POLITICALLY INCORRECT: Hooray for Western, Hetero, White Dudes!

After all, we’re, overall, really good people!

Think about it.

• If we were really racists, as some suggest, there’d have been no Civil Rights. We’d have squashed it, and that would have been the end of it.

Heck, if you listen to what the hardcore in the Race Grievance Industry (RGI) say, you’ll hear them call us white dudes “genocidal maniacs,” and “psychopaths,” and the “bloodiest group in history.” Really? How did this evil bunch respond to the Civil Rights Movement? If we were genocidal maniacs, and a huge majority in the country, how did we even allow that to happen?!? And a black President?!? You have to be kidding! Some genocidal maniacs! Some oppressors!

It’s no wonder that non-white people the world over are flinging themselves into the ocean, crossing miles of merciless deserts, and leaving everything behind just to come here and be “oppressed” by us Western, hetero, white dudes!

• If we were really sexists, there’d have been no feminism. The Muslims have shown us that if we really want to keep women down, we dudes could do it. We didn’t and we don’t.

• If we really disrespected, or hated women, or thought of them only as “sex objects,” as feminism has alleged, then all the labor-saving devices invented by men would have been for men. There’d be no washing machines, dryers or microwaves. And if women were to invent them, we’d quash the inventions. We could do it. The muslims do. Just look at all those educated women in muslim lands. Oh … oops. I forgot: muslims don’t let women obtain an education.

• If we were really all that hostile to people who engage in sex-like activities with members of their own sex, there’d be no “gay marriage” anywhere today. There’d be no Affirmative Action for gays, no stern, finger-wagging speech codes designed to protect gays’ tender sensibilities. Nothing like that. I mean they represent a tad less than 1% of the population. It wouldn’t be all that difficult for us to keep them down and in the closet.

Oh, and try to imagine a “Gay Rights Movement” in muslim-controlled lands. Nope. Can’t. Imagine it, that is. I think Islam’s penalty for homosexuality is death by stoning. But we Western, hetero white dudes … we’re one really tough bunch of hombres! Because, you see, disapproving of “gay marriage” is so much worse than stoning gays to death.

• If we were really the racists that the Race Grievance Industry insists we are, there’d be no immigration problem because there’d be no immigration. Except from Western European countries, that is.

• If we were really the racists that the RGI insists we are, Japanese-Americans could have expected a whole lot worse treatment than temporary internment during World War II, and an apology some decades later.

Want to know why all the various whining grievance groups  have attacked Western, heterosexual, white men? Simple. Because they can. Imagine anything at all resembling feminism, or gay rights movements, or civil rights movements or the like in, say, Saudi Arabia, or North Korea, or China, or Cuba, or Vietnam… Can’t really imagine it, can you? They’d all be dead… or disappeared. We Western, hetero, white dudes don’t fight back.

Contrary to what the various grievance groups allege, we’re just too nice to fight back. These groups knew we wouldn’t, so they had no fear in coming at us. How can I say this with the confidence that I do? Simple: If we had wanted to fight back, we would have, and we would have squashed all these movements before they even got out of the starting blocks. That much is pretty obvious.

This is supported by a simple observation: Some of the worst women’s rights abusers in the world today are muslims, yet no one except the political right in America has the courage to criticize them. Why? Because muslins have demonstrated that they will fight back — in the most lunatic ways possible — if you so much as look at them funny.

We white dudes were an easy target for the whiners because we’re just too darned easy-going.

Black Americans said, “We want Civil Rights!” We said, “Ummmmmmm… Ok.” They said, “And we want money and a head start in hiring and education and we want free food and we want apologies and we want a whole host of other things costing trillions of dollars.” Again, we said, “Ummmm… Ok. Here ya go.”

Women, now with a lot of free time on their hands because of the aforementioned labor-saving devices, said, “Heyyyyy!!! We want power now, and money and preferences in hiring and education and all sorts of apologies and other things. Again, we hetero, white dudes said pretty much, “Uhhhhhh… Ok fine.”

No shots fired. No revolutions. Even the so-called “turbulent” 1960’s saw only scattered, highly isolated incidents of violence, and almost none of that from the American government. After the ’60’s, however, no riots, no muss, no fuss — just a whole bunch of hetero, white dudes handing over power, money, social status, fame, prestige, you name it to just about anyone who demanded it.

