Here Come the Dirty Tricks

It’s almost time.

Time, that is for the vast and mighty Democrat Dirty Tricks Machine to get into gear and start laying waste to Republican candidacies all across the land.

The Republicans are poised to add to their majority in the House of Representatives, and to take over the Senate, thereby hastening President Obama’s status as a lame duck.

If the election were to be held today, all that would happen, and all the trends point to the Republican advantage only increasing over the next 50 days until the November mid-term election.

Time for the Democrats to trot out some fabricated allegations about National Guard Service, or secret mistresses, or 45-year old bullying incidents, or coded racist statements, or whatever the Current Big Thing is.

Well, as it turns out, the Current Big Thing is “Domestic Violence.”

Get ready to hear how the Republican candidates for the Senate in Lousiana, in North Carolina and elsewhere are somehow guilty of domestic violence.

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz already trotted out that embarrassing trial balloon when she said, that Republicans are “grabbing us by the hair and pulling us back.”

Yes, it was embarrassing, but she wasn’t talking to you and me. She was talking around you and me — to the Democrat Party’s hyper-low-information base. These are people who couldn’t find Florida on a map of Florida — if it was labeled “FLORIDA Here“… in Florida. And they’re locked-down, sure-thing, lead-pipe-cinch Democrat voters. If, that is, you can get them off their low-information backsides, and to the polls in November.

However, as Wasserman-Schultz knows all too well, on election day, these dim bulbs would much rather be in front of the telly, slogging back a six-pack, watching WWE Raw and pounding down the Doritos and dip, than schlepping  to the polls, waiting in line for who knows how long, and doing something they’re pretty sure has no real impact on their lives. Except, that is if DW-S can assure them that the Republicans are coming for their SNAP card.

And, truly, for a significant portion of the population — the record numbers on SNAP, the record numbers of permanently unemployed who despair of ever finding a job in Obama’s “Recovery” — a Republican victory would be a potentially tough thing. For many of these people, a guaranteed subsistence living has more appeal than the opportunity for much greater. Can you blame them, really? They’ve been hearing for who knows how long that they’re just entitled to it. Why shouldn’t they believe it?

If you offer a population a deal in which if they don’t work, you’ll never let them fall below a certain level of subsistence, a certain percentage of the population will take you up on it. They’ll reproduce, and have nothing of value to impart to their children. And their numbers will begin to grow.

Others will watch in dismay as the SNAPpers sit around and relax, while it seems they have to work ever harder just to stay where they are, much less get ahead. Some of those will peel off, drop out, tune in to WWE and join the growing crowd. Then more will “join” as it becomes obvious that not only is the living okay, but it’s no longer even socially embarrassing!

The Obama Administration is marketing it! They’re sending out aggressive people to get you and me to sign-up and join the cool crowd! It’s not embarrassing! Whatever gave you that idea! It’s hip! It’s now! It’s what’s hot! And all the really cool people are signing up!

The one bit of civic duty these  people will ever do thereafter is to go out and vote Democrat when they get scared enough that they might have to bestir themselves to find work.

That’s Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’ job — to scare these inert people into thinking that if they don’t get out there and vote, they might have stop being inert and become a bit more ert. It shouldn’t be all that hard for her. The longer the inert are on the take, the less likely they are to be able to find a job that’s anything more than menial, or that would make it worthwhile for them to detach their suckers from the Great Whale.

So, DW-S needs to scare ’em a bit. She needs to fabricate some scandals that will knock the momentum out of the Republican tide. And you can be sure that if she so much as finds a Republican candidate for dog catcher who tickled his ex-wife and made her peevish, the national media will be all over it with features on Domestic Violence and Wife-Beating GOP Candidates, and who knows How Many More Are OUT THERE!!!

However, even Obama’s lock on the media can’t get through certain realities. National Public Radio’s constant, smiley happy-talk about the robust American “Recovery” doesn’t get through in low-information America. Give the low-information voters credit. They don’t listen to NPR. They may have almost no information, but they’re not overstuffed with false, flat-earth “information” as the NPR-listener is.

Even the low-information ones recognize that the country’s in a lot worse condition than not too long ago. Uncle John and Aunt Roberta and Cousin Archie and other Cousin Annabelle have been out of work forever it seems and they all went to college!

No one’s making enough money to do anything but barely scrape by, and the only ones gettin’ rich are the ones who were already rich. The bars are closing, the stores are closing, any business that’s not clothes, or food, or discount mega-chain, or mega-store… is closing. People see these things, and they pay attention when it starts to look like a pattern that’s going to affect them.

So, it’s time to look out for the dirty tricks campaign to come out. I figure it’s already started. It’s just a question of when the legacy media calculate it’ll be most effective to release the lies and slanders. Remember, a low-information Democrat voter has a short memory, quickly overwhelmed by the latest episode of Jersey Shore. If you were to release the fabrications now, fifty days before the election, you allow (1) someone to expose it for the horse guano it is, and (2) the low-info’s might forget it by Election Day.

Keep your eyes and ears open — you heard it here first.

— xPraetorius

8 thoughts on “Here Come the Dirty Tricks

  1. Lol! Hmmmmm… might want to move the Free Pot day to the 4th. Let’s face it, the smokers will be Dem. voters and they might want to stay in the next day, munching on Doritos. Or, did I just give away our Master Plan to suppress the Democrat vote?


    Never mind.


    — x

  2. No worries… the 3rd AND 4th being National Free Marijuana DAY will make complete sense to our target market. And, it’s a modicum of insurance. We could piggy back “Stay at Home and eat Cheetos Day” on the 4th… then promote it with Free Bag’s of Cheetos handed out at the local dispensaries. On the 3rd, or course.

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