The American Left: Unscrupulous Liars? Or Dumber Than Rocks?

The American left is always nattering on about how we Conservatives want so desperately to oppress people, to send women, blacks, gays and any other identifiable minority group back to the 1950’s or some such.

And yet, Conservatives’ one perfectly consistent, never-disputed-by-anyone absolutely core tenet is: reducing the size, scope and reach of the American government.

For a bunch of would-be totalitarian/fascists, Conservatives are sure going about it in a very strange way. I mean what kind of self-respecting totalitarian/fascists would come to power, and immediately set out to deprive themselves of the very tools necessary to be totalitarian/fascists?

Now it could be that the left is trying to argue that Conservatives are trying to oppress everyone by depriving them of all those great benefits that the government provides. Really? Has anyone looked lately at the situations of the various people/groups/anyone/anything the government has tried to help?

Let’s see: the economy? Drugs? Poverty? Unemployment? Race relations? Foreign policy? Iraq? Syria? Afghanistan? Russia/Ukraine?  Someone said it pretty well here.

Uhhh…yeah, We really need to give these jokers more power, so they can keep “helping.”

‘Course, it could be that the left is simply being dishonest about us Conservatives. They wouldn’t do that, would they? The left?

Of course they would! Because the media will simply echo their dishonesty and report it as news. Here’s the only inescapable conclusion about America’s left: They’ve been wrong in everything they’ve ever said about any issue in America today. Yet, they consider themselves the intelligent ones, the sophisticated ones, the ones with “nuanced” thinking. They’re either completely unscrupulous liars, devoid of any conscience whatsoever, or they’re stupider than rocks.

— xPraetorius

5 thoughts on “The American Left: Unscrupulous Liars? Or Dumber Than Rocks?

    1. Agreed. Except for one thing. Forecloses the possibility that they’re stupider than bat guano, that they’re more moronic than kelp, that they’re more idiotic than Joe Biden.

      I wouldn’t want to rule those things out.


      — x

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