This Sums It Up (Part IV)

In a recent post, we mused a bit about how pop culture is either ignoring or somehow trying to turn into genius the many dumbnesses of Obama and his Administration. From 57 states to “corpse-man,” comedians have left Obama completely un-mocked, whereas they pounced all over George W. Bush if he so much as sneezed.

In my last paragraph, I said this:

One serious problem, I admit, is that when he says something that would produce gales of laughter if said by a Republican President, lots and lots and lots and lots of people die. For a sobering example: Imagine if, as Obama did, George W. Bush had said of ISIS: “We don’t yet have a strategy.”

I then reflected:

Maybe the comedians have a point. There’s really not too much funny in that.

Upon yet further reflection, maybe while the country lacks a strategy to deal with ISIS, the blood-soaked scumbags out there beheading and crucifying innocent people, the President might want to go play a round or 20 of golf, and leave the devising of said strategy to some people who are actually concerned about the safety of Americans.

Any strategy Obama might come up with, I’m sure, would be crammed with imaginary red lines, muddy “let me be clear’s,” (as he was to Assad) fictitious “holding accountable’s” (just like Putin), transparently meaningless soaring statements and a lot of wind.

Everyone in the world knows by now that with Obama all they have to do is wait him out and they’ll be just fine. There’s certainly no reason to take anything he says seriously.

Shouldn’t we all have learned by now? Obama’s all about standing up to and defeating only one country: America.

— xPraetorius


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