Just pretend this dead lion is a human baby, and then you won’t be so upset | The Matt Walsh Blog

Just pretend this dead lion is a human baby, and then you won’t be so upset | The Matt Walsh Blog.

This is just a pot of wisdom at the end of the blogging rainbow. It’s chock-a-block, jam-packed, full to the brim with haymaker bons mots, and very much worth the read.

The headline gives you a good idea…

This is the guy, like Mark Steyn, who leaves you shaking your head, saying, “I wish I’d said that!”

Here are some choice excerpts:

I’m sure you’ve seen this young woman’s photos plastered all over Facebook.

Her name is Kendall Jones. She’s a cheerleader, hunter, and, according to the internet, a vile scumbag who deserves to die a slow and painful death.

You see, Ms. Jones goes on trips to Africa where she hunts big game, like elephants and lions. Sometimes she tranquilizes them for the sake of scientific research, or to treat injuries on the animal , and sometimes she kills them. Kendall defends herself by saying that the hunts serve two purposes: 1) feeding hungry villagers, and 2) conservation.

I also think they make for some pretty cool Facebook photos, but that’s just me. At least, I prefer these over the pornographic garbage that clutters half of my newsfeed on a daily basis.

It’s funny that, of all the filth and depravity online, it takes an image of a dead zebra to really rile people up.

Even more peculiar: a million babies are killed every year in this country, yet that has never sparked this level of popular outrage. There are petitions circulating to have Kendall banned from both Facebook and the entire continent of Africa. The condemnation is near-universal, and the anger directed at her is unlike anything I’ve seen in a very long time.


Herein lies my struggle, America. This is why I’m such a cynic. I just can’t take your outrage seriously. We’re surrounded by death and evil, but we don’t complain until someone shoots a cheetah? That seems a bit arbitrary, if you ask me.

Many of the liberal blogs having a meltdown over Kendall Jones are the same ones that spent a week hailing Emily Letts, who filmed her own abortion. ‘What kind of monster smiles after killing something?’ they say about the woman posing with a tranquilized rhino, but not about the woman giggling while an abortionist executes her baby.

The whole dynamic is just deranged. Has the world ever known a culture as delusional as ours? Has a society ever been so confused?  I’m no anthropologist, but I have a hard time believing that any previous civilization could have developed such a perverse mix of hedonism and puritanism.  We’re told we shouldn’t bat an eye when a network sitcom centers an entire episode around teenage gay sex, but at the same time, we should be thin skinned and innocent to the point where news channels have to deliver disclaimers before airing the word ‘redskins.’

Then there’s:

Fine. I don’t know enough about the issue to call her bluff or verify her claims. Yes, she could be full of it, for all I know. I’m sure she’s not the devil incarnate, and I’m sure she’s doing more productive things with her free time than 90 percent of her college peers, but that doesn’t mean she’s right. And if you’re pro-life — as in pro-human life — and you also oppose Kendall Jones, but you spend much more time protesting the mass killing of babies than you do the hunting of African mammals, then I respect your opinion and your consistency. Carry on. Godspeed.

I suspect, however, that only a very small percentage of the anti-Kendall Jones mob falls into this category.

The rest, by any reasonable estimation, are either in favor of, or largely indifferent to, the murder of babies. They see the killing of ‘endangered species’ as the greatest act of evil, second only to verbally opposing gay marriage, and perhaps now third to calling an overbearing female “bossy.”

It’s not that they value animal life over human life, necessarily. They are humans themselves, and I’m sure, given the choice, they’d gladly choose their own existence over even the most endangered of sea turtles. They also generally recognize the Holocaust or 9-11 to be tragedies far more serious than a wildfire that wipes out half of a forest’s native squirrel population.

I largely agree here, but have a minor quibble. Philosophically, the environmentalist moonbats do value animal life over human life, and I think they view 9/11 and the Holocaust as less disastrous than a “wildfire that wipes out half of a forest’s native squirrel population.” 

Walsh is on the nose, however, when he says that “they’d gladly choose their own existence over even the most endangered of sea turtles.” All the leftist movements are full to the brim with contradictions.

Here’s a simple truth though. Most environmentalists, if they could push a magic button and re-make the earth in their own vision, would reduce the human population by more than 90%, leaving only lefty, environmentalists wandering around marveling at all the nature.

