Why Is The Left as Scummy As It Is?

No one on earth — except maybe ISIS or Al Qaeda — can match America’s left — you know, the caring, compassionate, “tolerant,” … the nice ones — for sneering, condescending, holier-than-thou, mean nastiness.

Why is that?

Why is it that the left use nuclear name-calling almost as soon as a topic for debate is brought up? You know, nuclear name-calling? Racist! Nazi! Bigot! Sexist! Homophobe! Hater! Child hater! These are part of the leftist pantheon of things which, if you are one in their eyes, you are scum.

These names aren’t meant to move the debate along to deeper understanding on the part of both participants. No, they’re meant to be sharp and quickly devastating, they’re meant to jab and stab at the recipient. To cause him pain and to shut him up.

They’re meant to turn the “debate” from “Here’s why I disagree with this position” to “You’re a [fill in nuclear name here] and that’s why you disagree with this position.” The point? To rock the debate opponent back on his heels, and force him to defend his own character, not the actual question at hand.

Why is this?

Shouldn’t the left embrace rigorous debate on the issues? Aren’t they confident in the correctness of their conclusions? Aren’t they the smart ones? The intellectuals? The ones so in touch with the nuances of everything?

There’s a reason why the right possess no such list, as enumerated above, of nuclear names that we might use to derail the debate. I think the worst we get is: “Limousine liberal!” or “Alinskyite!” Oooooooooo…!!! Tough stuff that! You can tell how the left fears those stingers!

The reason we on the right don’t have such a list of nuclear names is simple: we’re smarter, we’re nicer, we spend our time challenging our beliefs, and … we welcome real debate of the issues.

Leftists are just jerks.

And, they are not confident in the correctness of their positions. The 20th century was a monument to the failure of leftism in all its forms: communism, socialism, naziism, American liberalism, European social democracy, and all of leftism’s regional mutations: Castroism, Ho-ism, Kim-ism, Maoism.

The last century is strewn with the human wreckage caused by the leftist conceit that it’s possible to control everything centrally and bring about a Great Society. In reality, when the political left controlled things — and they often controlled everything — the 20th Century was the Century of the Left! — they were never once able even to bring about even “moderately adequate.”

In every case — bar absolutely none — as the central government increased its control over the lives of its citizens, living conditions in all aspects worsened. There was a direct relationship. The more central government control the worse the lives of the citizenry. If the central government obtained total power — as was the case with Josef Stalin in the Soviet Union, Mao in China, Hitler in Germany, Hoxha in Albania, and many more, the hapless country devolved into little more than an armed concentration camp filled with wretchedly poor, squashed, inmates with no more rights than a brood cow, constantly subject to the threat of either a quick, violent death, or a slow tortuous death, far from friends, family and home.

Every time the left seized total power, atop the power structure sat a paranoid, homicidal madman, willing to snuff out the life of anyone with the temerity to question the glorious future envisioned by the tyrant. Stalin, Mao, Ho Chi Minh, Castro, Mengistu, Hoxha, North Korea’s Kims (you can add in Assad Junior and Senior, Hussein, Nasser and more) — all met or meet that description. And it happens every time! 

You’d think that the left, seeing how its ideas have always caused hell on earth; how every time they obtain full power in any country a bloodthirsty, raving lunatic works his way to the top; how after years of owning countries, the citizens are always more wretched and despairing than before the left obtained power — you’d think with all that, that leftists would begin to question leftism itself!

And some do.

You can see some of them here having second thoughts all the way back in 1987. This “second thoughts” movement — a sizable number of leftists who are shocked at the depredations of the left — has flourished. However, there remain vast numbers of leftists who have never challenged their beliefs, who have never allowed themselves to understand the extent to which the implementers of their beliefs have strewn death, misery, poverty and despair in their wake.

These leftists buttress their beliefs with a vast repertoire of perfectly off-topic tools meant to deflect the debate, to make their opponent feel guilty, to discredit the idea by discrediting the idea-holder, to establish their own moral superiority.

Still and all, they know that they’re just name-calling and not engaging in debate, and not defending their supposedly brilliant ideas. They know they’re intentionally trying to inflict hurt on those who disagree with them. They know they’re engaging in the very same behaviors that they condemn so vociferously with the nuclear name-calling. They know that they are, in short, being jerks. So, why do they do it?

Simple: Projection. They are the very jerks they accuse others of being. If I were such a jerk, I’d want to project too! A whole lot! If only to deflect away from my own jerkiness.

— xPraetorius


5 thoughts on “Why Is The Left as Scummy As It Is?

  1. Liberalism slogan spoken by the Chief himself””””.Al Qaeda is decimated terrorism is on the run,we have no strategy to face ISIS or Russia,what red line? they are pathetic and less then that Ostrich which hides its head in the sand.Jalal

  2. The answer to your many whys is one simple word: fear.
    Like the muslim who is defending his religion, the leftist is defending his religion. Yes It’s a religion.
    Both fear that they fall in a deep black hole if they lose their religion. The muslim fears even worse: hell.
    Since both religions are corrupt to their core, full of contradictions and inconsistencies and since simple logic dictates that they cannot be true, the only way to defend them is through violence, verbal abuse, intimidation, propaganda and brainwashing.
    That’s the reason why they both try to indoctrinate the children from their earliest age.
    They both know that they cannot stand to rational debate and critical examination.
    They both become dictatorial and try to suppress any criticism.
    At their core is something deeply evil: the fact that they both have to defend a lie.
    Muhammad had hardly 100 followers after 10 years of preaching in Mekka.
    His enterprise only began to flourish when he went to Medina and promised his new followers there booty and slaves in this life and paradise and virgins in the next one.
    Murder, rape, torture and enslavement was ok as long as it was done for the cause of allah.
    He gained then many followers who found these rewards attractive.
    The other followers he gained were the victims of the jihad who were given the alternative: convert or die. ISIS are the truest followers of Muhammed and the true face of Islam.
    Yes, many Muslims find them appaling. Luckily for us they are more humane then the founder of their religion.
    Marxism/leftism/socialism on the other hand works through deception, manipulation, indoctrination, subversion and flatout lies until it gains power.
    Then the mask comes off and ultimately its brutality is as great as that of ISIS.
    In the case of Stalin and the Khmer Rouge it was even greater.
    I digress.
    I believe that the leftists are slaves of their fear.

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