisical Movement. The CaLaShALYDuLaM. Hmmm… sounds vaguely Arab. I wonder why.

Drudge Headline(s): 

Quick Reaction: Great! More brainless protesters protesting against the climate. But, but, but, I hear you say…they’re protesting Climate Change. Yes, and as we’ve reminded these IQ-deprived morons ummmm… several times — the climate does nothing but change. These freakin’ idiots are protesting against what the climate has done for more than four billion years.

Good job, Democrat Party. These are your brain-dead dopes. These are your voters.

Drudge Headline(s): 

Quick Reaction: Couldn’t read it. Too funny. Man bites dog. Rain falls upward. Time flows backward. Before is after after, and after is before before. Up is down, and down is up… and finally, Misshapen Creature of Al Gore sues Al Gore. I wonder who’ll win. Kissinger’s aphorism comes to mind: Too bad they can’t both lose.

Drudge Headline(s): 

Quick Reaction: Welcome news for perverts and Democrats (but I repeat myself) everywhere.

Update: “Red Eye” covered this topic (9/20/14) and said roughly the same thing I said above.

Drudge Headline(s): 

Quick Reaction: Great job, Democrats. These babies were exposed to TB by illegal immigrants. Somehow, I don’t think that the millions and millions and millions and millions of potentially disease-ridden illegal immigrants are here because of Republican policies. See the essay here, along with the associated links. Never let it be said that Democrats care about the safety or health of babies. They are, after all, the party of happy, safe, sweet, tender, baby-loving, freedom-supporting, choice-friendly … ummmm … abortion. Yuh. Don’t look to Democrats to care about the health of babies.

Drudge Headline(s): 

Quick Reaction: None. Yet. I’m a computer expert, so I suspect I’ll have something to say about this at some point soon.

Secondary reaction:  If the doctors are Democrats, or Obamacare supporters, or both, then a brick could probably replace them … and it would be smarter.

— xPraetorius

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