Big Chief Forked-Tongue Elizabeth Warren’s Unintentional Confession (Part III)

Radical-leftist Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts gave a speech a few days back. She was trying desperately to suck up to low-information voters out there — you know, low-information voters? The ones who couldn’t find Florida on a map of Miami? The reason Barack Obama is known today as “Mr. President? Those voters.

Warren needs the low-information voters to turn out in force on election day in order for her to prosper in her political career and one day become the President. As Kevin Williamson of National Review so aptly put it — the Democrats own the Stupid Vote. But they still need the Stupid Vote to turn out on Election Day.

Low-information voters are looking for two things from a scoundrel like Warren: (1) What free stuff are you going to give us? And (2) How are you going to stop those who are trying to stop giving us free stuff?

Snake-oil salesmen like Warren must then convince the low-information voters of two things: (1) She will deliver the free stuff, and (2) those mean, greedy, nasty, old other guys — Conservatives and Republicans — are breathing right down her neck as she tries to go to Washington to pick up the free stuff to deliver it to them personally.

The extent to which power-hungry blackguards like Warren are able to persuade the low-information voters of these last two things is the extent to which she will persuade them to turn off “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and the like, and go pull the “D” lever on election day.

So, as part of Warren’s assignment #1 — convince the low-information voters that she will bring on the free stuff — in her speech she said of Conservatives (whom she incorrectly equates with the Republican Party):

“Conservatives are guided by an internal motto: ‘I got mine; the rest of you are on your own.'”

We explored this seemingly damning accusation a bit here and here.

My response: “If only!” If only Conservatives — and Republicans — would come out gleefully, loudly and unambiguously in … full agreement!

The problem is that Conservatives and Republicans have never even so much has hinted at what she says we’re secretly dreaming about. So first off, at the very best, Warren is lying. For her to pretend that she knows what Conservatives are thinking is like me — a 6’5″ tall dude — pretending that I know what women are thinking.

There is no more foreign creature to Elizabeth Warren than a Conservative. Trust me, Elizabeth Warren, is the last person who should ever try to pretend she knows what Conservatives are thinking.

Be that as it may, I wish Conservatives were standing up full-throatedly defending a system in which you can get yours.

People may have lost track of the fact that the simple concept, so familiar to all Americans, of “getting yours,” was completely foreign to most people who ever lived on the earth.

We Conservatives should take Warren’s “accusation” and turn it right back on her. We should say something like:

Elizabeth Warren says that our “secret motto” is, “We got ours; now you’re on your own.” Well, she left out a few parts. She missed this: If we got ours, it’s because there’s a system in place, in this historically unprecedented country that permits someone to “get his.” If we got ours, it’s because we were free to get ours, and we were less encumbered by overbearing government regulators and busybodies like Senator Warren than any people in the history of the world. If we got ours, it was because in America, as nowhere else in the world in history, it’s possible to get ours. It’s never been that way – until the United States came along, that is.

However, when Elizabeth Warren says “we got ours,” she’s accusing us. For Elizabeth Warren if “we got ours,” that’s a really bad thing. For Elizabeth Warren, if “we got ours,” then we need to be punished, or we need to give “ours” to the government so they can give it to someone else who didn’t go out and do what was necessary to “get his” or hers, in this the land of more opportunity than any other in the history of the world.

If Elizabeth Warren has her way, she’ll punish you when “you get yours” too. You see, if “you get yours,” then Elizabeth Warren will think you’re a bad person, and that you need to give it to the government so they can “distribute your stuff ‘fairly.'” Elizabeth Warren is trying to steal your prospects for success from you.  Those dreams of yours of makin’ it big? Those are nightmares for Elizabeth Warren. That ambition of yours to start your own business? Those are evil ideas in your head. Evil, greedy ideas. The idea of taking that second job to save up for your future and your family’s future? I’ll bet you thought that was responsible, didn’t you? You’re wrong. It’s a bad idea. It’s a selfish, greedy idea. That would mean that you might have more than someone else.

Elizabeth Warren doesn’t want you to dream of success. She wants to steal your chances for success. Then, if you succeed despite her best efforts, she wants to steal your success. She wants to steal your dreams for prosperity. She wants to steal your future. You can stop her. Get the ultimate revenge on this thief of the American Dream. Go get yours in America too.

— xPraetorius



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