Here Come the Dirty Tricks (Part III)

Another dirty trick for which Democrats are notorious? Manipulating the actual candidates in the race itself. They did this to get back the Senate seat that the hopelessly corrupt Robert Torricelli was about to lose in New Jersey, in favor the the long senile Frank Lautenberg, all the way back in 2002.

Torricelli, caught taking donations from a North Korean agent, had to withdraw from his own re-election race to prepare to defend himself in court against the charges. He withdrew well after the the deadline for replacing him on the ballot, meaning that the Republican would run unopposed. What did the Democrats do? They ran Frank Lautenberg anyway, in clear violation of New Jersey election law. The senile old coot Lautenberg’s eventual victory speaks ill of New Jersey voters’ intelligence.

In Connecticut, there’s a Democrat candidate and a Republican candidate, as usual. However, there were also two minor candidates. One was a hard-left candidate — a certain Jonathan Pelto — who was sure to siphon some votes away from the unpopular incumbent Democrat governor, Dan Malloy.

The other minor candidate is a gun rights advocate, who absolutely would make a better governor than Malloy, but then, so would a stick. However, at the last minute, Pelto’s petition signatures began to look fishy. So he dropped out with a gracious statement about how there wasn’t enough time to investigate the signatures before the election, so he’d just bow out.

That left, of course, only the right-wing minor candidate to siphon votes away from Republican candidate Tom Foley in the race.

How can you know that Pelto’s “withdrawal” was rigged? Simple: hard-left Democrats are incapable of gracious statements. If he really wanted to run for Governor of CT, Pelto would have done anything including lie, cheat, steal, bribe, then lie some more. No, someone pressured or paid Pelto to withdraw. Simple as that.

It’s also happening as we speak in Kansas, where incumbent Senator Pat Roberts was far, far ahead of his Democrat rival, Chad Taylor. Enter one Greg Orman, businessman and “Independent” candidate, who looks a lot like a Democrat, and likely would caucus with the Democrats if elected.

When Democrat Taylor saw how far behind he was, he tried  to withdraw (unsuccessfully so far — it’s against election rules in Kansas), prompting many of his boosters to throw their support to Orman. Orman’s victory would, of course, have the effect of potentially denying the GOP control of the Senate after the November elections. Needless to say, after the de facto withdrawal of Taylor — who’s now polling at 6% — there’s still a Libertarian candidate in the race as well! He would — you guessed it — siphon votes away from the Republican.

These things are all over the place this election cycle, and always represent at least several percentage points in every election where they play a role.

— xPraetorius

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