Here Come the Dirty Tricks (Part IV)

And finally (at least I think): the courts.

If you ever win a close election — within the margin that triggers a recount — against a Democrat, you might as well just concede defeat right then and there. They bring in their staunch allies in the Trial Lawyers coven and manipulate the courts, and the recount process, and the press, and which judge will hear the whole thing, and the media — all the while pretending that they “want every vote to count.”


They want to count some votes and disqualify others and eliminate others and interpret others until they shoehorn and twist and tug and pull and distort and add and subtract enough votes to get to at least one more than you. And they’re so power hungry that they will not give up until they have found (really fabricated enough votes or disenfranchised enough other votes) to get to that golden number: one more than you.

Whether you really won handily or not. It was said that Lyndon Johnson never contested an election that he didn’t steal. They’ve been doing this for a very long time.

After that long, drawn-out arduous process, you will be tens of thousands of dollars in debt and unemployed.

As I said above, might as well concede defeat at the beginning — even if you won.

Al Franken — illegitimate Senator from Minnesota — is in the Senate today for that very reason. Christine Gregoire of Washington State was governor there for that same reason up until 2013.

Stolen elections, pure and simple.

An interesting story. Remember Bush-Gore in the Presidential Election of 2000? Me too. Did you know that Dan Rather called Florida for Gore at 8:00PM on the nose. Exactly an hour before polls closed in the the Republican-heavy Florida panhandle. The rough estimate is that this premature call by Rather cost Bush some 50,000 votes from those who — having heard the projection — didn’t bother to vote. Those 50,000 votes — even if it has been only half that amount would have made been far more than enough to prevent Gore from making the colossal jackass of himself that he did.

Of course, nothing could, apparently, prevent Gore from making a total jackass of himself after all that had blown over.

I challenge you to name the last time that a major “news” outlet called an election result prematurely, and as a result favored Republican interests. Just one, please. However, even if you were to name dozens, you’d never catch up to the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of elections the Democrats and their accomplices in the media have stolen/influenced.

— xPraetorius

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