Sure, some people argued against it, but it happened. And it happened in the historical equivalent of the blink of an eye. It happened everywhere, in every city, county and state in the land.

Now, mind you, we Western hetero white dudes’ easy-going nature is not an unalloyed good thing.

Civil Rights? Of course you allow that to happen. It was just the right thing to do.

But, extra rights for people who choose to do sex-like activities with members of their own sex? That’s just silly. They just don’t want to be considered weird, when what they do is — sorry about this — weird. I don’t blame gays, but we should not have allowed their nonsensical “cause” to become “the Civil Rights issue of our time.” That was just nutty.

How about feminism?

Feminism, was mostly unnecessary. Again, we Western, hetero, white men’s laid-back, easy-going attitude toward this kooky movement, propelled by some severely neurotic “thinkers,” was wrong. We should have pushed back against the lunatic nutballs like the Andrea Dworkin’s and Betty Friedan’s of the movement.

We allowed the nutcase feminists to paint a cardboard-cutout picture of men that was caricaturish, hyper-negative, mono-dimensionally buffoonish, and not even remotely accurate. The result was mountains of man-hostile legislation that baked the negative caricature into the American legal system, causing families, men and women, and especially children, incalculable harm.

Put it this way: if men really were anything resembling what feminists said they were, there would have been no feminism at all. Instead, however, feminism sailed smoothly through the American intellectual infrastructure like a hot knife through butter, with nothing at all impeding its destructive trajectory. Feminism was and remains its own built-in contradiction.

But, but, but, I hear you say — Western European (hetero) white men spent the 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th Centuries, engaging in conquest, colonization and imperialism.

Look, I’m not saying that we’re perfect by any means. However, it has to be admitted that wherever Western Europeans colonized, they introduced a system that ultimately proved superior to the one already in place in the conquered territory. This goes for everywhere they went. Be it in Africa, Asia, the Pacific islands, South America or North America.

Furthermore, every place Western Europeans didn’t colonize has had the same backward, oppressive political/social structure it has had for centuries. Current day explorers aren’t finding long lost advanced civilizations out there, but we do stumble upon the occasional extremely primitive society from time to time.

So, how can I say that bold statement so confidently. Simple: it is self-evidently true that if all countries had the same democratic systems as those in place in the United States and Western Europe, all countries, and the world, would be vastly better off. 

That’s worth repeating: it is self-evidently true that if all countries had the same democratic systems as those in place in the United States and Western Europe, all countries, and the world, would be vastly better off. 

The world would have HUGELY more of the following: prosperity, wealth, freedom, food, health, leisure, long life, peace, harmony amongst peoples … happiness

So, an enthusiastic “HOORAY!” for us Western, heterosexual, white males, the nicest, kindest, most benign majority group in the history of the world!

— xPraetorius


4 thoughts on “POLITICALLY INCORRECT: Hooray for Western, Hetero, White Dudes!

  1. “So, an enthusiastic “HOORAY!” for us Western, heterosexual, white males, the nicest, kindest, most benign majority group in the history of the world!”

    LOL! Awesome post, I love it. It’s true, you know. The Western world, which has traditionally been run by white, hetero, males, is one of the best places on Earth for women and minorities to live in. It’s so good, people actually risk their lives trying to sneak into the country. For such an allegedly oppressive place, people sure are lined up, hoping to get just a taste of our…poverty. It is so good here, that even our poverty is desirable!

  2. Well, said, IB! (Oh, and thank you for your very kind words!)

    I’m a firm believer in the complementary nature of men and women. Men couldn’t possibly do all they do without women, and vice versa. Neither is expendable or optional in the human story. Both are absolutely vital to human progress and happiness.

    That’s the problem with the various mono-focused “movements” out there. If they’re not working to improve the big picture — the betterment of all mankind — then they’re likely to turn into the provincial, omphaloskepsistic caricatures that feminism, and the Civil Rights movement have become.

    As you mentioned, there is a bigger picture, and a very simple truth: people are trying to pour into America… not out of it. That simple fact speaks volumes.


    — x

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