I further think that — in this fantasy they’d gladly leave out all the scientific advances that make life much more livable, including medicine. However, when they have a headache, or sprain their ankle, they do reach for the aspirin or ibuprofen, and the heating pad. As mentioned above, leftist movements are full to the brim with contradictions, generally caused by failing to think things through completely.

Here’s some more Walsh:

I’m not saying that they don’t sincerely love animals, I’m just saying that it’s easier to love animals. It’s easy to be pro-animal rights, which is why so many people are. It’s difficult to stand for human life. That’s really the only rhyme or reason to what is rejected and embraced in our culture. We take the easy route.  No matter what. Convenience is the key — convenient values, convenient virtues.

Yep. That says it quite well. Wish I’d said that!

Still more, by way of follow-up to the previous:

I can sit here all day and write poems about the beloved walrus or the hallowed dolphin, but my pro-animal stance will likely never require anything of me. I don’t have to do anything. I’ll never be forced to sacrifice for the spotted owl or the gray wolf. A humpback whale will never show up at my door and ask me to take care of it for the next 18 years. A Siberian tiger probably won’t come to my house one day and demand that I change my entire life to accommodate it. I might go out and adopt a pet, but that is always a deliberate act. Babies, on the other hand, happen when we have sex. But sex is fun, and babies are hard work. Babies intrude on our fun. They ruin it. This, and only this, is the reason why we defend the slaughter of children while weeping over the remains of a murdered leopard.

The leopard never caused us any trouble, but the babies were downright cumbersome. Indeed, we value human life, just not human life that needs to be protected and preserved at any great cost to our comfortable lifestyle.

As a eugenic society, we teeter always on the edge of psychopathy. Our acceptance of infanticide eats away at us, under the surface, inside our souls. We fear the loss of our own humanity, so we lash out every once in a while, and pour out all of our tempered moral outrage onto someone — anyone — who can give us a nice, safe outlet. Whether it’s a hunter, or a supposedly ‘homophobic’ reality TV star, or an actually racist NBA owner, we unload our vast reserves of righteous fury, reveling in the opportunity to prove to the world and to ourselves that we still have standards. We still care. We still feel. [Editor’s Note: extraordinarily well said! We’ve touched on this a lot, in particular when we explained that American policy is leading us to a point where the government can control the mix of who enters society through birth, and who exits through death. Running low on domestic help for rich leftists? No problem. Make it just a tad more difficult for black women to obtain an abortion. Asians proving troublesome? No problem. Obamacare is here. Just start rationing healthcare to the ones near the end, and you start to have fewer of them until there aren’t enough to cause you problems.]

It’s all a charade, of course. And the Indignity DuJour will soon be replaced by something else, as we flutter quickly from one puffed up atrocity to the other, never stopping long enough to ask any serious questions about it. Never letting the noise die down quietly enough to have a real conversation about anything.

Walsh finishes his outstanding essay by suggesting that if we all stopped to think about things more, to think about them more thoroughly, to ask “Why?” Then, “Why?” again … then again and again and again, we might change our priorities.

Or, as I mentioned above, we just might get rid of those contradictions stemming from the superficial thought so characteristic of the left.

— xPraetorius

3 thoughts on “Just pretend this dead lion is a human baby, and then you won’t be so upset | The Matt Walsh Blog

  1. That really was a marvelous article. I cannot believe the attacks on Kendall Jones! We’ve finally arrived at the place where animals now have more value than human beings. I recall reading some books about 20-30 years ago that predicted this would happen, but I never really expected to see it, not to this degree.

  2. You’re so right, IB! I just discovered this guy today. Like you, he has a wonderful way of bringing other, unexplored perspectives into play.

    For example:

    We’re told we shouldn’t bat an eye when a network sitcom centers an entire episode around teenage gay sex, but at the same time, we should be thin skinned and innocent to the point where news channels have to deliver disclaimers before airing the word ‘redskins.’

    Juxtaposing the loud celebration of everything gay with the frothing, vein-popping, bug-eyed outrage at the word “redskins” was particularly apt.

    And this just before the previous:

    I’m no anthropologist, but I have a hard time believing that any previous civilization could have developed such a perverse mix of hedonism and puritanism.

    Wow! Yep. On the nose.

    I’ll be reading a lot more of this guy.


    — x

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