Big Chief Forked-Tongue Elizabeth Warren’s Unintentional Confession

Elizabeth Warren is the rookie Senator from Massachusetts. We refer to her affectionately as Big Chief Forked-Tongue Warren, because she lied about her ethnicity — tried to embellish it a bit by adding some non-existent American Indian blood when she was running for her current Senate seat.

Lately Warren’s been running around the country pretending that the Republicans run the country, even though Democrats have the Presidency, the Senate, the media, academia and Hollywood.

Despite all that, Big CF-T Warren has been in a fightin’ mood lately. Apparently, Democrats don’t yet control enough for her tastes. Big CF-T Warren and her Democrats will not be content until they control every aspect of your life.

“Well!” I hear you say, “That’s a pretty bold thing to say, what proof do you have of that?”

I have Big CF-T Warren’s own words. In one of her speeches before a well-filtered crowd of those sure to applaud her every burp, she said, and I quote:

“Conservatives are guided by an internal motto: ‘I got mine; the rest of you are on your own.’ “

Well, regardless of whether “we got ours,” the second phrase: “you are on your own,” in a healthy country would be sweet music to the ears of all the people. 

Let’s review what used to be a typical country. Through most of history, the vast majority of countries have been some kind of monarchy, that had exactly two social strata: the leisured nobility and the struggling, gasping, toiling and dying masses.

What overcame that antiquated, millennia-old, oppressive system? One thing and one thing only: Capitalism. Capitalism is a very recent innovation. Sadly, though, we’ve never had anything resembling the “unfettered capitalism” the left whines so piteously about.

Capitalism has as its central tenet: the idea that a properly-constituted government should cede to the people free reign to invent, innovate, start businesses of their own and, most importantly, the government should leave the people largely alone — “on their own,” if you will — to keep most of the fruits of their own labor and of their own ingenuity.

Capitalism brought about a true revolution in people’s lives: social strata. And that implied something that had never existed in the history of mankind: economic mobility… and inequality. Absent capitalism, you had, and have, the antiquated, backward, oppressive societies described above. And you have one other thing the left loves so much: income equality. Incomes are all equally low, and there’s no economic mobility, so there’s always equality. This is the hallmark of the left: their equality leaves everyone equally impoverished, locked into their poverty, equally miserable, and, well… equal.

I should note that capitalism does have a downside. It’s: risk. You can lose it all in capitalism. Of course, you can also then regain it all, if you do the right things. However, the downside for non-capitalistic societies is pretty serious too: you cannot prosper. Capitalism’s worst case is non-capitalism’s norm.

So, CF-T Warren is telling us, flat-out, to our faces, that she doesn’t want us to be “on our own,” to be free to keep most of what we earn, to be able to make new things, start businesses without the burden of ham-fisted, ridiculous regulations, to be free to invent and innovate. No, she doesn’t want us to be able to do all that. Because that would mean that we — contrary to her and her President’s bizarre assertions — are building that ourselves. Without the government. Big CF-T Warren’s above-expressed goal is to reduce you to poverty, whence you can never extricate yourself, but that’ll be okay, because everyone else will be there too.

Remember when Barack Obama said that people who built businesses themselves, didn’t really do it themselves? That without the government’s kind benevolence those businesses never would have got off the ground? That was most definitely not a statement of reality, but a statement of purpose. A statement of actual reality would have been: “You know that business you got going? You did that despite all the brainless, stupid, pointless regulatory obstacles, paperwork and bureaucracy the government threw down in your path.” What Obama was really saying was: “You know that business you want to build? We don’t want you to do it yourself, we don’t want you to do it without the government being closely involved in every aspect of the effort. Whether you want us there or not.”

That’s Big Chief Forked-Tongue Elizabeth Warren’s goal too. She said so herself. That’s her unintentional confession to you and me. Let’s hope you are intelligent enough to see it, 🙂  and to tell Warren and her corrupt, reactionary, flat-earther ilk to go take a hike, get a real job, learn something about life and leave us, the people, the heck alone.

— xPraetorius


6 thoughts on “Big Chief Forked-Tongue Elizabeth Warren’s Unintentional Confession

  1. Warren is recycling the timeless smear that Republicans are heartless objectivists, which got a lot of play at the 2012 DNC convention. To Marxists, all conservatives are Ayn Rand. As far as government goes, they should be. Render to caesar what belongs to caesar. Render to the individual what belongs to the individual.

    To humanists of the Marxist persuasion, government is god. A distant, bureaucratic welfare state is our brother’s keeper, subsuming our moral responsibilities to each other.

    When conservatives promote the individual, the Left characterizes them as selfish and associates them with Ayn Rand’s cold, impersonal materialism. This of course is false. Conservatives do not deny the interconnectedness of life. Paul Ryan made voluntary communal dependency a point in his speech to the RNC that year, in rebuttal: “We have responsibilities, one to another–we do not each face the world alone. And the greatest of all responsibilities, is that of the strong to protect the weak. The truest measure of any society is how it treats those who cannot defend or care for themselves.”

    The difference between Ryan and the Left on this point is that Ryan emphasizes the responsibilities that inhere in citizens of a civil society, while the Left enlarges the state and turns citizens into subjects. As George Weigel writes: “Along one path, there is, finally, room for only the individual and the state. Along the other path, the flourishing institutions of civil society empower individuals and contribute to real problem-solving.” President Obama’s comment “you didn’t build that” really meant “businessmen, you didn’t build the roads and bridges that make doing business possible.” This statement is true if your fundamental belief is the government exists apart from, and over, the people, not constituted by the people and directed by their will.

    The difference is now so distinct among bleeding hear, big-government liberals and conservative communitarians like Ryan that liberals actually condemn millionaire’s and billionaire’s conversions to philanthropy. They fear the state is being undermined by private initiative.

  2. Well said, Mr. Dooley! Thank you so much for your comment! You nailed it. The left smears pre-emptively. They’re massively insecure — and rightfully so — in their thinking. If they don’t deflect or avoid the subject, and thereby avoid the real debate itself — then their ideas have to compete mano-a-mano with ours, and they fear, again with justification, they will lose.


    — x

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