Some Thoughts About the Recent Scottish Referendum

• The best quote I heard by far came from Andrea Tantaros on “The Five,” FOX News’ normally pretty good commentary program at 5:00pm each weekday. Andrea said, “It’s like the couple in their seventies who get a divorce. What’s the point?”

• Reports are that the real reason behind the move to secede was that the Scots wanted more welfare. More free stuff. So much for the doughty, independent Scot.

• Apparently, they wanted independence from Great Britain, so they then could get dependent on the Scottish government.

• Listening to National Public Radio this morning. A “pro-independence” voter (quotes because of the welfare thing — it’s hard to call the impetus for this referendum: “independence.”) said that he wanted the Scottish people to have the opportunity to “solve their own problems.” Apparently, this chap’s definition of “solving their own problems” was to get more free stuff from those still willing to work. There are other (much better) definitions for “solving problems.”

• Part of the reason for the failure of the “independence” vote was a last-minute package of concessions from the British government — concessions concerning local Scottish determination of things like welfare, taxation and the like. Ok. This is not necessarily a bad thing. If the Scots want to vote to impoverish themselves, they should be able to do that. However, they shouldn’t require the rest of Great Britain to pay for the free stuff they vote for themselves.

• Certainly, the British government will have to make the same concessions to Wales and Northern Ireland as well. Same thing ought to apply. If the Welsh and the Irish want to vote themselves all manner of free stuff, then the Welsh and Irish should pay for it. Not that this will happen though.

• If, overall, the result of this referendum is a decentralization of power in Great Britain, in the long run, that will be a generally good thing, even though the reason for the referendum appears to be that Scots just wanted to laze around more. They saw the North Sea oil and thought, “Free money!”

• There’s a similar “independence” movement in Catalonia, Spain. Spain has fallen on very hard times lately, the inevitable result of voting themselves vast social welfare “benefits” that they can’t possibly pay for. After the also inevitable belt-tightening, I wonder whether the Catalans are looking for more free stuff just like the Scots.

• When did we in the West get so whiny and lazy? Are we really all about sitting around on our increasingly fat backsides and watching the telly on someone else’s dime? What ever happened to the civilization that abolished slavery? The countries that produced the greatest, most humane innovation in history — capitalism — to give the opportunity for prosperity to the masses? The continent that gave rise to the greatest, most humane, most generous country — by way far and away — in history, the United States of America? Whatever happened to all that? The answer is easy: leftism. The desire to set one class, one race, one sex, one group, against another to bring oneself to power. The urge to concentrate all that power in a central authority — as it’s been for-freakin’-ever. The urge to squash those who might get in their way (cf, eg: Union, Soviet; China, Red; Unions, American) and to kill them if necessary. The compulsion to control others — frequently because of an inability to control oneself. The inability to see the inevitable society-wide impoverishing, despair-causing consequences of all this, or worse: the ability to see all that, while remaining indifferent to it.

— xPraetorius

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